1. $YELP OI for maturity 02/12/2016. 21.00 Highest put. 24.50 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=YELP&urk=YELP https://twitter.com/Maximum_Pain_cm/status/696058345292038144/photo/1

  2. $YELP lol whole board short

  3. $YELP Max Pain is 21.00 for maturity 02/12/2016. Price = 18.10. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=YELP&urk=YELP

  4. $YELP, $KO, $DIS, $TWTR, $K, $TAP, $PEP, $Z

  5. Short the rallies. $YELP

  6. $YELP 163 PE ratio!

  7. $YELP can the fate be like $LNKD?

  8. $YELP $ONVO $FOXA $QLYS $ENTA $MXL $GLAD $MOH $OMI $RBC $OI $AGII $BRS $OTTR $BKD $BRX $PRE report earnings after the close Monday #stocks

  9. $GPRO @precise89 SHORT $YELP?

  10. $YELP $KO $DIS $TWTR $K $TAP $PEP $Z

  11. $YELP hard to short this one. 90% plus owned by institutions!

  12. $YELP $KO $DIS $TWTR $K $TAP $PEP $Z

  13. $YELP bet we will see a 40% haircut here... Site just contains useless infrimation from paid complainers - useless

  14. Mad Money Next Week s Game Plan $LNKD $DATA $YELP $KO $DIS $TWTR $K $TAP $PEP $Z $F $UA $VZ $YHOO $LYV $WY $KEY $FHN http://www.thestreet.com/story/13407035/1/jim-cramer-s-mad-money-recap-here-s-next-week-s-game-plan.html

  15. Next week $YELP $KO $DIS $TWTR $K $TAP $PEP $Z

  16. $YELP please go up on Monday! I need it

  17. $YELP lol look at finviz insider sellllling!

  18. $FB The overall market isn t tolerant of companies reporting of bad quarters, and lower future guidance!! $TSLA, $YELP, $TWTR! GLTA next wk!

  19. $FB This wk was $LNKD turn for a hair cut! Next wk, $YELP $TWTR, and $TSLA report earnings! Anybody think they get the same crew cut as LNKD

  20. $ETSY $YELP Yelp on Monday, ETSY on Tuesday. Oh my....

  21. $YELP only tech garbage going on Monday. Exposed. Only car going 100mph on 70 and state police is looking at you

  22. $YELP Jeremy Stoppleman s net worth will be less than $100M on Tuesday

  23. $YELP

  24. $YELP I stopped using this site years ago...you couldn t trust the reviews, and most of the reviews were paid for.

  25. $YELP Short Yelp on Monday? Hopefully some pop into ER.