1. @DanZanger $yy above 79 u see a reversal?

  2. NEW POST: The Good and the Bad Before $BABA http://y.ahoo.it/pBTF1OMn $BIDU $CMGE $FXI $YY

  3. $JKS Stop loss taken at 33.19. I don t like reversals like this, so i ll take my 1.75% loss and come back another day. It worked on $yy >90

  4. $YY users can use a digital currency that they can transfer to cash, which is strange considering that china has banned bitcoin

  5. $YY L 78.32 / Tight leash

  6. $YY on $1 b off 78 down 25% , all those fades were gd at 95 mentioned b4

  7. $YY adding more to the long position @ 78.31

  8. $YY what happened to sina

  9. $YY mybe the chinese govt. is going to shut them down...they have that authority under communist rule...a risk investing in china..look at

  10. $YY time to nibble long this is way oversold possibly due to BABA

  11. $YY what is wrong with this thing?

  12. $YY If you are a mean reversion trader, this is where you sell puts

  13. $YY ah crap. pulled the trigger too soon yesterday

  14. $YY more lows as i mentioned earlier Broken chart .

  15. $YY shoulda stuck it out with my short

  16. $YY fresh low.

  17. $YY How low can you go

  18. $YY Too much is for sale under 80....

  19. $YY wau oversold and undervalued that s not even funny...

  20. $YY broken chart now. $MBLY flushing hard. Momo s are weak.

  21. $YY crackage.

  22. $YY i don t know if u realize that china s stock market got completely destroyed last night....china is in deep shyt...so sad

  23. $YY What the heck is wrong with this....

  24. $YY -- will it go to the 200sma?? Below 79.50 it may do just that! http://y.ahoo.it/0xMquzeE

  25. $YY bought in today in IRA. Already made massive gains on this stock this year. Glad to have opportunity to get in again on this dip.