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  2. $YINN good stuff! how do you like your chances $YANG?

  3. $SSEC $YINN $YANG interesting

  4. $YANG under $100 is a good buy.

  5. $YINN get up 21.50/22 and put people that bought $YANG out there miseries today.

  6. Buying $YANG, selling $YINN as the BKTCN index is reaching its point of resistance 4,035.

  7. $YANG 3rd qrt belonged to Bears. 4th qrt belongs to Bulls and China. This is headed lower

  8. China is doomed...let s face it. Long $YANG

  9. $BZQ $YANG Does shorting Brazil look more predictable than shorting China?

  10. $YANG bought this 5 min before market close


  12. $YANG good time to snag this

  13. $YANG good time to buy?

  14. @BearYus $YANG $YIN tracks the BNY Mellon China Select ADR Index INDEXCME:BKTCN listed in the USA.

  15. $YANG I dont see that much upside in the chinese markets. Buy some calls 3 months out and enjoy profits: https://www.tradingview.com/x/Z1IhMost/

  16. $YANG Why is this down 10% today? The chinese markets are closed, what is this currently tracking, just the sentiment on the FTSE 50?

  17. $YINN $YANG on my twitter feed I pinned a tweet - look at the date on that on what I did on this trade

  18. $105 on $YANG tomorrow? very possible and $YINN 20 or so...

  19. rip roaring tomorrow @AllinCapital: short $YANG, long $YINN - YOLO

  20. $YANG sorry guys, pulled that from TECS didn t realize how old that is

  21. $YANG reverse split 1:10 coming in hot

  22. $YANG I still think there is another shoe to drop in China

  23. $FTSE and EUR mkts closing in the red; waiting for a flip flop from $YINN to $YANG Stay nimble and take your profits! $DJIA leading selloff

  24. $YANG good news outta China this am. Later Bulls

  25. $YINN as I said there will be a boomerang effect stay on the right side of the trade and short $YANG hard