1. @JesusHChrist @BullTradeDotCom agree on $YGE, prefer profitable $TSL, but even crap will move and make money in H2

  2. @BullTradeDotCom $YGE debt load will be very hard to overcome. There are many other solar names out there with better metrics

  3. We ve been saying China and solar are the best stocks to own. Look at $BIDU and Alibaba earnings and listen to $SPWR pump China demand. $YGE

  4. $YGE they are going to announce offering price today after market..

  5. $YGE has gone crazy

  6. Runners | http://y.ahoo.it/5MrgEeFX $YGE, $ANR, $GTAT, $LEN, $X, $WLT, $DO, $YOD, $FRO, $WPRT, $END, $GTLS, $CSUN

  7. $YGE This secondary s been in the works for a long time...

  8. $YGE is in a keltner bollinger squeeze

  9. $YGE intends to use approximately 50% to 60% of the net proceeds from this offering for downstream expansion

  10. $YGE funny i am so late 2 report it but nobody did yet... strange: they issue 25m shs, with greenshoe 3.75m shs = up to 18% of current float

  11. $YGE i think people knew the secondary and sold from 4.65 to 4.33

  12. $YGE Weekly: 10 crossing down thru the 50 http://y.ahoo.it/5SoQ0gwu

  13. $YGE I will look to buy my calls back and roll them down in the AM

  14. $YGE Use to follow this stock. This is why I do not. Brutal decline. Move money to MY CPST KNDI HPJ for future green energy $.

  15. $YGE BTFD

  16. After-Hour Losers 4/23 $QDEL -14%, $TNP -12%, $XLNX -5%, $ALTR -4%, $CBI -4%, $YGE -4%, $FIO -4%, $QCOM -4%, $BCE -3%, $GHL -2%,

  17. $YGE down around 7% from high of day..what the f mgmt is doing?

  18. $YGE Bullish plays being made on the May and June 4.5 s, My 5 s and Big straddle made with the May 6 strikes..

  19. $SCTY Great day, hands down the solar pick....or should I say financing pick. $YGE is the panel pick.

  20. $yge solar rising

  21. @Cow: $SUNE Einhorn says worth 35, bullish on solar $GTAT $SOL $CSIQ $YGE $TSL $JASO $SCTY $FSLR $SPWR

  22. $SUNE Einhorn says worth 35, bullish on solar $GTAT $SOL $CSIQ $YGE $TSL $JASO $SCTY $FSLR $SPWR

  23. $YGE Yingli Green Energy Cooperates with a Local Module Manufacturer in France

  24. $YGE http://y.ahoo.it/nlAuMKyv

  25. $YGE nice