1. $YHOO cfo dumping, call selling activity, starboard already onboard. If they call off the sale then this is toast.

  2. $YHOO not liking those call selling activity. Not one bit.

  3. $YHOO This SALE makes me the most nervous Goldman CFO of 200k shares. My simple strategy only buy when a CFO buys not sells.

  4. $YHOO 36.5 Calls SELLING Activity expiring on 20th May, Vol 7016

  5. $YHOO 36.5 Calls SELLING Activity expiring on 20th May, Vol 7166

  6. $YHOO http://www.forbes.com/sites/antoinegara/2016/04/27/yahoo-settles-shareholder-fight-as-activist-jeffrey-smith-joins-board-amid-sale-process/#d8e79e86e107

  7. $YHOO made a quick flip on ubiquity earnings. Should i get back into yahoo?

  8. $YHOO $UA $VRX chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/yqc9F7rC/

  9. $YHOO I know.. the news on MM maternity leave broke the stock.

  10. $YHOO volume on my chart says 12. Not 12k or 12m just 12?

  11. $YHOO Is anyone able to trade pre-market right now?

  12. $YHOO Trending Now: YHOO http://finance.yahoo.com/video/trending-now-yhoo-013206198.html

  13. $YHOO All my stocks have a pre market. Except for Yhoo. A glitch?

  14. $YHOO so, when Monday comes and your goofy pumping prediction is revealed to be asz wrong will you disappear from this feed, please?

  15. $YHOO don t worry. Us longs will get our asses kicked soon enough today. Unfortunately

  16. $YHOO no pm action on nasdaq site, what is going on?!

  17. $YHOO everyone seems to be leaving $YHOO. sale imminent shorty. Like it or not.

  18. $YHOO It is very disappointing to see the latest yahoo news is about MM maternity leave decision..... wtf.....

  19. $YHOO haha. Here he is again. LOL. How appropriate your picture looks like a court jester.

  20. $YHOO cleaning house. It s time. Buyout imminent shorty. Anytime now. Just crossing the t s and dotting the eyes.

  21. $YHOO Jobs report says MM still has her job. Resume selling.

  22. $YHOO Common practice to exercise options prior to a change in control during M&A activity. This could be another sign

  23. $YHOO CFO cashing in 200,000 options, that must be his entire war chest. Must be getting close to a sale.

  24. $YHOO

  25. $YHOO: New SEC Filing for YHOO: Form 4 http://insideri.com/1218470_000112760216051271_0001127602-16-051271