1. $YNDX analysis http://chartmill.com/analyze.php#/YNDX

  2. chart :: $YNDX at $ 16.37 - Sell Stock Picks Alert at 9:42 AM ET #stocks

  3. Lowest volume with early market close 2 wins: $YNDX $CDNS 1 even: $INFY 1 loss: $EXAS Charts at https://www.estockpicks.com/performance/

  4. $BITA I m setting aside a small piece of this and just forgetting about it. Reminds me a bit of $ctrp in 2012 or $yndx this year

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  6. $YNDX at $ 16.37 - Sell Stock Picks Alert at 9:42 AM ET #stocks

  7. $YNDX Buy when there s blood In the streets (c) Turk & Russia will settle conflict eventually

  8. $YNDX analysis http://www.chartmill.com/analyze.php#/YNDX

  9. $YNDX by the end of next week ALL Russian stocks will be down by 3-5%. Mark my words

  10. $YNDX news from Russia: rising discontent within the country, potential crackdown and escalation of conflict with Turkey.

  11. $YNDX Erdogan said if Russians use S400 to shut down their jets over Syria it s act of war. Rising tensions. Sell!!

  12. Do you think Turkey will continue to use $YNDX as search engine?

  13. $YNDX 1690.going.vertical-down. just interviewed at CNBC

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  18. $YNDX Russian fighter jet shot down by Turkey near Syrian border. One pilot captured by rebels other is missing. Sell.

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  20. $YNDX news: Russian sanctions will extend for another 6 months. Despite propaganda discontent of the gov is on the rise. Russia high risk

  21. $YNDX oil being only driver of the economy GDP consumer spending people buying Russia during falling oil prices live in the la la land.

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  23. $YNDX Called it :)

  24. $YNDX Will this revisit the 52w high in the months ahead?? It s currently on the right track!

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