1. $YELP buyer of 500 Feb15 $50 calls for 6.10

  2. $YELP Okay Stoppelman, the 30th country with Yelp should be Cuba!

  3. $YELP Resume downtrend

  4. $YELP Go yelp!!

  5. $YELP Adding puts here.

  6. $YELP the shorts dropped their shorts

  7. $YELP off the floor and is on the run

  8. $YELP I ve fallen and I can t get up!

  9. $YELP Is still cheap, PE is only over 3000 ,,,

  10. @mm123456 This is speculation only, but I think $GOOG would want $YELP / $TWTR and $AAPL would be wise to outbid them.

  11. $TWTR even $YELP and $NFLX are up considerably more today.

  12. $YELP Shorting this thing here

  13. $YELP OI for maturity 12/20/2014. 50.00 Highest put. 70.00 Highest call.

  14. 12-17-14: Daily Covered Call & Call Spread Report $RCAP $SUNE $GPRO $YELP $WFM $ATVI $MRVL and more: http://optionvol.blogspot.in/2014/12/12-17-14-daily-covered-call-call-spread.html

  15. $YELP barely bouncing off support looks like a classic h&s breakdown coming very very soon, my other LT short along with $CLF

  16. short $YELP at $50.48.

  17. $YELP Looking for 47-48 this week or next. Sad days for me.

  18. $YELP $TWTR Triple money from investors last past 10 mins

  19. $YELP BTO DEC4 54 C @ 0.35

  20. $YELP Oversold yesterday, when mkt green this guy never dissappipoint me!!!!!

  21. $YELP this guy will fly today with big event on the holiday, 53 EOD

  22. $YELP certainly looks vulnerable to another leg down.

  23. $YELP 49 or 52 today--thoughts before the opening

  24. GROWTH LEADERS TECH MOMO s PUKES all gains from JUNE breakout / pivot ~380 via https://www.rebelmouse.com/Yourpersonaltr1/growth-leaders-tech-momos-puke-882160048.html?xrs=RebelMouse_tw $GOOG $NFLX $YHOO $PCLN $YELP $P $BIDU

  25. $YELP Still over valued by $3 billion and heading to the teens next year.