1. $YELP is getting ready to tank.

  2. $YELP is going much lower even if earnings are in line. This stock is so ridiculously over valued do no not waste your money.

  3. $FB Pages will kill $YELP.... Just wait for it.

  4. $YHOO $YELP falling knife

  5. $YELP your kidding me;right; All for 230 calls @53??? what about the 1332@55 and 6906 @57.50 for fri???

  6. $YELP someones being naughty; Why are there barely any put or calls, gets upgraded; Good ER to be announced; and selling OFF!!

  7. $YELP Only above 56. Visions of a nice little hang man today. Nice try though Stock Gods.

  8. $YELP This will pop up After earnings next week!! Great time to add more!!!

  9. $YELP Good entry point for me is $53. Should shoot back up to $70 after earnings if the numbers are good.

  10. Closed $YELP 54,85, loss: -30$

  11. $YELP closed green 5 days straight...which simply means that the chance of going green today is very low...and tomorrow significantly low

  12. $YELP have a feeling this will go down a little more and then after earnings it will pop up. I say it will go down to 53 before it goes up

  13. $AAPL is UNDERVALUED. Should be traded at $1000 at least for a fair value comparing to $GPRO, $YELP, $AMAZ

  14. $YELP ; someone is being bad; no significant puts/calls under 55$

  15. $YELP What s the move before earnings on feb 5? I have shares, considering selling. More risk than upside in my opinion

  16. $YELP take your money and run bulls...run!

  17. OK, I stuck around to watch that. Also shorted $YELP ³⁰Jan-57½ c at 35¢. MT @bearcharts: …If $TASR drops to 27.63, I will have covered…

  18. $YELP Added... at 54.79.

  19. Out of most of my weekly calls here(for now) - $YELP & $VIPS

  20. $YELP Sold at 56.06 at opening for a quick bucks.

  21. Added $YELP 55,4$ long 50 shs

  22. $YELP yes; jan 30 calls @57.50 and nothing in its way, buy,buy,buy;; Feb 20 calls 62.50 , 10,728 and more @65,+ 67.50

  23. $YELP Jan. 30, 2015 CALL 57.50 : +6.768 contracts add to OI


  25. $YELP Poised for $60 as soon as today