1. @davliner7 $YOD - Jason Bond dumped - look at the big drop and volume matches his portfolio dump.

  2. $YOD I will be adding in this area.

  3. $YOD getting pounded nothing new here

  4. $YOD ???????

  5. $YOD 10% drop on the day...thats exactly why i d wait..or stay away..see ya guys and gl

  6. $YOD Given those #s. Buying now is a risk of a 23% loss (down to 1.50) to a potential gain of 200++% (gain to $5plus). I like those odds.

  7. $YOD Ooops. You did say $5 PLUS. I missed that on the first read.

  8. $YOD I think $5 is a VERY conservative estimate given it was already at $5+ with only news about its potential and no revenue or deals.

  9. $YOD Another ho hum CC and this will be -1.50. Major carrier deals, buy numbers and real revenue announced and this will be back at 5+.

  10. $YOD I believe this will be in the 4 s before the eoy. strongest fundamentals of any China play.

  11. $YOD While others sell, I will buy.

  12. $YOD A contrarian buys when others are selling. I don t think following the herd is profitable in the long run.

  13. $YOD Buy low, sell high. People tout it all the time, but no one ever does it. I m fine with it being below $2 because it won t stay

  14. $YOD Again under $2..how many times?

  15. $YOD looking at the markets..YOD is headed down today. I hope I m wrong for the investors sake here

  16. $YOD To be fair I ve been waiting for News for 90 days now slowly watching my investment fade and fade. Buying the dips on blind faith....

  17. $YOD it appears the majority of investors are impatient. I ll play the contrarian and be patient with this at least until ER for 4Q 2014.

  18. $YOD If this falls again tomorrow it ll be more of the same trend until this fabled big news everyone keeps HOPING for actually comes out.

  19. $YOD didnt do too bad on a day like this..close hod?

  20. $YOD I know its a broken record but when real news comes soon this will be hard to catch. China is a limitless source of consumers

  21. $YOD Looks like a major part of revenue for 2015 would be fr telecom providers who wld provide the service 2 all its mobile n data customers

  22. $YOD $3 million per qtr to reach their predicted cash flow positive in first half of 2015. A Xiaomi deal would be only part of that.

  23. $YOD Reread the Q1 conf call. Appears they expect to make 3 million quarterly in 2015. We have to get to about $3 million per quarter

  24. $YOD seems to be trading as usual; vol surge w/incr in price PRIOR to ER... coupled w/some Savnut cheer;past hist=selloff into ER, then decl

  25. $YOD even w/vol incr, can t break ceiling of trading tranche; only this will affirm true breakout possibility