1. What to watch tomorrow 7/31/2014; $BRLI $PEGA $TWTR $QQQ $SAVE $TQQQ $VRSN $UA $DXJ $WFM $SAM $YELP $TAP $BUD

  2. @AKviaFL @egidio @Ceedj $YELP is integrated into $AAPL Maps. They would probably have a problem with $GOOG buying them out.

  3. $YELP Monkeyshines by the MM s in after hours...tomorrow up up and away!

  4. $YELP An $8B buyout=$111/share. Implies a 47% premium over today s close. I think this is reasonable. Even $7B=$97/share.

  5. $YELP Profitable, growing, expanding globally, online reservations, video reviews, strong buyout target - I wouldn t bet against Yelp.

  6. GDP Beats Expectations yet Stocks Continue to Churn http://y.ahoo.it/EALzIzAQ $STUDY $AKAM $YELP $DAX $CAC40 $GRMN $COMPQ $RUT $SPX $DJIA

  7. Yelp, Inc. $YELP Up 8.81% Reports A Profit For The First Time Since Going Public

  8. $YELP post the first profit since IPO and gave positive guidance above the consensus. YELP is certain to go up. I expect upgrades tomorrow.

  9. $YELP will be good to trade tomorrow on both long and short side moving in .50 cent waves

  10. $YELP earning results are pro-buyout

  11. $YELP if the rumor persist that yelp gets bought.....if you want it to go down .you don t want them to put a price Tag on it

  12. $YELP how to trade YELP http://y.ahoo.it/DDqpu8z5

  13. $YELP is a lot better than TWTR. TWTR cannot make even 1 cent profit. YELP is destined to go up like TWTR. They beat all expectations.

  14. $YELP Again CNBC will ask tomorrow if maybe GOOG will buy YELP. CNBC has GOOG potentially buying 100 companies.

  15. $YELP It s time for Yelp. Maybe even time for Yelp to get bought.

  16. July 30 2014 Bullish Technical Indicators: Bullish MACD Crossovers http://y.ahoo.it/fwyym45Q $LVS $YELP $CRM $WFC $WDAY $M $BOH

  17. $YELP After hour trading is just a NOISE. Ignore the noise. Tomorrow, expect upgrades for YELP. Earnings is good. Guidance is great.

  18. July 30 2014 Bullish Technical Indicators: Strong Volume Gainers http://y.ahoo.it/vXzZl3P1 $TWTR $YELP $PNRA $TFX $EW $NUVA

  19. Finally, admissions proposed on the $YELP latest transcript http://y.ahoo.it/Bpd2yYBs

  20. @irwebreport: And $YELP is barely scratching the surface internationally. They have decades of growth ahead. - no one can replicate this?

  21. $YELP is setup to make a strong run higher but needs to confirm. Chart explains important details

  22. $ACHN $YELP covered , no pos.


  24. @chessNwine: I analyzed $GPRO $LOCO $YELP and much more in my video market recap from earlier: http://y.ahoo.it/efskoomK $TWTR $WFM

  25. $YELP has 4 analyst ratings in last 30 days with median target: $79. View here: http://y.ahoo.it/C09m7pG8