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  3. $CHAU $YINN china etfs slowly recovering..

  4. $YINN Buy it now before it s gone $YANG

  5. $YINN up 1 dollar again tmw. Crazy


  7. $SSEC is mid term bullish, $YINN is up 70% while most of Chinese stocks are up 100% since Aug 24 low up to the date.

  8. $YINN here comes red again

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  11. $YINN

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  14. $YINN $YANG Love the way the Chinese market miraculously recovers at end of day! $SPY and $QQQ may not be so lucky!

  15. $FXI $ASHR $YINN I like this mixed batch of data. w. cpi n ppi down high chance of PBOC sim measures w/o overshoot. buy on weakness.

  16. $SPY down pre-mkt with $FXI $YINN $GXC $MCHI $PEK hit with disinflation. $YANG $EWH $DXJ

  17. $YINN $yang looks like I am wrong on yinn. bought some yang. PT $95

  18. $NUGT $YANG $DUST $YINN $DWTI $UWTI Been a great year playing the swings. the market and fed have no idea which way to go. keep it up! GLTA

  19. Opportunities in China : $YINN $ASHR $FXI $QIHU $CHAU $YOKU $PEK !! http://finance.yahoo.com/news/opportunities-china-bright-spots-sighted-010633375.html & $BABA Nice to GL $!

  20. $ASHR seems more consistent than $yinn. better play

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  23. $YINN P&D Monday or....

  24. $YANG $YINN they say you can t fight the fed. What about the PBOC? 😏🏛🏛

  25. China posts highest trade surplus on record http://seekingalpha.com/news/2909476?source=ansh $SPY $DIA $QQQ $SQQQ $IWM $YINN $YANG