1. $YOD WWE announced today that WWE Network is headed to China with details to follow. Hopefully, $YOD will be the distribution channel.

  2. $YOD charts useless on a day like this.

  3. $YOD same 4hchart as earlier.. but zoomed out more for a different perspective.. http://y.ahoo.it/xl6P8SbA

  4. $YOD Added at several spots today - Tide went out and took everything with it - tomorrow is job #, & other geopolitical news...

  5. $YOD added at 2.48. Too tempting

  6. $YOD ready for that last 20 minute drop?

  7. $yod I meant to say mid AUGUST.

  8. $YOD check the 4hrchart for predictions. short to 2. long from there to around 2.60 by mid july. http://y.ahoo.it/vZhEOGtk

  9. $YOD u could short just about any stock today market tanked

  10. $YOD I can hear the longs sizzlin!

  11. $YOD sweet drop to 2.46 covering some here.

  12. $YOD another nice day shorting yod. tomorrow should be good too. follow my lead or lose money people. shorting to 2

  13. $MOBI ...can t remember the last time I saw the NAS down 80+ points $CCIH $YOD $KNDI

  14. $KNDI ...time for KNDI and China stocks to Rock n Roll in this down market $CCIH $MOBI $YOD $DANG

  15. $KNDI ..about time for market to look away from US stocks to real growth...China! $CCIH $YOD $MOBI $DANG

  16. $YOD Q1 CC Quote: Looking to sign a full-fledged commercial agreement soon for multi-screen service to sign up for mobile & home via IPTV

  17. $YOD Q1 CC Quote: In discussions w/Huawei to further extend our relationship, our service included on a lot more of their hardware by YE

  18. $YOD Quotes from Q1 CC: We are in the midst of an ongoing trial of our mobile & IPTV multi-screen service w/ big Chinese provincial operator

  19. @wrist My Position is HUGE in $YOD & all based on DD. I have added when posted. PS: my image is POET John Greenleaf Whittier in 1887 - LONG!

  20. @wrist I posted a long call on $YOD Jan 2012, I had Stocktwits add YOD in 2013, everything I post is based on DD, Sorry u r a bashing short

  21. $YOD if you make trading decisions based on stocktwits you shouldn t be trading! do your own research

  22. $YOD If you rode this thing from 7 down to 2 you know what i m talking about - and the nut kept adding all the way down - he owns china :D

  23. $YOD Don t listen to savnut. I know his avatar is an old smart dude scratching his nut, but this guy s dishonest in an undetectable way.

  24. $YOD Bear traps are set - accumulate into news/earnings. IMHO Chardan CM PT is on the money.

  25. $YOD no way does it go under 2 buks. Bottom seems Around 2.65