1. $YOD actually that should be your handle on stock twits!!!! very fitting.

  2. $YOD probably the funniest thing you ve said yet!!! check with the sec, you could be trading under shakes the clown for all we know

  3. $YOD sure you don t, your just the stock pumper police right? whatever,

  4. $YOD Scroll to bottom last post funniest. I don t trade YOD & you can verify w/ NYC SEC office http://y.ahoo.it/QdbcwEv3

  5. $YOD again as I always say,do your own research,don t listen to anyone but yourself and make decisions you can live with, go with your gut

  6. $YOD Hes shorter than his knowledge of Chinese markets on this one

  7. $YOD I give my opinion on stocks that I believe in and I have a position in. tradems says he has no position which we all know is a lie

  8. $YOD read all about it? tradems your a sad clown trying to make people believe your snake oil research, I don t pump any stock

  9. $YOD Extra, extra.. read all about it! Mikey the cheerleader keeps on pumping! http://y.ahoo.it/8sW4Xjsv

  10. $YOD Repost of the attorney to contact.... http://y.ahoo.it/fswo7D5B

  11. $YOD I ve done my research, don t see anything to make me disbelieve YODs $3,000,000 FY 2014 revenue est. Est cld be upped w/ a new contract

  12. $YOD I m really not to concerned about them scaring people now. I d like to buy at a lower price anyway. :-p

  13. $YOD Little Mikey take computer class learn how to use Google & email to share his awesome research. http://y.ahoo.it/Xl7tb2a9

  14. $YOD tradeMS is easy to read,dig out old news and throw a sour twist on it to scare traders, my answer is I added at 1.95 today

  15. $YOD gee I guess I didn t go the shool tradeMS went to the school of google search

  16. $YOD just face it people, pull up a damn chart! This thing sucks and Shane is horrible. Sell or short.

  17. $YOD Mikey no likey business school. He like drama and fantasy land.

  18. $YOD Mike you sound like a worn out broken record stuck on repeat. WASU has 1000 s of hours of content. You re not up on facts.

  19. $YOD YOD is in a building phase and its a risky play, but if they hit a big deal it will fly

  20. $YOD also if you follow YODs dealings you will see they are working many angles and avenues, there has been news last few months

  21. $YOD if he spent the time doing real research he would find that BABA is focused on the production end and not so much the carrier side

  22. $YOD tradems needs to look deeper than his google searches for quick info

  23. $YOD they fired their PR dept lol bc they haven t had news since April.

  24. $YOD news? News? News? (Jim mora voice)

  25. $YOD Mike keeps saying big news is coming any day for 7 months never post any links to DD and is all talk like YOD.