1. Att bids for yahoo $yhoo $t http://variety.com/2016/digital/news/att-yahoo-sale-1201782842/

  2. Thanks $BABA for discounting $YHOO - strong close for $BABA hoping to cont Thurs, will buy more $YHOO

  3. $YHOO I m in for July $40 calls....should I hedge my position? Need advice. Honest question.

  4. $YHOO The biggest drop in BABA since IPO, and it happens maybe a few weeks before YHOO sale?! Something stinks here!!

  5. $YHOO this POS will open gap down to low $35 and close $34. Will be low $30s by end of next week. Time to short this sucka ASAP. Kaboom! 🔪

  6. $YHOO Lots of deception wanting to get as much $$$$$ as they can from dead carcass of YHOO, before the buzzards pick it clean to the bone!

  7. $YHOO An effort (stagged SEC complaint), to get YHOO BABA shares at discount, OR, to push YHOO lower one more time b4 sale news in a month?!

  8. $BABA Don t forget the $YHOO 2-3 Bil low ball offer that the WSJ reported last week only to find out it was a total lie. Lots of noise now

  9. $YHOO Here is the link to the article mentioned below: http://blogs.barrons.com/asiastocks/2016/05/25/alibaba-sec-investigation-is-a-misunderstanding-says-morgan-stanley/?mod=yahoobarrons&ru=yahoo

  10. $YHOO Interesting BABA news takes place 1 day after breaking $80s ceiling, and YHOO breaks $37s ceiling … a few weeks before sales news?!

  11. $BABA: SEC Investigation Is A Misunderstanding, Says $MS http://blogs.barrons.com/asiastocks/2016/05/25/alibaba-sec-investigation-is-a-misunderstanding-says-morgan-stanley/ via @barronsonline $YHOO

  12. Nightly Business Report - May 25, 2016 http://viralmarketnews.com/nightly-business-report-may-25-2016 $BABA $YHOO $T $TIF $EXPR $WSM $MSFT $MCD $SRPT

  13. Hope you BTD in $YHOO today. Should see the chasing tomorrow. Alibaba: SEC Investigation Is A Misunderstanding, Says Morgan Stanley

  14. Is AT&T Interested in Buying Yahoo s Internet Business? http://viralmarketnews.com/is-att-interested-in-buying-yahoos-internet-business/ $T $YHOO

  15. Today s losers: $CBL $YHOO

  16. $YHOO SEC BABA Allegation … Maybe an attempt by YHOO bankers to knock YHOO down, so bankers pick up BOTH at discount? (Speculation)

  17. $YHOO the gnome of duderik told me to shut the hell up-i ramble on-just an old senile man-ill pour him anudder macallens-see you friends

  18. $YHOO like baba did- makes me wonder if Goldman was behind this lil move - help their arb buddies make a lil green - if you know what i mean

  19. $YHOO and baba-ive been trading since the 70 s-never seen too many acct irreg-ties amount to anything-especially when they serve it over

  20. $YHOO if you dont trust me-buy some shares - and write some options- if nothing else - its a helluva option write

  21. $YHOO if you look at the yhoo chart to your right - i will bet anything that YHOO will be somewhere near the far left on that chart in JUNE

  22. $YHOO once in a while a pull one of those out from those bear stearns days and have to open a nice bottle of macallens-getting a tear

  23. $YHOO i still like 40-42 on this - and i am usually a bit on the conservative side- God i still like looking at some of those red herrings

  24. $YHOO chart on yho looks like textbook-big up move-sideways to down-with a few big sells-then the bid-BAM-and they will leave a lil arb prem

  25. $YHOO GoodNewsBull just pumps endlessly and never ever gets embarassed at how foolish he looks day in and day out. Gotta admire.