1. $IBIO One day I will see that .77. $SNSS Great $ROX Drunk $SPEX Comfort $YOD Slow $CPRX OMG lawyers folks leaving? $ZQK OK $NETE Please move

  2. $YOD Now is not time to slow down! Get your act together!

  3. $YOD black or red

  4. $YOD May enter long eod if no dips below 2.07

  5. $YOD However, the only one remaining now is 30K shares @$2.40. Still only 46K bid between $1.67-2.07 but 289K offered $2.08-2.45 (Bookview)

  6. $YOD There s a technical type with $$$$ who s been placing larger blocks for sale systematically at day s highs, double tops for weeks. UBS?

  7. $YOD Technically, now pushing down against the 2SD 20-DMA BB. If it doesn t bounce, it could begin to force the BB down.

  8. $YOD 2.07 appears to be support here. On watch list for gap up tomorrow, short term pt 2.37. Squeezing pennant, breakout by 1/2/15

  9. $YOD I bought in at the wrong price @3$ been waiting for it to get there for two month..my mistake

  10. $YOD please make me eat crow.........how can you be red again on two up days

  11. $YOD future way up taking bets this finishes in the bread

  12. $YOD 9 more days of pain for this POS

  13. $YOD Seasonal pattern holding true: December + only 20% of time last 5-7years. Best months: Jan/Feb( 60%) and May (100%) past 5 yrs.

  14. $YOD Is now in hyper growth, and those in the know see what s coming. Daily price movements are only noise - The bears can go hibernate IMO

  15. $YOD Fundi s like mobile, mr he, xiaomi # 1, dr peng, China telecom, etc... Have all added value 10x - bears just bash without any substance

  16. $YOD this is about patience, most traders don t have it, patience equals big payoffs!

  17. $YOD no pumping needed here. Look at the mobile exposure and check back in late january

  18. $YOD full of self serving shorts!! Shawndyer maybe good enough for 3rd

  19. $YOD full of pumpers mikepowl being #1

  20. $YOD like i said...heading under 2..I d STAY AWAY...but invest a small amount around 1.60

  21. $YOD Formula: Low volume day = Down slowly, Heavy volume day = Up very fast. More people holding. No worries. Sit back and relax on rev.

  22. $YOD who wants to buy my shares

  23. $YOD for sure this a news driven stock but revenues will rocket with the mobile exposure

  24. $YOD Ignore the noise, LT hold with rising revenue. Impulsive day to dayers will get eaten alive as usual.

  25. @savnut unfortunately, $YOD is at the same price it was a yr ago. CURRENT TECHNICALS DO NOT LOOK GOOD. All deals, not much $$$$$$$ so far.