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  3. $XLE $XOP $OIH Gap to fill $ERx

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  13. using my $XOP sales proceeds to quickly by/sell $DOO 4 a 1% profit in time 2 have the $ ready to by bak my $XOP at 52.76 or less

  14. $XOP tried 2 outsmart the mkt by selling on 4/15 53.56 & hoping 2 by back at -1.5% cheaper 52.76 It didn t get that cheap

  15. This kind of correction like me! BreakoutTL TEST with breath to oscillators! $NG_F $UNG $UNL $XOP $XLE $XES $CRB

  16. Energy $XLE $XOP Lod ing here in midday #trading $CL_F -0.84 $ES_F -28

  17. Oil ETFs Surge As XOP Gains Assets $XOP $GLD $DWTI $XLE $GDX $UWTI $DBO $AMLP $DBC $UCO $OIL $OLEM $USO $UBN $BNO http://www.hardassetsinvestor.com/weekly-commodity-reports/commodity-fund-flows-report/6850-commodity-etf-flows-oil-etfs-surge-as-xop-gains-assets.html

  18. @10Xtrading Natural Gas Prices Surge: Highest Inventory Increase since November http://snip.ly/3wtK $UNG $XOP $XLE $EXXI $EPE $XCO

  19. Natural Gas Prices Surge: Highest Inventory Increase since November http://snip.ly/3wtK $UNG $XOP $XLE $EXXI $EPE $XCO

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  22. Buy program OIL & GAS/FINANCAILS strong sectors $spy $gs $xop $xlf

  23. $cl_f $xop production decreases, $oil prices increase, makes sense, what if its not enough? http://www.businessinsider.com/massive-pullback-in-energy-production-2015-4

  24. Energy Sector Trims Early Decline http://www.briefing.com/investor/markets/stock-market-update/2015/4/16/energy-sector-trims-early-decline.htm $XLE $XOP

  25. Nice rel. strength here in $CL_F & the Energy #ETFs $XLE $XOP