1. $YHOO I mean the estimates are head lower, so what does that mean to you?

  2. $YHOO if estimates make no sense, why do you care about the analysts?

  3. $YHOO so you hate the Bear of the Day http://y.ahoo.it/5lBUtm8q yeah so estimates make no sense?

  4. $YHOO let s all be real were in this by of $ BABA no this isn t t/a or any other metrics textbook buy rumor sell news ijs..


  6. $YHOO Beating the market is a no-brainer, just bet against Zacks and win every time!

  7. $YHOO $40 next week

  8. $YHOO, still holding since Congo recommended.

  9. Waiting for action with $BABA IPO, own $YHOO, $BIDU, $FB and $KWEB. @craigwi_

  10. $YHOO shows why a close below the displaced 4EMA is my stop http://y.ahoo.it/4LYlmpdo

  11. @TraceyRyniec I bought $YHOO because $BABA will be too hard to get at IPO and probably 150-200% up

  12. $YHOO Insider Monkey - is Yhoo on the edge? http://y.ahoo.it/bvdBx8pj

  13. @MGO100RMG I would love $SFTBY To buy $YHOO that s a win win situation for us both.

  14. @leeyjosh $YHOO will be a good trade and $SFTBY you can hold on to until your ready to purchase $BABA My opinion.

  15. Bullish setups part 3 $SPY $QQQ $PLUG $TSLA $YY $YHOO http://y.ahoo.it/lcqlMiC2

  16. It s poor to speculate what $YHOO will do with money. Example, Google buying YouTube. Speculation then, bad idea. 6 yrs later...brilliant.

  17. $YHOO Jumping on the short side of yahoo with a covered put. Once Alibaba is public yahoo will be at best mediocre in the tech sector.

  18. $YHOO Someone desperately trying to keep it under 38.50 last 6 minutes of trading but lid will blow off soon

  19. $YHOO bots battling

  20. $YHOO Zacks = non event . Yhoo s marketcap is tied to what BABA market cap will be .

  21. Prudent Value holds an allocation of 1.8% in $YHOO in his Prudent Value Investment Portfolio

  22. $YHOO Zacks 5-Strong Sell http://y.ahoo.it/CJGmSTqh. Please let us know in a few weeks how this worked out for you! Zacks=LOL!

  23. $YHOO or $SFTBY for $BABA ?

  24. Clearbrook Capital Advisors holds an allocation of 3.6% in $YHOO in his Undervalued Opportunities Investment Portfolio

  25. $YHOO daily chart http://y.ahoo.it/ripCXeEu