1. $YGE closes it at 3.39, didn t even trade there, MM is a crook

  2. $YGE Holding just at 50DMA Hope it stays that way. Looking for a move up next week.

  3. $YGE Important day. Needs to go up today. Watching for entry for another swing. 3 profitable swings in the past 2 weeks, not bad

  4. $YGE Max Pain = 4.50. Maturity = 09/20/2014. Previous close = 3.60. http://y.ahoo.it/1QCXgV01

  5. $YGE $TSL cant understand why they suddenly are red.. anyway... try to sell strenght and buy dips on TLS... bullish on that one alone

  6. $YGE Geeze! Glad I closed my swing this morning at a profit. The market is acting squirrelly for a LOT of stocks.

  7. $YGE Watching for a sustained push into 80s but ever watchful of that gap up back at 3.54. Hopefully it leaves it behind

  8. $YGE - http://y.ahoo.it/CoPrqluB - Yep ... This Up Move is one you are going to like! - New High: +0.01. Next resistance 3.89 from 9/12/2014.

  9. $YGE Still holding the ascending triangle pattern. A strong volume close above 4.05 signals a breakout to next level R1 of 4.65-4.80

  10. Chinese Solar Stocks Boost on News- $TSL, $YGE, $JKS http://y.ahoo.it/7UO0JMDI

  11. $YGE Wtf?Zacks is changing the rank on YGE like the underpants.two weeks ago Hold, one week ago Buy,this week Sell and next week Strong Buy?

  12. $YGE high open interest range is 10.00 to 4.50 for option expiration 09/20/2014. http://y.ahoo.it/mBdedFcZ

  13. 0-star analyst Vishal Shah from Deutsche Bank reiterated a BUY rating on $YGE. Vishal has a 36.1% success rate http://y.ahoo.it/KCwinRRl

  14. $YGE - http://y.ahoo.it/YA0zjA1H - Please tell me I am long this stock...Please - New postmarket high. Approaching today s high.

  15. $YGE Close above 3.65 sends YGE higher tomorrow, market willing

  16. $YGE Global solar panel valued at $113 billion in which YGE owns the most market share @ 8.2% http://y.ahoo.it/0MbYEdLO

  17. $YGE Since 2008, China Solar Panel Industry revenue has been growing at 15.5% YoY to reach an estimated $20.9 billion.

  18. China’s four biggest panel producers are expected to boost capacity by at least 30 percent by the Q3 compared with the end of 2013. $YGE #1

  19. $YGE Is everyone so confident in this they just bought and never looked back at it again?

  20. $YGE Wheres all the followers? Up 7% and not a single post since 10am

  21. $YGE No guts, no glory hoping to knock on the 4 handle door by next week. Will the door open, well, that s another story...

  22. Interesting upgrade on $YGE today if you want to play solar $SCTY $FSLR

  23. $YGE daily chart is fantastic....may break that line soon but should be able to stay above 3.7....

  24. $YGE Thanks Deutsche Bank, that sell-off was BS anyway though.

  25. $YGE Weekly: Ready to test that kijun, clear skies above that for awhile http://y.ahoo.it/cd7urGor