1. $YGE just another cheap chart - great battle, tough stock http://y.ahoo.it/vrR58ll8

  2. $YGE here is a chart with a new pitchfork forming if it holds. http://y.ahoo.it/TFUOkBCA

  3. $YGE Tuesday & wednesday will tell us a lot but this looked pretty good today.

  4. $YGE need to go above 3.40....

  5. $MNKD $vape Record Sales, $kndi $yge $rnn $srna - $sny Alf, What s up your Sleeve? $mdt

  6. $YGE Holding up better than I expected this week.

  7. Check out yesterday s #China stock roundup. $SNP $AAPL $TSL $QIHU $YGE $CISG http://y.ahoo.it/K8gVYZnB

  8. Solar Stocks Worried on New Import Duties- $TSL, $YGE, $HSOL http://y.ahoo.it/4fWeQ4GT

  9. $YGE new chew toy (i mean chart). Tomorrow may be profit taking due to the long weekend. http://y.ahoo.it/CW5KmzFo

  10. Don t miss our China stock roundup! $SNP $AAPL $TSL $QIHU $YGE $CISG http://y.ahoo.it/xv9F5tww

  11. $YGE Buying here all day.

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  13. $YGE turn around begins now

  14. Make sure you don t miss our weekly China Stock Roundup! $SNP $AAPL $TSL $QIHU $YGE $CISG http://y.ahoo.it/W2uIwo8h

  15. $YGE PM green ~ head fake?

  16. Chinese Solar Stocks in Hot Concerns- $YGE, $HSOL, $JASO http://y.ahoo.it/RxfKCM6a

  17. Yingli Q2 Earnings: Key Takeaways http://y.ahoo.it/6ufYEdL6 by Trefis Team $YGE $TSL $JASO

  18. Bearish MACD Crossovers 2/2 $INVN $LMCK $MSI $NQ $PANW $RHT $SKX $SPNC $TSS $UHS $VRSN $WNR $YGE http://y.ahoo.it/5D2cWe0H

  19. Parabolic Sar Sell Signals 2/2 $HSOL $HSY $IMMU $MCD $MY $NWL $QUNR $SKYW $SWHC $TLM $TRMB $TSL $TXN $VNET $WNR $YGE http://y.ahoo.it/RniwCKwH

  20. $YGE Yuck. HSOL looks like still another disappointing ER today

  21. 0-star analyst Vishal Shah from Deutsche Bank maintained a BUY rating on $YGE. Vishal has a 39.3% success rate http://y.ahoo.it/FS88uuHB

  22. $YGE oops forgot the chart. here it is, We are outside the pitchfork and looking for new entry point http://y.ahoo.it/CGFcZCfv

  23. $YGE a for what it is worth chart. still bullish long term. looking for a new entry point to form

  24. $YGE Could ve been worse!

  25. $YGE Earnings Add To Misery For Chinese Solar Stocks http://y.ahoo.it/fdssA2p1 $JKS $TSL $TAN