1. $YOD was a stock I warned about in july while it was trading at 2.50 to 2.60. this stock has been dead money ever since it failed to confirm

  2. $YOD The other problem is that so far all the deals they made COST YOD $$$. Licenses ain t cheap. Paying customers or die.

  3. $YOD there are deals pending but the long silence is shaking investors, patience will pay here but a status update is overdue for sure

  4. $YOD problem lately is volume, there is none. management needs to get out some updates on whats being worked on and what deals are pending

  5. $YOD Where did it reverse today-- yep right on the 30 day MA. Until it closes above no one should think about buying http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=YOD&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p77535898842

  6. $YOD Up after hours, ha

  7. $YOD i m sick of waiting for these guys to get this done.....anyone else feel the same way? i give up .... ehhhhhhhh

  8. $YOD Does anyone know of a good message board to join to talk about stocks? Seems like everywhere I go..it s just spam and promoters.

  9. $YOD saw that order last night, someone s got some big faith that this will be yielding results. the 1.67 maybe a tail chaser now,

  10. @razingcane $yod as an exclusive license with a zhonghai whichhas a non-exclusive license w/ cctv 6 http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/warner-bros-movies-be-available-201467

  11. $YOD Nasdaq Bookview shows a bid for 35000 shares @$1.67 - been there at least two days. I thought YOD had exclusive PPV license in China?

  12. $YOD $NFLX wants in on China.The have a 1 show deal, but are limited to working with co s already operating in China http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/02/19/should-netflix-inc-investors-care-that-24-millio-2.aspx

  13. $YOD Uh oh..Markets not looking good this morning...

  14. $YOD The slight rises and falls are unimportant. The news will get this thing going. I m waiting.

  15. $YOD next week we will probably see some resistance around $1.90 and possible support at $1.60. Thoughts?

  16. I posted on the $YOD board aug13 this Chart http://stocktwits.com/message/25726841 , it could never confirm. another great example about confirmation.

  17. $YOD may run into the 1.90s if the rally continues Monday on Nasdaq

  18. $YOD Nice to see this gaining a little bit back..Let s hope it can hold these levels throughout the rest of the day

  19. He should buy $YOD @mcuban I m buying NFLX stock..... Someone will try to buy them.

  20. $YOD think if it holds this level today, could see $1.95 - 2.00 next week.

  21. @savnut @ejdoura can you direct me to some links or websites that gives me some DD on $YOD sounds like this could be a big runner soon

  22. $YOD @Minesweep - they made deals. I d like to see GREEN.....

  23. $YOD Being small has allowed YOD to be flexible in working out On Demand programming thats relevant to Chinese mrkt & politics. Deals coming

  24. @robjones It will hit $6 for 1 second on its way to $10+. $YOD is setting up for hyper growth w/deals to be announced soon! Mark my word!

  25. $YOD market should start popping back a bit next week, should see some life here soon