1. My tmrw shopping list: $OPK $ANV $SVU $ACHN $GRPN $AAPL & will add $IRWD $OREX $FB $ANGI $BBRY $SCTY $YELP $TWTR & $GILD to 1/3 position.

  2. $P $TSLA $NFLX $YELP when are people going to learn buy the dip days are long gone, it s now sell the RIP

  3. $YELP $fb buying for tomorrow pop

  4. Kind of funny how $YELP trades similar to data stocks.

  5. $YELP $fb fb suffering from too much good news

  6. $YELP continues to drop at insiders continue to sell. http://y.ahoo.it/kfZ2l3bg

  7. $YELP you woke the beast

  8. $YELP don t wake the beast

  9. $YELP High 40 s imo

  10. SELL $YELP $SPLK and buy $AAPL

  11. @InsiderMind U still behind this $YELP trade man?

  12. Remember math is 10x-15x to 1 so 10bp move in $SPY = 1% move in $YELP $WDAY $FEYE - easy

  13. @abubnic: Some big names losing... $NOW $XLNX $SVU $TWTR $UA $SINA $YNDX $FIO $UAL $FEYE $CELG $YY $NFLX $YELP $USG $WDAY $SPLK $DATA $LOGI

  14. $YELP those who are shorting this or is already a shirt. be careful here. 2.5$ from lows. 4%

  15. Covestor holds an allocation of -1.3% in $YELP in his Active and Aggressive Investment Portfolio

  16. $YELP Wow...all over the place today

  17. $YELP has 2 sells from Value sub Models, 13 holds AOM Score: 47 http://y.ahoo.it/JVqgsv9C Growth is only strong area of data.

  18. $YELP on its way. hitting resistance

  19. Estimize Earnings Season Trading Q1-14 http://y.ahoo.it/zZRsxXYy Now in $YELP $ATW, exited $UA in the green. Selling $SOHU tom+New names listed

  20. And this discrepancy between what the $QQQ is doing and what momo stocks a la $YELP $WDAY are doing is of course a red flag

  21. Sold to close 20% $LEN at 39.15. Adjusting various weekly opts and liquidating some, including in $FB. Added long $YELP Jan-60p.

  22. $P $TSLA $NFLX $YELP Buy momentum stocks yet again, going short yet again

  23. $YELP still needs to catch up

  24. Big three bounce off lows but still down $YELP $FEYE $WDAY - with $FEYE $WDAY decimated again

  25. $YELP strangle time