1. $YOD If the earnings are up this should move up 50c, if not then down 25c. Of course I want it to move NOW, but apparently there s a holdup

  2. $YOD Despite the agonizingly slow pace, my gut feel from the technicals is that YOD wants up . IT s frustrating as $*%& but I m holding.

  3. $YOD Still good quality when watching movies and content updated regularly http://stocktwits.com/message/28604963

  4. $YOD Not sure what happen with the website, but the mobile app still works great for me. http://stocktwits.com/message/28604947

  5. $YOD Site was down for major update. Reads and looks great. Use Google Chrome with translate to English to view. It s coming. Get ready!

  6. $YOD Back up and running

  7. $YOD the random Big volume days 4 no rzn that pop up sporadically in the past. Is it Possible that it s an automated fidelity 401k invstmnt?

  8. $YOD probably just a glitch on the web address, they would use the website to announce any issues not take it down

  9. $YOD I am yung invstr. Wntd qck buk. Own 10kshrs avg 2.60. Dwn 10k$. Hard lesson learned.

  10. @Tovlo: $YOD I get a prompt in another language when I attempt to enter the site? http://stocktwits.com/message/28601322

  11. $YOD I get a prompt in another language when I attempt to enter the site?

  12. $YOD Come on..I wouldn t say game over because of an error on the site, not like their service is gone

  13. $YOD it s official. The YOD website is gone. Game over folks. Short from 3.13 and holding

  14. $YOD gone? just looked, still there

  15. $YOD anyone go to the website recently? It s gone!

  16. ICYMI Monday: Other definitive proxy statements http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1219351 $YOD

  17. $YOD Funny I keep checking back here and see the same people with their hope that BIG news is coming. Glad I got out long ago!

  18. $YOD dump YOD buy $PME 1.2x EPS will easily double while YOD goes to $0

  19. $YOD Hopefully the naysayers would have sold by then, so they will miss out. LOL

  20. $YOD I forecast big things in motion. We should start seeing news, partnerships, revenue along w/ this stock moving up after 11/20!

  21. $YOD pictures speak louder than words... long live YOD! lol http://stocktwits.com/message/28559762

  22. $YOD savnut will you talk to me ?

  23. $YOD true but if they do find a rabbit it will be an Easter feast in November! the time is right to release whatever they are working on

  24. $YOD Pull a rabbit out of their hat ? Probably cheaper to buy tickets to the magic show. Didn t like today s price action at all.

  25. $YOD surprised at the late day pullback on such a good day in the market, low volume didn t help, they need some wildcards at earnings