1. $YOD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_in_China

  2. $YOD still like the co. Something is fishy, are Chinese govt officials taking money out of co.?

  3. $YOD missed it.

  4. $YOD glta tomorrow!

  5. $YOD themselves against), what kind of ptnrs they are looking for, & how they differentiate(i.e. content, platforms, licenses, ptrns, etc)

  6. $YOD and how IR can better get their message out... Also, more about their advantages vs competitors (& who do they compare...

  7. $YOD i have a large position in this stock, expecting a strong run up until noon, going to be hard not to pull the trigger on a quick profit

  8. $YOD expecting a strong 2015 guidance projection coupled with 1-2 exciting deals. Tomorrow should be interesting

  9. $YOD I m here watching Wrestlemania and thinking about YOD...

  10. $YOD So many people are waiting to jump on the bandwagon if YOD can show that they ve got or are seriously getting the ball rolling.

  11. $YOD listening yo Peter Cetera Radio on Pandora drinking a beer thinking about YOD. PARADISE.

  12. $YOD momentum is about to change & YOD will be moving into a massive breakout very soon. Monday s info is only the beginning for longs

  13. $YOD T-14hrs

  14. $YOD Vince s show of the year WrestleMania tonight and then Shane s show tomorrow! Coincedence? I think not.

  15. $YOD Nice!!

  16. $YOD @Jigoro I look at all the money websites. There are variations. I like Morningstar. Also look at CNN, MSN, Nasdaq,Yahoo, Finviz

  17. 200 SMA Bullish http://www.dailystockplays.com/200-SMA-Bullish-2015-03-28.html $EKSO $ASML $VEU $ISIL $DWA $FLOT $EWQ $VXUS $CMG $HDV $ETH $IHG $NDSN $TCPC $YOD $INDY $UVV $VPU

  18. $YOD go UK!!

  19. $YOD I can t stop thinking about Monday lol. Expecting big things

  20. Day Trading Watch List for March 30th http://10xtradingsignals.com/2015/03/28/day-trading-watch-list-for-march-30th/ $SHLD $BCLI $FIVE $LL $WTW $JMEI $GES $SNDK $SONC $RADA $W $YOD

  21. $YOD 258,611 share difference to the positive at the end of Q4

  22. $YOD FMR LLC sold out of their position of 128,957 at the end of year 2014. Bye Bye Felica!!! Probable for tax purposes

  23. $YOD iShares micro-cap is a new fund 20,897 shares reported on Thursday 3/26/15

  24. $YOD Vanguard extended market index funds 112,510 on 12/31/14 and 139,876 shares held on 2/28/15

  25. $YOD Blackrock Fund Advisors are new 3/26/15 20,897shares