1. $YOD rethinking - if news was pending, should have seen more activity. Still, a block purchase of 50-60K shares was nice 2C. Gave support.

  2. $YOD Netflix is making the news lately, and China is on the list. Aquiring YOD is likely, same paradigm. Hope the takeover is very high.

  3. $YOD brain smile!

  4. $YOD IF it holds this $2.21 level (or better) into the close it ll make bears lose sleep over the weekend. News coming Monday??

  5. $YOD nice on a bloody day

  6. $YOD A roughly 60,000 share purchase on a miserable market day like today?? Now that could be institutional. In any case - very nice 2-C.

  7. $YOD Nice bump, someones collecting cheap shares. They need to break the revenue > expenses line for real investment imo. Should be soon.

  8. $YOD So was last quarter and they didn t show .........

  9. $YOD @davliner7 In my opinion this is the show me quarter. The bulls here believe and the bears are seeing rev increase and are wondering

  10. $YOD Sentiment 100% bullish here, then 0% shorts are winners every day, amazing really

  11. $YOD 1 year target estimate lowered by .50 TO $5.00

  12. $YOD Number of IPTV subscribers in China from 1st quarter 2012 to 3rd quarter 2014 (in millions)* http://www.statista.com/statistics/301487/number-of-iptv-subscribers-in-china/

  13. $YOD Countries with largest number of pay IPTV subscribers http://www.statista.com/statistics/270597/countries-with-largest-number-of-pay-iptv-subscribers-worldwide/

  14. $YOD 75624......1 download/hr

  15. $YOD Looks like YOD needs TimeWarner and Sony to complete the Hollywood studio set http://corporate.yod.com/assets/pdf/YOD_FactSht_Eng_Jan2013.pdf TheStudios http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Eight_%28film_studios%29

  16. $YOD New numbers from Huawei: 75611. that puts it still at roughly 1000/wk (as was 73157 on 3/31). http://appstore.huawei.com/search/%25E4%25BC%2598%25E7%2582%25B9%25E5%25BD%25B1%25E9%2599%25A2

  17. $YOD some one do the math 75611

  18. $YOD http://appstore.huawei.com/app/C10095915

  19. $YOD Iimo - NFLX doesn t need YOD. If they decide to partner all they need do is find a licensee & say here s 1/2 a billion$ - , friends?

  20. $YOD netflix $565.00 !!!!! shane what do you have to say to youre share holders ?

  21. $YOD should be on $NFLX radar as a candidate for getting into China

  22. $YOD As far as I know there is only ONE US company that has VOD service in China. Others r Chinese co s. Who else could $NFLX be talking to?

  23. $YOD $NFLX We [r exploring] options talking to both US [co s] that have had success and difficulty in China What other US co s than $YOD ?

  24. $YOD Buying stocks based on hopes, wishes and people who post old quotes and articles to make you feel good makes you broke. NetNinja

  25. $YOD Large amounts of money aren t made by buying what everybody likes. They re made by buying what everybody underestimates Howard Marks