1. @Long_on_Bucks @webmiztriz $YOD chart is correct in stagnation, but the catalyst are changing & the breakout will be heteroskedastix. LONG

  2. $YOD China has a show where they interview people and then execute them. Will that be on YOD?

  3. $YOD in the largest consumer market on the planet and moving the focus to mobile, table is being set

  4. $YOD its obvious from the new ventures that YOD is not sitting still waiting for a buyout, they are setting themselves up

  5. $YOD Goldman Sachs is now the fund that owns the 2nd highest amount of shares of YOD stock as of Q3. Interesting!! http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/yod/institutional-holdings

  6. $YOD Mobile Guangdong say bears are Wrong - YOD moving into hyper growth arena.

  7. $YOD This thing s going down

  8. $YOD Technically you should avoid this. Catalyst can change that but until then http://stocktwits.com/message/29541381

  9. $YOD A Sleeping dragon.......

  10. $YOD Xióngmāo xióng tífáng, lóng chéng yídòng xiāoxī!

  11. $YOD Slow grinder. Low volume today. That s Friday.

  12. $YOD I think some shareholders must have been pleased with the shareholder meeting on Thursday and started buying more.

  13. $YOD Well above 50MA T1 $2.80 T2 $3.11 S1 $2.01

  14. $YOD simmerrrring....

  15. $YOD Ni Hao Ma *cough*

  16. $YOD thinking of an entry for a quick pop to 3.5

  17. You should keep an eye on $YOD

  18. $YOD Trading signal is very tight - Bullish Engulfing with a Buy signal at $2.10 and a Sell level at $2.00. Long on expected mobile news

  19. $YOD

  20. $YOD Stay Long & Strong BTW: Give my Ni Hao Ma

  21. $YOD The obstacle for YOD is that the majority of people in China don t believe in paid TV/movie program.

  22. $YOD The region is so populous it has its on dialect/language (Cantonese) Guangdong or Canton Province, a province in southern China

  23. $YOD Long & Strong for Guangdong - Mobile News Coming!

  24. $YOD @Stockspeare Are you bearish? Hi my name is Mr LONG & admit to being

  25. $YOD China doesn t have its own culture. It has to buy American.