1. $YOD now you know why it was brought down to 1.89 friday

  2. $YOD the #1 rating will lead to more deals quickly

  3. $YOD just the beginning, yod has an array of avenues to offer including HD . That s a huge deal to be atop xioami

  4. $YOD YOD IS NUMBER #1 on the XIOAMI BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. $YOD heavy BUY signal from me. I think bottom is in, revenue coming combined w deals and shorts .... $12

  6. $YOD Not bad in 2.02 now 2.42 Sold 1/2 the rest go long ;))

  7. $YOD Mean Target: 8.00 Median Target: 8.00 High Target: 10.00 Low Target: 6.00

  8. $YOD ull see, we will go stragiht trough here soon

  9. $YOD which u still shoujld pay attention in l2 and ts even if those tools are highly overvalued

  10. $YOD as well check the fake offers at .40... scaring people with this offers and buying way more then shwoing on .38. one of the few things

  11. $YOD like this too % Owned by Insiders 28.14%

  12. $YOD Short Percent of Float 14.53 % will help

  13. $YOD just a matterof time till we see 2.50 readings in this one

  14. $YOD as somoenone is showing very little size on .38 and buying a hole fuckign more called hidden buying

  15. $YOD added more here

  16. $yod long here

  17. $YOD if they achieve half the goals they set out in cc YOD will be exposed to 10 s of millions of entertainment hungry consumers in chinal

  18. $YOD Lovely transcript. I m buying more.

  19. Cool explanations put forth in $YOD cc transcript http://y.ahoo.it/DnQLW6Ig

  20. $YOD Finally, the earnings call transcript is available. http://y.ahoo.it/dMbOCw2E

  21. $YOD Best thing that can happen for LT players is for it to fall & buy more. Thx shorts!

  22. $YOD Garbage.

  23. $YOD Starting to get ugly.

  24. $YOD GL ;)

  25. Bearish MACD Crossovers $ADSK $AVB $AZPN $COST $CTXS $EOX $FNV $HOLX $MA $RKUS $SAPE $SLM $URBN $VTNR $XIN $XPO $YOD http://y.ahoo.it/DgmRxSgi