1. $YOD they should blow by their lowered guidance of last Q!

  2. $YOD there is absolutely no way they can t do more than $100,000 this Q when they have 50,000 more downloads and SMC!

  3. $YOD NFLX facing competitors in US http://www.ibtimes.com/watch-out-netflix-dish-networks-sling-tv-adds-epix-channels-demand-movies-1817916. Will have hard time catching YOD in China.

  4. $YOD IMHO no-one in China is doing what YOD is doing and at such a high level. Expecting big things at home soon with PPS.

  5. $YOD app is five stars. Netflix will never get the job done in China without us. They need us more than we need them. Long YOD!

  6. $YOD It just hit me. YOD is the Netflix of China! Unlimited viewing of hit Hollywood movies on mobile or OTT for one low monthly price.

  7. $YOD piracy a non issue. China will pay for high quality, reliable programming at an affordable price. Five star YOD app makes it easy.

  8. $YOD And if the bootlegs quit in mid-movie good luck with a refund.

  9. $YOD @razingcane @SVTMarkus Don t forget u don t have to leave ur home n buy pirated DVDs on the street, YOD is right on your mobile or tv.

  10. $YOD @SVTMarkus: YOD s prices are set at the same price targets as the pirated stuff. check out ejdoura s post from two days ago,

  11. $YOD So brutal feel like these guys are gonna burn me. Maybe piracy isn t a thing to be trifled with in China.

  12. $YOD Looking good on a sorry rainy day on wall street. Back inside the BB s. Need to get past $2.11-12.

  13. $YOD For those wondering, here is the link for the Huawei YOD mobile app downloads that now stands at 69580 http://appstore.huawei.com/app/C10095915

  14. $YOD I hope they have retention, churn and upgrade stat s during the ER/CC.

  15. $YOD Does anyone know if YOD can place ad s before/after the content it sells? Also: Huawei downloads @69580.

  16. $YOD Netflix would have been a bonus for YOD, but not a loss. Linked article spells it out.

  17. $YOD You have to have the partners, partnerships and deals that YOD has been forging to succeed in China. IMO Netflix is not an issue.

  18. $YOD Netflix strategy could make YOD number one Hollywood movie subscription service do to the number of hurdles they would have to overcome

  19. $YOD Netflix plans to go it alone in China.

  20. $YOD should reflect that in the 4th q and new higher guidance should be announced based on these new avenues of revenue, then it will fly!

  21. $YOD the key to this stock is revenue , YOD is showing big growth and expansion as well as many new deals in the mobile venue, revenue

  22. $YOD All that said, look for an attempt to swamp bulls pre-CC/ER .........and open thy wallet.

  23. $YOD Maybe YOD is showing up on technical screens. If the numbers come in, add fundamentals to the list. ALL this li l fuse needs is a match

  24. $YOD PS: despite the recent sell off, not only is YOD ++++ downloads, it s gaining followers here, too. 2 more during this post...(cont d)

  25. $YOD BTW: