1. Investor s skipping China... bullish ETF s see outflows. $YINN $YANG $GXC $PGJ $HAO $FXI $XPP $FXP http://y.ahoo.it/NSzIPQGG

  2. dumped $YINN lightened up $XPP $EDC

  3. $SCHE $EEMA $EMHY $GMM $EEB $EWX $GMF $BIK $ESR $EWH $YXI $FXP $XPP $PEK $FXI $EEM Free EchoVector Analysis Charts http://y.ahoo.it/yCRNwO40

  4. $SPY Currrently Long: $BIS, $QID, $TWM. Just bought: $DIG, $EEM and $XPP last week.

  5. $FXI $XPP $YINN probly best to take bulk of profit

  6. $FXI $XPP $YINN still holding up, not what we expected, watching like a hawk

  7. $SPY Relax. SPY up .5% YTD, Could be much worse, China - $XPP -32% YTD

  8. $SPY Best ETFs I track for 2014: $BIB +34%, $TAN +30%, $UGL +25%, $FXP +16%, $EEV +13%. Worst: China $XPP -24%

  9. $SPY Top 6 ETFs since 2/5 Bottom: $XIV +26%, $BIB +18%, $GDX +13.5%, $UYM +12.5%, $QLD +12.5%, $XPP +12%

  10. $SPY Best ETF of the day: China 2x long $XPP. Chart looks strong +7% on day http://y.ahoo.it/5sfOyqvP

  11. $SPY Changes in ETF Portfolio (If anyone is interested): Sold $EEV, $FXP. Long: $XPP, $QLD, $DIG, $UYM and $UCO

  12. $SPY If 2/5 was the Turn down - ETF s to consider: $XIV (+17% from 2/5), $BIB +7%, $QLD +5.2%, $XPP +4.6% - check em

  13. $SPY Also like $XPP possibly.

  14. @tamsal How about $XPP 2x long China -29% YTD.

  15. $SPY Worst ETF 2014 : $XPP 2x China -29% YTD, and mkt s been closed for 2 days.

  16. $SPY Worst ETFs for 2014: $XPP -27% (China), $DIG -14%, $XRT -11%, $EEM -10%

  17. $SPY Worst ETF I track for 2014: -25% - 2x Long China $XPP

  18. $SPY Worst Performer ETF of 2014? 2x Long China. $XPP -26.3% for the year. NICE

  19. $FXI $XPP thin $EEM $EDC ww holding overnight

  20. @howardlindzon $XPP may be setting up here. 2.6 Beta Have a great day

  21. $SPY Biggest casualty of 2014? China. $XPP etf is down a HUGE -19% since 12/31. Wow.

  22. Closing 1-day trades $XPP 4% profit, $TMV 1.4% profit. Nice way to end our mean reversion trading for Xmas Eve. etfswingtrader.net/strategy

  23. @CharlesSizemore Especially China with $FXI up 5%, $XPP up 10% this am

  24. $FXI breaking through resistance. China recovering nice from $NQ fiasco. $FXP $XPP http://y.ahoo.it/k2uCSGSq

  25. $XPP Nice pop!