1. $YOD I suspect the CMedia app will be a lot like UnitedAir s app here. Doubt dls would be trackable. https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/inflight/entertainment/personal-device-entertainment.aspx

  2. $YOD Q3 should be inflection point, and Q4 another: Android v3 fin, iOS soon, trains deal, dr peng deal, mass adverts, d/l s, much positive!

  3. $YOD Just for fun, if you invested 100K in NFLX back in the day...

  4. $YOD no news so far , high uncertainty, high risk , seems a scam, these are the things that I am thinking everyday....

  5. $YOD I m so desperate for anyone to ring the bell for this stock, I wish Chardan would come out with a reiterate and site DL s

  6. $YOD OFFICIAL ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS! 473K from Huawei/ 418k from 360/ 71k from 10Cent/ 45k from nduoa/ 6k frpm BABA = <1,013,000 downloads>

  7. $YOD Hauwei at 470,519

  8. $YOD xiaomi mi app up to 31 Ratings from 29. Every rating typically represents a significant amount of people dl ing.

  9. $YOD New Version Iphone App released today 3.0.4. What is going on, do we have to go to 3.0.9 one version at a time? http://ios.25pp.com/app/2000218/

  10. $YOD volume seems symmetric, somebody is adding shares along the day

  11. $YOD any chance of a PR once China is back from Holiday??

  12. $YOD TWAP/VWAP orders keeping SP at ask price appreciated.

  13. $YOD Interesting article on market manipulation 4 large accumulation purposes. http://business.financialpost.com/investing/the-secret-trading-strategy-from-the-1930s-that-hedge-funders-dont-want-you-to-know-about

  14. $YOD The YOD App is no longer available on Tencent s site. Is this temporary, or Tencent attempting 2 remove comp? http://sj.qq.com/myapp/detail.htm?apkName=com.yod.movie.all

  15. $YOD Does anyone have a working email for Shane??

  16. $YOD Interesting.. When I copy and paste the Advantages Movie Chinese symbols to the Tencent app. look what pops up http://sj.qq.com/myapp/search.htm?kw=%E4%BC%98%E7%82%B9%E7%94%B5%E5%BD%B1

  17. $YOD Is this SP being manipulated or what?

  18. $YOD I wonder if C-Media is deploying wifi at train station too... Makes sense. http://mobile.pcmag.com/news/60259-google-bringing-free-wi-fi-to-train-stations-in-india?origref=https:%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

  19. $YOD anyone here that can shed light on the Fri 3:30-4pm volume spike? Something happened... Investor alert? News? Insider info?

  20. $YOD new media acquisitions, new networks and distribution channels, new partners will give yod a comparative advantage for years

  21. $YOD I am estimating profit 700 % up and break even for next CC, maybe eps +, management is improving above and the bottom line...

  22. $YOD @youondemand +8% Friday, 3 week high, best volume for 6 weeks, late rally, news pending ? No tweets this year

  23. $YOD maybe after all we will see $4-$5 in the next 6 months

  24. $YOD Via Tech& CMedia on Aug. 25 announced the launch of a Wi-Fi Service for passenger trains http://www.masstransitmag.com/press_release/12106921/via-c-media-bring-wi-fi-service-to-chinese-trains

  25. $YOD Do you guys think we have reached 1.5M downloads China-wide yet? Imagine by Q4 we ll be chuckling over how much we thought this was!