1. All signed up for the #thinkorswimchallenge who s down to form a team and win this? $AAPL $TWTR $YELP $MU $GOOG

  2. Rooster360’s Top 10 update: Still “down” but not out, averaging 32.8% incl. $HUN $YELP $JOY $WYNN $GMCR http://rooster360.com/rooster360s-top-10-update-still-down-but-not-out-averaging-32-8-incl-hun-yelp-joy-wynn-gmcr/

  3. Top Down Relative Strength Scans http://gtlackey.com/october-2-2015-relative-strength-scans/ $TLT $QQQ $USO $IDU $IYR $BOFI $VRSN $GOOG $CRR $YELP

  4. http://rooster360.com/rooster360s-top-10-update-still-down-but-not-out-averaging-32-8-incl-hun-yelp-joy-wynn-gmcr/ $HUN $YELP $JOY $WYNN $GMCR $X $CPA $SUNE $GNRC $CNX Rooster360 Top 10 avg 32.8%; volatility suggests closing many

  5. $YELP bottom play. closed above 8 SMA. Watching for follow through and if 21 SMA acts as resistance.

  6. @DarshilPatel If you like $TWTR, you gotta -really- love $YELP.

  7. $YELP Oh. Shocking. No insider wants a revised contract to auto-sell, bec that would mean holding their own total POS.

  8. Yelp Inc. s Chief Operating Officer just cashed-in 6,000 options http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2063586 $YELP

  9. $YELP: New SEC Filing for YELP: Form 4 http://insideri.com/1539856_000120919115073533_0001209191-15-073533

  10. Friday Spectacular, Dow range 450 +, We are at + $32,086 $CEMP $SCTY $SUNE $YELP $SHAK $INVN $CSIQ $BZUN $TRIL $SFUN

  11. $YELP I d need a calculator to tally all the puts I bought in yelp today. THANK YOU!

  12. EOD: Trades: New: Long $GDX Mar $10 & Nov $14 Calls, Short $GRUB, Added to short positions in $TWTR $DXJ $YELP $DDD $IBB

  13. NEW POST: Time to Stop Being a Bully https://marketchess.com/2015/10/02/time-to-stop-being-a-bully $TLT $TWTR $WYNN $XLE $YELP

  14. @PlayingNicely: $YELP Day for reeling in newbies and picking up some nice shorts. Yup. Just bought a boat load of more puts.

  15. $YELP Keep on going up babyyy so that i can start new short Position. Yelp has become a cash cow for my Portfolio this year.

  16. Tactically we ll hit $TWTR $IBB $YELP first. Then add a new short position in $GRUB.

  17. $YELP Day for reeling in newbies and picking up some nice shorts.

  18. big mkt risk?Lack of FEAR. IF mkts buy prceived froth($baba $twtr $tsla $bidu $yelp)strong aftr am action=we havnt seen real selling. $SPX

  19. and on other news away from @saveBattPark ... it is crap bouncing of the bottom day... $JOY $CAT $WYNN $LVS $FCX $X $OIH $TWTR $YELP etc.

  20. Covered Call Alert: YELP $YELP returning up to 32.94% through 19-Feb-2016 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/10/02/covered-call-alert-yelp-yelp-returning-up-to-32-94-through-19-feb-2016/

  21. $YELP Prediction: This is going to end the day in red once the WS guys pick up some cheap Oct 2 puts for pennies.

  22. $YELP RT 9/7/15 @yep_trade Yelp going 26.50 fast. (How did that $24 purchase go?)

  23. $YELP then why it s up today hit the bottom here today

  24. $TWTR loving these bullish predictions..this stock is doing nothing but lower highs and lower lows..starting to look like $yelp and $grpn

  25. $YELP here is the bottom on yelp buy and hold sell at 24.00