1. $YOD Netflix will require much more local content to enter China http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-05-29/netflix-won-t-have-it-easy-in-china?cmpid=yhoo Another reason finding local partner is important

  2. $YOD when will this stock do something? Patience is hard ud83d ude16

  3. $YOD China to turn TV networks into home information center http://www.globalpost.com/article/6563447/2015/05/28/china-turn-tv-networks-home-information-center

  4. $YOD As TV2U has established relationships with major content providers Who are the providers??? http://tv2u.com/china-to-launch-state-run-streaming-service/

  5. $YOD Hugo Barra VP at Xiaomi coming up next on CNBC... Let s see if he adds anything interesting.

  6. $YOD I m thinkin any State streaming service wld have to go thru YOD partner CCTV/FutureTV http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_Central_Television + http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_TV_Co._Ltd.

  7. $YOD since May 23 the Huawei apps are up 633 and 518

  8. $YOD Mobileservices launch we will DEFINITELY commercially launch in the service probably within two to three months or even sooner. Q1 CC

  9. $YOD TV2U s technology seems to be a platform for delivering content, not providing content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo2-xbbPcxw

  10. $YOD Seems 2 coincide w the user centered exp YOD talks abt. can identify an individual user’s likes and dislikes http://www.tvbeurope.com/chinese-government-launches-streaming-service-loyalty-scheme-tackle-piracy/

  11. $YOD The stateowned service is is expected to launch in China before the end of the year. That VAGUENESS sounds a lot like YOD s big deal

  12. $YOD Is this YOD s big news? A stateowned streaming service. Wld explain YOD working w/ stateowned telecoms for deals http://www.iptv-news.com/2015/05/china-to-battle-piracy-with-state-owned-streaming-service/

  13. $YOD is shane stuck on stupid ? or are we ? he does not inform us of progress ! he needs to reach out to share holders ! or tell us to bail!

  14. $YOD $NFLX no growth or presence in...China. No exposure to China or Japan is probably a safe assumption.. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3215116-netflix-the-case-for-1500-by-2020

  15. $YOD I can t grasp why people sell so few shares to make pennies, I know it s their money, but I don t get it

  16. $ISR $CPRX on spotlight $HEB $IBIO along with $YOD

  17. $YOD The amount of info gathered on a trip cld b huge. Also, if you have not been to China, the people are obsessed with videos on phone imo

  18. $YOD It seems like we find more info fr public info thanYOD. I d like 2 go 2 regions where there is service + ask people if they know of YOD

  19. $YOD Has anyone considered a trip to China. Saw a deal from east coast for $450ish earlier this year. I ve been once, but b4 I knew of YOD

  20. $YOD Best article I have read on NFLX potentially entering China. http://www.trefis.com/stock/nflx/articles/297718/china-makes-sense-for-netflix-but-it-won%E2%80%99t-be-easy/2015-05-26

  21. $YOD IBD-Netflix is likely to enter China through a local partner. China could add 9 million to 27 million subscribers in 2017-20.

  22. $YOD I m curious who constantly selling Americans or Chinese

  23. $YOD Looking good this morning! Can we break through $2.30 resistance? We should be heading for $2.57 and of course beyond

  24. $YOD Above average volume and 3.8% last week, now up 4.6% pre-market. What s up???????

  25. $YOD If the accounts receivable trend continues, next quarter revenues should be about $1.7M. Q4 AcctsRec was $1.09M and Q1 rev was $1.03M