1. $YHOO Mr. Market Maker stop F$^%kin around and let it go already

  2. $YHOO 2 consecutive 30 min close over 40.88 & 41.09 should be taken out. Monthly close today (> 41.68) & you can t afford to be short yhoo

  3. $JRJC bears r squirming adding $EVRY $RADA $S opened a significant short pos in $GPRO & $YHOO

  4. $yhoo One tweet from CARL and this jumps 10-20% or more !

  5. $YHOO $41.09 to $42.50

  6. $YHOO Come on 4.90

  7. $YHOO Drop and chop. Could be seen as a huge cup and handle, tho.

  8. $YHOO Kass from TheStreet very good at picking valued stocks. He said YHOO $58.2 . Just need patient

  9. $YHOO Now that Carl has another victory in $EBAY, he cam move into $YHOO

  10. $BABA hod $YHOO hod. $AAPL $FB strong. Stil early in the day. Add on dips $ANET $MBLY $FSLR $SCTY

  11. $YHOO oh just come on this with BS already. what is it a 41$ opex pin this week? 40 last week. so i guess we see 42 next week

  12. $YHOO I think if we can get through $40.89 on volume again we ll trade over $41 today

  13. $YHOO Big block #4 purchased 1 minute ago

  14. $YHOO Seems to be trading in lock step with $BABA right now

  15. $YHOO $YHOO News on MSN http://preview.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/yahoo-investors-stand-to-reap-dollar11-billion-from-breakup-real-manda/ar-BB6rKq6

  16. $YHOO Consumer confidence lower than expected, is this the reason?

  17. $YHOO Up and down today like a toilet seat at a Greyhound station,Hmmm

  18. @calvincornehl @Charlie555 not my area of expert ice activist that is $YHOO

  19. $YHOO Can we stay green today? Look at market!

  20. $YHOO Next market up day, this stock will pop and cards will be revealed

  21. $YHOO lol see the valleys on the chart very steep both ways good battle

  22. $YHOO very bullish chart so far

  23. $YHOO Day highs right there.

  24. $YHOO wow, these buys are crazy..

  25. $YHOO Is something happening? Huge sell and buy blocks that oscillate price.