1. @MsPutOptions just sold 110 shares of my 200 of $XRX bought 25/sh of $BZUN at market price,did I make the right move?

  2. $XRX I still say this run is coming. Come on, Carl!

  3. $XRX Go Carl! Up we climb!

  4. $XRX This run delayed, but coming.

  5. $XRX should run more, once people realize the billionaire effects.

  6. $XRX will this have the same effect as $VLTC ?

  7. $SPY $CHK $LNG $FCX $XRX $AAPL Look at what happened to Xerox, it took a dump!

  8. $SPY Icahn losing his touch or what, his pump n dumps not what they used to be definitely LOL, e.g. $CHK $LNG $FCX $XRX $AAPL etc

  9. Time to short $XRX ? http://www.marketwatch.com/story/xerox-shares-slump-even-as-carl-icahn-discloses-stake-2015-11-24?dist=afterbell

  10. $SUNE $AMBA $XRX $NSPR sounds investments for the near long term.

  11. $XRX $CHK the only way $xrx moves up is if there is a total c-suite purge

  12. $SUNE now I just need $xrx to run too and this plus $dks makes my day!

  13. A controversial BUY recommendation on Xerox s ( $XRX) stock: https://mgrigoryev.whotrades.com/blog/43442744717?utm_campaign=socialmax

  14. $XRX imo looks like this will continue to uptrend into next week with some profits to follow.

  15. $XRX probably another 1$ to go on the downside as the stock reverts from Carl Icahns buying

  16. There are great reasons to own both $xrx and $sune right now. Both will pop. Fry shortie!

  17. $XRX guys, this will run like $VLTC, Ichan has powers. !

  18. $XRX is down almost 2% today, back to the previous level. We don t see any business drivers for the company. https://mgrigoryev.whotrades.com/blog/43442744717?utm_campaign=socialmax

  19. $XRX perfect holiday gift shorting xrx up at 11.90 last night, wish I was all in

  20. $XRX In for a bounce play

  21. $XRX Gonna go up and break in the 11, after lunch.

  22. $XRX Sometimes you hav to let the word spread.

  23. Boring stocks winning: $CPB boosts EPS guidance despite 2.7% yoy rev fall, $XRX jumps on Icahn stake.

  24. $XRX I also feel like its got to jump back. But I feel weird buying back in after hitting a stop loss

  25. $XRX this is gonna jump after lunch, buy some and feast!