1. @TalkMarkets: Executive Compensation Story – $YHOO http://y.ahoo.it/jq2eYDaV Sad commentary on business, scratching backs with big comp.

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  3. Insider Transaction: $YHOO Automatic Sale at $33.69 per share of 36000 shares by Officer Mayer Marissa A on 2014-04-15.

  4. People forget: After cashing out 10% of Alibaba, $YHOO will still have 14% of Alibaba growing at 65% and 35% of Yahoo Japan growing at 30%.

  5. Interesting take on $YHOO so popular yet intriguingly unsuccessful at the same time

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  9. @SlowYourRoll That might be a reason for a week $YHOO share price since IPO kick-off a month ago. They could have shorted $YHOO as hedge

  10. @SlowYourRoll The current $YHOO price does also imply a rather low IPO valuation. The hired investment banks should already know and hedge.

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  12. A person with knowledge of the matter said Alibaba may sell about a 12% stake. Would make it a $20B deal based on the $168B valuation. $YHOO

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  14. $GOOGL $YHOO funny you type a ticker on google web search and the first hit is yahoo finance ;)

  15. $YHOO Anyone knows the details of the Alibaba IPO next week? What day exactly? What will be the ticker symbol? Price range?

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  21. $YHOO So much controversy lately but still long, especially with Alibaba

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