1. $YOD and fun to watch!

  2. $YOD that s why I m hanging in. With 1.7 short if this pops the covering will be insane!

  3. $YOD all fun and games shorting till big news hits then its covering the flames time, ouch. And it will happen

  4. $YOD still 1.7 million shares short on this. doesn t have a chance, shorts will keep it down with MMs

  5. $YOD I am staying short here. And will short more tomorrow.

  6. $YOD Agreements with WB, Lionsgate, Disney, Miramax, Paramount, and Universal. Seems unlikely to maintain a $2 share price w these partners

  7. $YOD yah I m hanging in there for first set of news,hopefully its sommething solid.....

  8. $YOD September 1. After Labor Day news could be ideal timing. conf call was full of references to the appropriate time . Is it Mon or Tues?

  9. $YOD Confirming lower trend; chart http://y.ahoo.it/kUt5cwPT

  10. Moved Lower Bollinger Band $ADEP $CBMX $DGAZ $ENVI $FRO $GEF $HF $ICLR $IMRS $IPAS $MAT $MDR $PCLN $SQNM $VIPS $YOD http://y.ahoo.it/IgoxRXDf

  11. $YOD We are hoping to sign the full-fledged commercial agreement shortly and we will update investors accordingly.

  12. $YOD this needs some real news fast to stop the bleeding. Lots of potential here but they need show some cards soon

  13. $YOD service will be commencing on September 1st, the FIRST of SEVERAL OTHER DEALS we plan to announce.. http://y.ahoo.it/pIL4rpiB

  14. $YOD I am short till .50c

  15. $YOD The recent price movement appears to be a shakeout. Volume has been well below average, so it s clearly not a sell off.

  16. $YOD YOU Cinema subscription service will go live on September 1st http://y.ahoo.it/6Yscl8Ww

  17. $YOD so easy to make $ in this market w junk like this floating around. Short 2.19

  18. $YOD short this puppy

  19. $YOD Who ever is bullish on this stock is clearly confused.

  20. $YOD failed to confirm many times, is a great example of waiting for confirmation. aug 13 chart http://y.ahoo.it/ccWWNhwk

  21. $YOD turn out the lights, thanks Shane OMac. You should stick to fake wrestling not fake chinese companies

  22. $YOD going sub $2 with this bag holder delight

  23. $WPCS and $YOD and $CJJD are money machines.

  24. $YOD All in for Monday. Let s see if this thing will take off.

  25. $YOD Funny how all this trading action is happening right before the launch date. I m still in, they can t knock me out.