1. $YOD Don t the new BIG investors have big incentives for getting the stock price up?? If so, let s see it!!!

  2. $YOD when is next ER?

  3. $YOD Large cap players taking over a small cap company. It will be interesting to watch regardless if invested or not.

  4. $YOD C Media Iphone app ranking..

  5. $YOD Has anyone talked with IR lately??

  6. $YOD picked up another 2k@1.54

  7. $YOD how long will Bruno and Mingcheng need to get settled and start talking to investors. Will they get a new PR dept?? Stuff on my mind.

  8. $YOD not to mention finally releasing and promoting latest smartphone app for android and iTunes. The silence is deafening!

  9. $YOD there are a lot of things in the works we need updating with . Trains, dr peng deal, China iptv are HUGE deals we haven t heard about.

  10. $YOD I d appreciate a PR to promote the new movie content rights we have received for $29MM. What quality are they, and how new?

  11. $YOD they need to explain this xianjin/sevenstarflix deal in more detail, giving up 15MM shares potentially.

  12. $YOD there is a chance of some news with the Xiaomi mi5 smartphone release in 2 weeks, the testing may have been related to that.

  13. $YOD Sorry if you have seen these, just trying to help..Some of you have been on this board for a while

  14. $YOD Sun Seven Stars took a massive stake in YOD - http://www.octafinance.com/beijing-sun-seven-stars-culture-development-ltd-just-reported-giant-you-on-demand-holdings-inc-stake/

  15. $YOD Down wedge pattern failed - http://www.wallstreet.org/is-selling-stock-like-you-on-demand-holdings-inc-after-this-bearish-wedge-down-winning-strategy/

  16. $YOD January - http://www.risersandfallers.com/2016/01/21/you-on-demand-holdings-inc-yod-recent-analyst-updates/

  17. $YOD https://www.twst.com/update/you-on-demand-holdings-inc-you-on-demand-announces-appointment-of-mingcheng-tao-as-new-chief-executive-officer/

  18. $YOD http://www.risersandfallers.com/2016/02/09/recent-broker-updates-on-you-on-demand-holdings-inc-yod/

  19. $YOD Don t have a position, but maybe you guys haven t seen some of this?

  20. $YOD And the buys outnumber the sells big time - and we go down 5%??

  21. $YOD just went from $1.59 to $1.49 what a joke wish it would go to $5 so I can sell

  22. $YOD See below. This is why the app could have our content. Fell in Love w Media is Ai Shang, our partner in CHINA IPTV deal

  23. $YOD New JV among Huawei, Ai Shang & Chongqing Telecom, may or may not have our content. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yu-yan/id1068724332?mt=8

  24. $YOD is this the next NFLX of China yet?

  25. $YOD Or do the insiders have nonpublic information that they still need to share?