1. $YOD potential is in the mobile platform, management knows that and they are focused on that avenue, thats the wildcard

  2. $YOD Looking at return to 5.00

  3. $YOD Stock has been struggling - however that article was an incredible hit piece that allows for no notion of potential...MHO.

  4. @FoxW @davliner7 Hindsight is 20-20. You had the opportunity to get in at that price for half the day. Why didn t you? $YOD

  5. $YOD Walmart debuted the truck the very next day...amazing the author knew nothing about CPST- sell at your risk down here. Buy for entry.

  6. $YOD He did not know CPST was the engine in the Walmart Prototype truck. Thought the Walmart truck video - direct quote here - was a HOAX.

  7. $YOD Author of SA article on YOD also put one out on CPST. He did no DD - what happened? CPST went up 20% since. Why?

  8. Alert Results 2014-04-17 : $BIOF $MGI $NEWL $PTX $UEPS $YOD $ZLCS http://y.ahoo.it/XXTLNgYG

  9. @davliner7: $YOD 3.15 AH hm It wasn t really.

  10. $YOD 3.35 hm

  11. $YOD 3.15 AH hm

  12. Alert results: $BIOF +31% $MGI +5% $NEWL +14% $PTX +9% $UEPS +21% $YOD +9% $ZLCS +6%

  13. $YOD how does the saying go... Buy the fear... ? Congrats to all the longs who bought or added to their positions today. $3.46 EOD Bullish.

  14. $YOD Take that shorts!

  15. @Kpax4OSU: @vpg_999 @Scot1and I think I might have to block you morons. THIS FROM A MAN LONG A PUMP AND DUMP $YOD TO $0 PLEASE BLOCK ME

  16. $YOD hell of a bounceback come on Chris, stock is going to sub $2

  17. Alert updates: $BIOF +31% $MGI +5% $NEWL +14% $PTX +9% $UEPS +16% $YOD +8% $ZLCS +6%

  18. $YOD A hell of a bounce back. Very nice to see.

  19. $YOD I also believe many shorts are fooled by the existing 11m reported float. I expect the float is super low & will catch many on covering

  20. $YOD hit 2nd predicted move @ $3.38. Alerted 09:33 @ $3.19.

  21. $YOD bouncing back to new high of day. Closing strong. Adam Gefvert and his like will be feeding me more. It s true. It s damn true!

  22. $YOD triggered LONG, hit 1st predicted move @ $3.31. Alerted 09:33 @ $3.19.

  23. $YOD Glad to see that people aren t that stupid to listen to a SA article whose author wants to short it for personal gains

  24. @ejdoura I agree, my projections are double digits by year end as well. Not on fluff, but on $YOD s aggressive mobile plan & revenue stream

  25. $YOD wants hod