1. $YHOO

  2. $YHOO I wonder how much more the CEO is going to drive her stock options into the ground before she s happy.

  3. $LNKD $aapl $fb $data $tsla $bwld $amzn $juno $djia $cmg $v $f $crm $yhoo $gpro $twtr $goog $nflx

  4. $LNKD $aapl $fb $data $tsla $bwld $amzn $juno $djia $cmg $v $f $crm $yhoo $gpro $twtr $goog $nflx So true! so true!

  5. Stocks End Week Lower As Tech Melts Down Despite Strong Alphabet Report $BP $COP $LNKD $XOM $DATA $GOOG $YHOO $DIA http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/stocks-end-week-lower-as-tech-melts-down-despite-strong-alphabet-report?post=84991

  6. $LNKD, $AAPL, $YHOO LinkedIn Misses Its Target http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/linkedin-misses-its-target/

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  8. Stocks end week lower as tech melts down despite strong Alphabet report - $GOOG,$GOOGL,$LNKD,$YHOO,$GPRO,$DATA,$XOM,$BP,$COP,$SYY,$AET,$MD


  10. $LNKD - IS THIS YOU? LOL $aapl $fb $data $tsla $bwld $amzn $juno $djia $cmg $v $f $crm $yhoo $gpro $twtr $goog $nflx

  11. $YHOO The Earth is too dangerous for you, you should fly back to Mars ASAP. Bye~

  12. $YHOO this is how you know YHOO trades on basically nothing. up 5% one day, down 4% the next. wtf. get it together wall st.

  13. $YHOO Buy Back vor 6 billion...Take out 200 Mio Share out of the market, Mayer...Wtxf are you waiting for?

  14. $YHOO No Stock Buy Back at this level...unbelievable...Previous ones were at 45$....is Mayer waiting for 45$ to buy back expensive?

  15. $SPY $ES_F If not, so be it. Sitting on stock shorts $TSLA $YELP $NFLX $BMRN $YHOO $ATVI $BABA.

  16. $YHOO Blocked

  17. $YHOO wasn t sure why this was even going up for

  18. $YHOO Target is $4 per share.

  19. $YHOO last chance to move to $GOOGL

  20. $YHOO freefall sub 28 coming back to all time lows. Not acting has cost yahoo a lot of money and now tech including Goog is dropping

  21. $YHOO Vote next Shareholder meeting against those morons...against BOD and Mayer and Goldman...

  22. $YHOO That is the reason, why she wastes Shareholder money...doing nothing...hiring and acquiring nonsense people and companies

  23. $YHOO If Mayer was a genius...why did she not get a top management Job at Google? They sent her to Yahoo to keep Yahoo down..that simple..

  24. $YHOO Enough of Mayer...All the time...this Bxt talk...bla...bla...our plan here...our plan there...She wants more time to waste more money

  25. $LNKD s crash was the best thing to ever happen to $YHOO PR.