1. $YANG - http://y.ahoo.it/65puTaWJ - People are talking about this UP MOVE - Up 3% for the day.

  2. $YHOO China stocks ought to get confidence boost after $81 billion injection of funny money. $JD $WB $TCEHY $DANG $MOBI $CQQQ $BABA - $YANG

  3. $YANG Out

  4. $YANG Hong Kong stocks continue losing streak after weak Chinese data

  5. $TZA $NUGT $UGAZ $YANG long these. tza 1 lot, nugt 1/2 lot, ugaz 1/2 lot yang 1/2 lot

  6. $YANG Nice run today - want to see another $1 gain before I sell.

  7. AmCham China: 60% of foreign companies feel unfairly targeted http://y.ahoo.it/lBBZNQcy $CHN $GCH $CAF $TDF $FXI $MCHI $YANG $YINN $GXC $HAO

  8. Chinese stocks: Cheap long-term play or value trap? http://y.ahoo.it/OWJw8pZw $CHN $GCH $CAF $TDF $FXI $MCHI $YANG $YINN $GXC $HAO $CHIQ $ASHR

  9. $YANG $FXI $GXC Manufacturing Index fell to 50.3, compared to final of 51.7 in July. Looks like $YANG might awaken for a little while here?

  10. Barclays: Pro-risk investors should up China exposure http://y.ahoo.it/DCZfHng9 $CHN $GCH $CAF $TDF $FXI $MCHI $YANG $YINN

  11. $GXC China on fire. Can $GXC break through 90 this year? All $YINN and no $YANG makes jack a dull boy.

  12. $YANG http://y.ahoo.it/uFzHnysN

  13. August 13 2014 Bullish Technical Indicators: New 52-Week lows http://y.ahoo.it/1WwtzfIJ $SEAS $CREE $DUST $YANG $VSAT $FOSL $FXP $FI

  14. $YANG China s July economic data points to further softness Reuters via Yahoo! Finance Aug 12 11:28pm

  15. As Asia Rises, Some Leveraged ETFs Join In http://y.ahoo.it/9Ksxpl0q $ASHR $GXC $MCHI $YANG $YINN $FXI $KORU $EWY

  16. As Asia Rises, Some Leveraged ETFs Join In $EWY $FXI $YINN $KORU $MCHI $YANG $GXC http://y.ahoo.it/zY4tlsEn

  17. As Asia Rises, Some Leveraged ETFs Join In $EWY $FXI $YINN $KORU $MCHI $YANG $GXC http://y.ahoo.it/cPGNHLda

  18. @Mike_del_Caribe @Mr_Derivatives You are basically forced to swing these because of spread/day action.Never ever touch $YANG just short $FXI

  19. Lazard Emerging Mrkts Fund mgr: Full-blown China financial crisis unlikely http://y.ahoo.it/DcYFg9NC $CHN $GCH $CAF $TDF $FXI $MCHI $GXC $YANG

  20. July 31 2014 Candlestick Patterns: Three White Soldiers http://y.ahoo.it/svD5jsO1 $YANG $FXP

  21. @xel_arjona Maybe just a quick trade on $YANG and then back to $YINN

  22. $YANG drawing a by the book bullish hammer on weekly resting on LowBol... http://y.ahoo.it/LDVronFR

  23. Flash Trend Alert: Shanghai Composite Index $SSEC $FXP $CZM $CZI $FXI $XXP http://y.ahoo.it/HF3IFWZq

  24. July 28 2014 Unusual Volume Stock Scan http://y.ahoo.it/AriRhR0H $DLTR $FDO $XLP $DG $TRLA $ZION $Z $WPCS $DPW $YANG $AWI $ROX

  25. $RUSL $JDST $ARO $YANG at near LOYs