1. August 11 2014 New 52-week Lows http://y.ahoo.it/De0Ge2xg $MR $YXI $NDLS $ECOM $RNF $TPH $GALT $CLUB $SSH $FWM

  2. $SCHE $EEMA $EMHY $GMM $EEB $EWX $GMF $BIK $ESR $EWH $YXI $FXP $XPP $PEK $FXI $EEM Free EchoVector Analysis Charts http://y.ahoo.it/yCRNwO40

  3. Big breakout on $YXI also. No position

  4. @cheri1 @Tinatown @alandelmz Ths invers ETFs are really pulling some dough today $SQQQ $EDZ $BIS $SDS $YXI $YANG $TZA etc...

  5. China Official Manufacturing PMI Beats Estimates http://y.ahoo.it/k7nVq4uu $FXI $GXC $PGJ $YAO $CAF $YINN $YXI $PEK $FXP $YANG $HAO $XPP $FCHI

  6. China Hybrid Economy http://y.ahoo.it/KNMHh0EP China ETFs $FXI $YINN $GXC $PGJ $YAO $HAO $PEK $DSUM $YXI $FXP $YANG $XPP $FXCH $CHXF $CNY $CYB

  7. China Talks Up Economy http://y.ahoo.it/oi4O2Mia Chinas ETFs $FXI $GXC $PGJ $YAO $HAO $PEK $DSUM $YXI $FXP $YANG $XPP $FXCH $CHXF $CNY $CYB

  8. Went long $YXI and $FXP Thursday based on technicals... today I m smiling :D #china #crash

  9. Trading China ETPs Long Bets Trade $FXI $XPP $YINN $TAO $HAO $GXC $PGJ $FCHI $MCHI $PEK $CAF $XIN And Short Bets Swing Trade $YXI $YANG $FXP

  10. ETF Chart of the Day: Emerging Markets bit.ly/ZOkcTR $VWO $EEM $FXI $EWY $YANG $EDZ $EUM $YXI $FXP $EEV

  11. $SSYS earnings out this morning before the market opens Bull by nature Going to re enter : on $VXX $UVXY $FXP $FXI $YANG $YINN $YXI in play

  12. $XIN has legs which Trading China ETPs Longs bets $FXI $XPP $YINN $TAO $HAO $GXC $PGJ $FCHI $MCHI $PEK $CAF Short Bets Trade $YXI $YANG $FXP

  13. $VXX climbed even as $DIA $SPY $QQQ were up Keep an : on $UVXY $TVIX $FXI #China property developers down approx 7.6%early trading $FXP $YXI

  14. China June factory activity down, exports poor -HSBC Flash PMI http://y.ahoo.it/7WkGJRjg > $FXI $FXP $YANG $EEM $DBB $YXI

  15. If the Dollar Stores $DLTR, $DG, $FDO break down, load up on inverse etfs. I already own $SEF, $EUM, $EFZ, $YXI, and $VXX

  16. Index Universe: Shorting China With ETFs? http://y.ahoo.it/f8HSuccJ > $FXI $CNY $YXI $FXP

  17. ZH: China Hard Landing Bets Rise As It Now Costs More To Bet On Renminbi Strength Than Weakness http://y.ahoo.it/dEINAtJM $FXI $CNY $YXI $FXP

  18. Business China: “Short China”: Wall Street’s Hot Topic http://y.ahoo.it/0dFFhPOO > $FXI $YXI $FXP $CZI #chanos

  19. RT @SmarterStops China to build 120-building Yujiapu financial center http://y.ahoo.it/UjAoD9nz Did we not see this in .Dubai? $TAO $FXI $YXI