1. Published $YHOO estimate on Estimize: +0.01 EPS and +12.91M Revs compared to Wall Street s consensus. http://www.estimize.com/yhoo/fq3-2014/estimates/54469a0ba226ac5a8a000594?utm_medium=share&utm_source=stocktwits

  2. $YHOO conf call may reveal what $YHOO w/do with cash..i.e. buyback, div..all good for stock $.

  3. $YHOO $Spy , Yahooo!! rip on the spy,..trying to make a bust higher!!

  4. @insidermonkey no one cares about the number, they care about what MM is gonna do with the $$ $YHOO

  5. Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) Lucky Number Tonight Is 30 Cents: Liz MacDonald http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/yahoo-inc-yhoo-lucky-number-tonight-is-30-cents-liz-macdonald-332997/ $YHOO

  6. $YHOO http://finance.yahoo.com/topics/yahoo-q3-2014-earnings/ link to their live stream @ 5pm directly on their website i m sure CNBC will be covering as well

  7. $YHOO What time is she supposes to speak?

  8. Yahoo, VMware, Intuitive Surgical, and iRobot Corp. all report today after the close $YHOO $VMW $ISRG $IRBT http://www.estimize.com/calendar

  9. Crowd and Market Prophits go negative sentiment on $YHOO into earnings. www.marketprophit.com http://stocktwits.com/message/28246932


  11. $YHOO Spent total of $5k on $yahoo puts, ready to roll. Lets get it.

  12. $YHOO Added Jan $40 Puts

  13. $YHOO added 4 more March call options

  14. $YHOO expect confirmation of snap chat investment, details of the return to investors of half $BABA profits

  15. $YHOO I have a bad feeling on Yahoo ER today.

  16. $BABA Will there be any negative impact if $yhoo goes south?

  17. @benrab why are they buying 10-15% OTM calls right now? Because of hate :). IF $YHOO was better managed they d bid to $70s in a snap

  18. $YHOO yuck, WTF was that all about?

  19. $YHOO earnings beat is coming. if she can give guidance on tax savings we might see new 52s in the next day or so

  20. $YHOO Yahoo will most likely beat earnings results due to its equity interest in Baba. Yhoo Earnings: Here s What You Should Expect SA now

  21. @FinancialJuice:$YHOO For Yahoo! $YHOO, re/code writes that Yahoo may prepare to dispense with its Asian assets over the next year long

  22. $YHOO Pivotal Research Group Views Potential BrightRoll Acquisition As Positive For Yahoo! (Benzinga - Oct 21) http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/14/10/4938595/pivotal-research-group-views-potential-brightroll-acquis?utm_campaign=partner_feed&utm_source=marketwatch.com&utm_medium=partner_feed&utm_content=analyst_ratings_page

  23. $YHOO frenzied options speculation into earnings - http://optionsforum.net/topic/83/yhoo-frenzied-options-speculation-going-into-after-hours-earnings-report?s=st

  24. $YHOO If this doesn t budge tonight I ll be shocked still a large short interest. Hope we squeeze.

  25. @FinancialJuice:$YHOO For Yahoo! $YHOO, re/code writes that Yahoo may prepare to dispense with its Asian assets over the next year long