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  19. @silverjet2 $RUSS $YANG Hit my stop @ $15 a few weeks ago. Moving onto the demise of China now. They fail, I win.

  20. $YANG Heading back to $25.

  21. Long on the $YANG Calls. About as aggressively leveraged as someone could get on the demise of China. Bearish on China, Bullish on $YANG

  22. $YANG But let s blame the SP500 crashing on a bad economic data, sure! And I ll just go short China for no reason.

  23. @TheDayTradingAcademy Buy $YANG 3x China Bear. $TKMR

  24. $VIPS $YY $QIHU $BITA even $BIDU they are selling. $YINN looks 200ma for decent supp, $YANG on R. Interesting to watch this.

  25. kevinbantz.com $RUSS $YANG http://stocktwits.com/message/27377947