1. $YCS Japan s central bank continues to tease us with their inaction , but more QE only a matter of time.

  2. $YCS MM is not letting me out unless I hit the bid. Guy is making a killing on the spread but refuses to budge. #liquiditymatters

  3. $ycs Yen bulls just got served $6j_f https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U76Nde6rMTw

  4. $YCS nice move so far today. just wait till Japan announces an increase in QE.

  5. $YCS Brilliant - do nothing now, then shock the market when they least expect it. Well played Mr. Kuroda.

  6. Looks like the FED helped $YCS as I d hoped. Now it s Kuroda s turn.

  7. $YCS Missed my chance to add around $85. Should be good for 10% ROI annually. Nothing spectacular, but better than losing $.

  8. opened jan 16 90c $ycs

  9. FED and Japan CB meetings this week - should make or break $YCS by Friday...

  10. is the Yen Carry Trade a big deal anyway? http://opportunityidentified.com/2015/10/18/why-is-the-yen-carry-trade-such-a-big-deal-anyway/ $ES_F $FXY $JYN $SDS $SH $SPX $SSO $UPRO $YCL $YCS

  11. Yen You Feel The Love? $ES_F, $FXY, $JYN, $SDS, $SH, $SPX, $SSO, $UPRO, $YCL, $YCS, $JPY/USD http://opportunityidentified.com/2015/10/18/why-is-the-yen-carry-trade-such-a-big-deal-anyway/

  12. $YCS is correlating with $DIA

  13. $YCS The 5 yr chart of JPYUSD is one of the most bullish I ve ever seen. Uptrend remains intact above the 200 day SMA @ 99.64.

  14. $YCS yen is safe investment according to price action.

  15. $YCS Overall stock market has changed. This ETF seems a bit more predictable. We should see ¥125-130 before this time next year.

  16. $DXJ $YCS don t let the ST noise distract you - eventually Japan will collapse in a hyperinflationary supernova. Stay long these two.

  17. $YCS Credit downgrade = fewer JGB buyers = more QE = weaker JPY.

  18. $YCS Quantitative Tightening from EM reserve selling = stronger $ = weaker JPY. Another reason to be bullish here.

  19. $YCS We re still well above the 50 DMA @ 119.024 on USDJPY. The trend is still your friend...holding/adding here.

  20. Added a little more $YCS today @$92.

  21. Ichimoku Red http://www.dailystockplays.com/Ichimoku-Red-2015-08-19.html $GLUU $JUNO $VRX $PSQ $COMM $APH $VMC $IOC $WSH $MNGA $IPHI $TSE $YCS $FORM $KRA $MCHX $HGR $IHS

  22. $YCS 8/18/2015 10:45:40 AM Trade Allocation : YCS(SS) @ LMT 94.89 Last = 94.89 Stop = 95.4 User Stop 1 = 97

  23. $YCS Japan will not leave China s Yuan devaluation unanswered. Look for expanded QE before the end of the year.

  24. $YCS I might park some serious cake in this some are calling for 130-135- even 140 dollar yen...YCS to 120?

  25. US-Japan 2 yr yield spread of 72 bps now at highs for 2015. USD will continue to rise vs Yen. Bullish for $YCS.