1. $FXI $ASHR $YANG Any veteran traders here with a good track record of timing bubbles like 01, 07 etc? I m curious what are your indicators?

  2. $YANG seriously!!! 3 entries on this for an entire Mon trading day??? lame. I know we have Yang holders...chime in

  3. $BIS 2x Biotech short ETF trying to find a bottom here. Keep a close eye on this one. $IBB $BBH $QQQ $BIIB $YANG

  4. Added some $YANG

  5. $YANG China rises, this goes down. China falls, this goes down. F u direxion

  6. @TradingForLife2014: $SSEC breaking out again... $FXI $CAF $PEK $ASHR $YANG @@ALREADY PASSED 4500 LEVEL.GL

  7. $SSEC is breaking out again. Shorter is squeezed. $FXI $CAF $PEK $ASHR $YANG @@ALREADY PASSED 4500 LEVEL.GL

  8. China s Jan.-March industrial profit down 2.7% vs. year earlier, she ll drop in the coming week..$YANG ($YING)

  9. $BSE $CNXN #NIFTY Here is India $VIX -- India and China starting off the frothy washout $YANG $FXI $YINN

  10. $FXI Looking for one more leg up on this possibly 53 -54s. Then short or $YANG

  11. $YANG Chart looks like this will jump up very soon.

  12. $FXI RSI under 70 MACD close to negative as it hangs to 5ema (51.68) UHmm on Breakdown alert below it $YANG $YINN

  13. $YANG seeing lots of opinions but no real #s; so here s a couple 2 watch, $YINN 64.72 & 65.03; whichever breaks 1st, determines direction.

  14. $YANG want to add more $6 Call @ 0.15. Not filling last 2-3 days.

  15. The current Chinese equity boom is far outpacing the 2007 bubble in many ways: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-22/as-china-stocks-outrun-the-2007-bubble-ubs-braces-for-clampdown $YINN $YANG

  16. Shanghai -1.76% Hang Seng -0.69% $FXI $EWH $YINN $YANG

  17. End Of Day Scan: Ichimoku Cloud Red $MGM $PEP $BIOC $ENI $TIVO $EMN $CMI $PLUG $YANG $QSR

  18. $RUSS $RUSL $JNUG $JDST $NUGT $YINN $YANG direxion share split coming - 4:1 next month

  19. $YANG Long - see downside to $3,49 and upside to $9.50 over the next week.

  20. $YANG bet against/for this all you want, fact is china is a bubble

  21. $YANG Hang Seng down 100 pts. Correct me if I m wrong.

  22. $SSEC is going higher & higher targets are visible. $FXI $CAF $ASHR $PEK $YINN $YANG

  23. $YANG when will this split?

  24. $YANG this is a mutual fund, right? Is it safe I just rolled my IRA into it? I m not sure what a China bear is but three of them is a steal.

  25. @Soleilski $YANG one can hope right?!