1. $YOD Lots of smaller sites like the following probably add up to another 10-20k http://www.coolapk.com/apk/com.yod.movie.all?from=rss&version=V3.0.9

  2. $YOD anyone have the DL s for 360? Still can t get into the ratings site.

  3. $YOD if there was an opening in YOD IR dept and all you had to do was maintain status quo, who would apply?

  4. $YOD gotta be some news soon, this is a drought of unheard proportion..!

  5. $YOD seems bullish today with china recovery stock market

  6. $YOD Congrats Longs might I recommend you get some $JNUG in your life to compliment your bump this evening?

  7. $YOD Did anyone get a response back from Chardan on their small estimate for the Peng deal?? ($1 - 1.5 Million)

  8. $RGSE Good job for those who bought. Doubtful u see much at this range again. In the incubator $YOD $NQ $RGSE $PLUG $OHRP

  9. $YOD whole market seemed to surge at same time, I wonder what set that off? Really just glad we got a piece.

  10. $YOD 34k buy practically entire day s volume.

  11. $YOD Nice, someone(s) just bought up a solid 39k chunk! Well done whomever you are!

  12. $YOD allowing for adjustments 2 weeks, QA 2 weeks, should be anytime now...

  13. $YOD = definition of dead money - frustrating!!!

  14. $YOD they said they are expecting deals soon. Mobile deals were hinted at Q1 ER. Must be it.

  15. $YOD best case they are finishing up QA for new release after testing concluded earlier this month. New release with deals attached.

  16. $YOD Other than financials, no news since June.. We ve got 2 days left in August?? Maybe??

  17. $YOD I like the fact its not moving when markets flying. Something big soon.

  18. $YOD if not taking off next ER (Q3) I will be extremely boggled. I expect great things by Q4 ER.

  19. $YOD any new deals coming soon?

  20. $YOD Annoying frozen stock cccccccc

  21. $YOD 10cent@42K http://sj.qq.com/myapp/detail.htm?apkName=com.yod.movie.all#CommentList

  22. $YOD 360 App at 92,526. That s about 1800 downloads a day from 8/10 s 61,458. http://rank.aiyingli.com/index.php/home/appshow/index/pkg/com.yod.movie.all.html

  23. $YOD During cc announcements were to be in coming weeks and months. To me, weeks means no more than 6--8 weeks. I guess we ll see.

  24. $YOD Seems like the Huawei contest ran around the same time as the Xiaomi contest. Just don t see the winners https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fclub.huawei.com%2Fthread-4924420-1-1.html

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