1. $YY Three down days and time to make a push to ATH once again...

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  3. $YY 91 not 92

  4. $YY On Uptrend can see around 92.

  5. $YY is coming into my buy zone, keep it on your radar and be ready to pull the trigger.

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  7. Nice chart @Global_Trader: Weekly chart. 9 month consoli. Might be ready to break out & start moving higher now $YY http://y.ahoo.it/tl0tAVrU

  8. Weekly chart. 9 month consolidation. Might be ready to break out & start moving higher now $YY http://y.ahoo.it/B6Xw861D

  9. Fund Mgrs have been taking profs in a move of raise cash & make room 4 $BABA .....,$BIDU $YY $BITA $ATHM $DANG $VIPS $QIHU $DANG

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  12. @TBI: @hftrader @ronin245 $CRTO never played it, today was $SPLK $VEEV $ATHM $BITA $YY $WDAY later $VIPS all over it

  13. @ElevatedTrading $YY is chinese company and social website. Either of these combos attract alot of short thesis. long End of July

  14. Never really payed attention to $yy before. Can someone explain the crazy short interest to me?

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  18. @JustinGiles Hi Justin. Please share your thoughts $VIPS $YY $QIHU huge drops. Does not make sense to me at all. Way undervalued. Thx

  19. @hftrader @ronin245 $CRTO never played it, today was $SPLK $VEEV $ATHM $BITA $YY $WDAY later $VIPS all over it

  20. Bullish setups part 3 $SPY $QQQ $PLUG $TSLA $YY $YHOO http://y.ahoo.it/lcqlMiC2

  21. @ronin245 $Z has been holding up 142 for scalps, $YY lost 20 ma, now 50 ma next, $VIPS in play, $DGLY superb call from you yday at 14.3

  22. $VIPS -5% on high volume.... $BITA near the lows $YY flat

  23. $YY potential double top http://y.ahoo.it/eUrtZLCy

  24. $VIPS breaks below $200 oh my ... next $BITA or $YY ?

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