1. $XXII #Ouch

  2. $XXII PT $2.2 sell now, buy lower.

  3. @barna why? any up coming catalyst? last bump was due to addition to russell but has been falling since. support seems to be in 2.20s $XXII

  4. $XXII time to go back to $4

  5. $XXII will buy in monday

  6. $XXII so ST longs, this one always intrigued me. Any upcoming catalysts? Like this lil tech they got.

  7. $XXII kind of a big range today, will see what monday holds before jumping into this

  8. $XXII will be buying hand over fist if it gets back to $2.85 where I sold previously

  9. $XXII Yeah, I am glad I bought it today. I can see people wanting to buy before Mon.

  10. $XXII 100 share trades at the buy insted of sell, MMs must have covered

  11. $XXII long at 2.51

  12. $XXII - Inside Week - http://y.ahoo.it/Bved0M1z http://y.ahoo.it/egOo3czQ

  13. $XXII looks like my every point is coming up.

  14. $XXII Yeah, I added 2k shares at 2.52

  15. $XXII I don t want the carpet pull from under me again. My confidence got shaken when they postponed ringing of the bell. Avg down til then

  16. $PVCT out .92 +1000 1 day. Bought $XXII its back where I want it 10k

  17. $XXII what s wrong with this stock. It s been treading water for some time and not doing a very good job of it.

  18. $XXII looking for an entry today Or tomorrow

  19. $XXII just seen $xxii scroll across CNBC ticker on the bottom

  20. http://y.ahoo.it/TG6YvQZ8 Enter $XXII

  21. $XXII good news, this pullback was on very light volume. This 2.5 area needs to hold and then we can make another run to 4

  22. @thahound @blackgambino @StockSandwich $XXII advantage not in the cessation products but licensing of their IP whether tobacco or marijuana

  23. $XXII latest Chardan report reiterated $9 PT and expects IP monetization this year. MSA still expected shortly and FDA application by Q4

  24. $XXII This is how I see it, hopefully. http://y.ahoo.it/VnoxXlW9

  25. $XXII $2.32 is the support on weekly chart