1. is the Yen Carry Trade a big deal anyway? http://opportunityidentified.com/2015/10/18/why-is-the-yen-carry-trade-such-a-big-deal-anyway/ $ES_F $FXY $JYN $SDS $SH $SPX $SSO $UPRO $YCL $YCS

  2. Yen You Feel The Love? $ES_F, $FXY, $JYN, $SDS, $SH, $SPX, $SSO, $UPRO, $YCL, $YCS, $JPY/USD http://opportunityidentified.com/2015/10/18/why-is-the-yen-carry-trade-such-a-big-deal-anyway/

  3. interesting yen action - bollinger bands starting to push widen - deep throwback $FXY $YCL $USDJPY

  4. Strong AM rally in $USDJPY for Yen bulls to fade $YCL $FXY

  5. Downward trend on #JPYUSD #JapaneseYen #ETFs $FXY $YCL $JYN - down -47.95% in 4 years - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/JPY_-_USD,Japanese_Yen/max/absolute

  6. @hertcapital: $FXY $YCL I m watching the developing Yen consolidation for a new long entry. Sheldon has been all over this trade

  7. $FXY $YCL I m watching the developing Yen consolidation for a new long entry.


  9. $YCL Intermediate Yen Carry Unwind

  10. Downward trend on #JPYUSD #JapaneseYen #ETFs $FXY $YCL $JYN - down -49.51% in 3 years - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/JPY_-_USD,Japanese_Yen/max/absolute

  11. $FXY Japanese Yen poised to rally on a break above these downtrend lines: http://rightsideofthechart.com/fxy-yen-poised-to-rally/ $YCS $YCL

  12. The next round of Japan Yen devaluations will be more challenging $YCL $JYN $JYF https://mahifx.com/blog/the-next-round-of-jpy-devaluations-will-be-more-ch

  13. $GLD $UDN $EUO Short both currencies to oblivion, Long $YCL

  14. The Japanese #Yen in 2015 http://foresightinvestor.com/articles/639134-the-usd-jpy-in-2015 $YCS $FXY $YCL $JYN

  15. @KimbleCharting Question for the wise: If TR CCI is a H&S + USD is overcrowded + S&P has legs, how will you play 2015? $UDN $YCL $GDX $PSLV

  16. $SPY Watch YEN etf $YCL - Breaking out, and a move higher in Yen usually sees U.S. Mkts turn down. $IWM,$UUP,$TLT http://stocktwits.com/message/31366878

  17. $SPY Strategic 3 Portfolio: Still Long: $SKF, $TWM, $QID, $YCL Sold: $SOXS, $BIS,

  18. @Lach14 Does $YCL have enough liquidity to trade? It seems not, but I haven t watched it very long. USD/JPY on edge of the Wylie Coyote leap

  19. Best MOves are short today: $DUG +4.6%, $SMN +4%, $SKF +3.3%, $SDS +2.5%, $SOXS +2.5% and Yen $YCL +2% looks strong

  20. $SPY Best ETFs today: $SMN +4.4%, $SKF +3%, $YCL +2.5%, and $SDS +2.2% as Short: Matls, Banks, SPY and long Yen move well.

  21. $SPY New idea: Long Yen Chart may be about to move. $YCL . $QQQ,$AAPL,$IWM,$UUP,$TLT http://stocktwits.com/message/31246700

  22. $SPY Still like: $GDX ,$SKF, $YCL, $TWM, $SDS. http://stocktwits.com/message/31153694

  23. $SPY At some point, YEN will rally $YCL -29% from July, Cld pop. $UUP, $IWM http://stocktwits.com/message/31153643

  24. $SPY Portfolio #2 Update: Long: $GDX, $SKF, $TWM, $SDS, $DIG, $QID, $TBT (tight stop), $ITB. Sold $YCL & $BIS

  25. $SPY Hot Sectors: $GDX +4% (what?) $SKF +2.2%, $YCL +2%, $SCO +2%, $SDS +1.4% Gold, Shrt Banks, YEN, Sh Oil, Sh SPY win the day so far.