1. $YNDX we may have found bottom. Up trend from here

  2. $YNDX Nov. $25+ calls purchased. Very confident it will be over that price by end of 2015!

  3. $YNDX http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/06/30/russia-relaxes-its-right-to-be-forgotten/

  4. $YNDX here we go

  5. $YNDX break of $15.2 brings this thing down

  6. $YNDX we should be over $20 in July. Company going to beat earnings back to $30 EOY

  7. $YNDX this company is the Google of Russia. Why at this price too low???

  8. I bought a little yesterday, so take this with grain of salt, but: $YNDX perky today

  9. I bought a little yesterday, so take this with grain of salt, but: $YNDX perky today

  10. $YNDX rebounce soon.

  11. $YNDX Yandex calls search for bounce http://finance.yahoo.com/news/yandex-calls-search-bounce-104514131.html

  12. $YNDX Don t like the fact it broke support in Moscow, should have held if this was a non-event. Could be something serious here. Careful.

  13. $YNDX AH POP???

  14. $YNDX on a positive tune, net money flow is again in the green at 1.68 M with 1.23 u/d ratio.

  15. $YNDX fun watch these 100 shares machine trades. Short will playing at way oversold? The squeeze gonna be massive upside.

  16. $YNDX Given the extreme oversold conditions there may be a relief rally soon + Bullish options flow mainly in July

  17. $YNDX Yandex N.V Return on Equity is 31.8%, worth a closer look?

  18. $YNDX way oversold at this level due to Greece but this company is Russian company. Poised for a pop!

  19. $YNDX what is going on with this stock????? This is not Greece.

  20. $YNDX sell covered call whenever day up to take back some loss.. set your own strategy, good luck!! will chart this later after greece drama

  21. $YNDX i know the only ones that read my post are those that own share.. so please b rational.. chart already damaged.. next stop 14..

  22. $YNDX Wow, the slaughter never ends here..

  23. $YNDX again this is a Russian company not Greece. No fear

  24. $YNDX is this worth holding?

  25. $YNDX market should be just fine http://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-the-greek-crisis-is-actually-good-for-europe-2015-06-29