1. Hugo Boss reported its biggest quarterly loss in 6 years ...Retail is #latecycle $XRT

  2. The Good $XBI +2% $EWJ +1.8% $VNQ +1.6% $XLY +1.4% $MTUM +1.3% $XLP $ITB +1.2% $QQQ $EWG $IBB $SPLV $FDN +1% $EFA $XLF $XRT $IWM +0.9%

  3. $LB still think this company can break 85 before earnings... with a good earnings test 90 $XRT $VFC $GPS $M $KSS

  4. $XRT looks like this is gonna go down hard as it broke through the 200 ema

  5. The Bad $XBI -2.2% $XLV $FXI-1.6% $XRT -1.3% $IYT -1.2% $JETS $AAPL-1.1% $SPHB -1% $VNQ $XLK $EWJ-0.9% $FEZ -0.8% The Ugly $IBB $SOXX -2.7%

  6. New Online Retail ETF Offers Unique Growth Focus http://fmdcapital.com/new-online-retail-etf-offers-unique-growth-focus/#.VyO1dHKlZ88.twitter $IBUY $XRT $RTH $FDN $YYY $AMZN

  7. $XRT after a golden 50/200 cross 2 days ago, retail is gettign hit .

  8. $XRT $UVXY $XIV March Retail Sales Revised Lower from Previous -0.3% to -0.4% -Reuters

  9. $XRT yeah me2. Just patiently waiting .....patiently ---zzzzzzz

  10. $XRT might want to roll over here. Would not be short above that trend-line. Good Risk Reward.

  11. The Bad $ITB -3.7% $AAPL $XOP -3% $SOXX -2.7% $INDA -2.3% $XRT -2.2% $SPHB -1.8% $XLE $IYT-1.5% $EFA $XLK-1.3% The Ugly $EWJ -4.5%

  12. earlier i noted that holding puts in $XRT sweet. come to papa.

  13. $SPX $SPY $TLT $ES_F $RTH $XRT not good news for bulls

  14. Core PCE rose by 2.1% at an annualized rate from 4Q15 & up by 1.7% from yr ago - $SPX $SPY $TLT $ES_F $RTH $XRT #GDP

  15. US personal incomes up by 3.4% in nominal terms w/ disposable incomes in real terms up 2.9% - $SPX $SPY $TLT $ES_F #GDP $RTH $XRT

  16. $TGT shoutout to alex from target @EveryTimeICash all time highs at 86 $XRT

  17. $FIVE you should tell your hedge fund friend to cover @EveryTimeICash $XRT

  18. $XRT held 50 and 200ma and looks like cover or perish @EveryTimeICash

  19. $XRT 46.29 next resistance.

  20. $XRT - I guess a slowing economy that won t allow Fed to raise rates is good for retail? SMH

  21. $FED $XRT $XLP $XLY only way to increase consumption is fiscal policy & wage increase, + destruction of the 1%. more chop to come

  22. Will $AAPL pull on $XRT ? ( tho not a component )


  24. $XRT adding to puts

  25. fitWorthy Reads: The $2 Trillion Stock - https://www.youngresearch.com/researchandanalysis/worthy-reads/worthy-reads-12/ $USO $MACO $XRT https://twitter.com/jjonesinvestor/status/724944945358868480/photo/1