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  3. $YHOO get ready for red Monday ! Greece said no



  6. $YHOO correlates with $BABA. If $BABA breaks 80-ish, 28-32 is not an unreasonable downside target for $YHOO.

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  8. $YHOO This is a fantastic seeking alpha article for anyone who is long. Values the company + isnt for ppl chart reading / day trading

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  14. $YHOO Yahoooooooooooo !!!!!

  15. $YHOO There is still Yahoo?, I thought it was already extinct with the dinosaurs. Oh I see, it is now a ghost company, a zombie company !!

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  17. $YHOO Pot. consolidation in an Uptrend : Wly-Dly-Hly chart

  18. Not very diversified but next 12 months top5 $MNKD $TWTR $YHOO $BABA $HTZ from this point my est. + 35% not investment advice

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  22. $TWTR Here are a ton of snap shots that I took from one page that $YHOO benefited from and SBNation.

  23. $YHOO why is this not at $50 yet?

  24. $TWTR New CEO or not this moves higher or gets taken out by the likes of $YHOO

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