1. $YHOO Underperming the market...and business MM responible for (core) still being valued at 0. Are there still supporters of MM?

  2. Today s most heavily analyst rated stocks: $AAPL $YELP $IBM $VMW $TXN $YHOO $ILMN $ISRG $DDD $HAL https://www.flashratings.com

  3. @tdeng Whatever... the $YHOO action and chart doesn t lie. Good Luck with your long.

  4. @tdeng You re wrong...dark pools & algos prove it and the SEC is toothless. Tonnes of manipulation goes on constantly without shorting $YHOO

  5. @MegaManX $YHOO is only good 4 a free email address to get your spam sent to. Tumblr is a fad, real investors dont need YFinance - POS stock

  6. $YHOO 43/44 by end of day ?

  7. $YHOO - CFO Goldman is working with best analysts to spinoff $BABA and $SFTBY shares in a new holding company = Taxfree profits! + $16/share

  8. $YHOO - Yahoo Finance getting free airtime re: Ebola Vaccine Makers. Marissa Mayer is becoming a shark (in a good CEO way).

  9. $YHOO will today s new shorts hold overnight, or cover eod?

  10. @tdeng No, they have to sell $YHOO back and forth to different accounts!!!!

  11. $YHOO - Mobile Ads, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Football, Tumblr - Core. AliBaba good for $. You re looking at the greatest turnaround since $AAPL.

  12. @tdeng Theyre going to be busy screwing all the $YHOO CALL holders over from $BABA IPO anticipation for a while & then stop it depressing it

  13. Get a 5-week view of upcoming #earnings reports http://www.briefing.com $AAPL $KO $MCD $CREE $YHOO $ANGI $BA $YELP $MLNX $AAL $AMZN $NDAQ

  14. $YHOO whos holding nov $43 calls? Doesnt look good today.

  15. $YHOO And by IPO, I mean BABA, obviously.

  16. @tdeng Hedgies aren t short... $YHOO valuation is huge compared to it s SP... it s loaded with cash.

  17. $YHOO Look at the price action on a day to day basis and since the IPO, and short of macro anomolies, it s pretty easy to call. Gameit for $

  18. $YHOO I feel as though I m staring into the Matrix with this stock right now. This thing is as close to it gets to predictable in the market

  19. $YHOO - Slowly, but surely, this will be in mid 50 s in 3 months time. Company in big turnaround with CEO and CFO doing a good job.

  20. $YHOO Its going to take some $BABA money news or $YHOO sale to get this baby really going up.

  21. @tdeng No, they run the clock out on the options and they ll win with the stock in the end as well... meanwhile $YHOO call buyers lose all

  22. $YHOO Close to losing it s pivot here-if she bounces should reverse back to the HOD

  23. @tdeng You need to understand that the hedgefunds sold tonnes of $YHOO Options & don t plan on losing their premium $$$! That s the tie-in.

  24. $BABA UP 2.65... LonG $YHOO

  25. $YHOO last week they tried to keep yahoo below 38.5 .. Manipulators may try to push yahoo below 40 for Nov 14 exp based on open interest