1. $YY not familiar with this stock, why bearish?

  2. $SPLK $YY Ran down but could not run up with the market...why?

  3. Most bearish stocks on Twitter: $bbby $ccl $cog $fdo $gm $gmcr $gs $hlf $ibb $isrg $kerx $m $nadq $xone $yy http://y.ahoo.it/EREDMCGo

  4. $YY took some off +.40ish .. not getting that flush like i thought yet

  5. $YY short 64

  6. $bidu $yy $qihu $vips all up a couple % this AM on the $Alibaba results


  8. Have a great day everyone. Best, B $BIDU $YY $SFUN $GD $LMT $SPY $QQQ $RUT

  9. $SINA $YY $QIHU $BIDU $VIPS all getting lift AH on $ALIBABA s Revenue growth,,imagine if they launch its IPO $YHOO

  10. $QIHU about to go +9 off low #volatity $BIDU $YY

  11. $YY Deep breath, ok I m in - looked like a double bottom spike capitulation. <@ClueLess8 > (Signing up tonight)

  12. With any bullish news out of China et al, still, we ll caveat, don t see any easy sledding for $BIDU 160+ or $YY 68 short term - caution !

  13. Btw - $QIHU killing it too - remember we talked about divergences early AM $BIDU $YY - QIHU could retake 100 again BUT caution near there .

  14. $YY Was going to buy at 58..but I ll wait..The scarest stock I ve seen lately..

  15. $YY It is so unfortunate, some people sold for $57.

  16. Quite a reversal today $SPY $IBB $QIHU $BIDU $YY $Z $SCTY $FSLR $WDAY $SPLk $CRM

  17. $YY chinese GDP data later tonight- I d be nervous too

  18. @JFinDallas: Some of the worst offenders seeing some V bounce action $DDD $WDAY $SPLK $FSLR $YY $QIHU $ICPT

  19. $YY Market is recovering, but YY is not.

  20. $YY 15 minute sell setup here.

  21. $YY $YELP will sell above $70 again

  22. Some of the worst offenders seeing some V bounce action $DDD $WDAY $SPLK $FSLR $YY $QIHU $ICPT

  23. @RED_Trader @Psychstocker I sold all my momo stocks except $YY and $FB should have sold those too. I ll buy quality names thanks :)

  24. $YY best fade & bounce on its peers $VIPS $QIHU catching up; $Z $85 is a fortress supp for now.

  25. $YY will buy again at $54...