1. $VIPS How big is china? How many millions more will be to shop? And be on Internet? Mobile $QIHU $YY $BIDU $WUBA,,,this is NOT to short

  2. @upsidetrader yep.. waiting patiently for $YY as well.

  3. $QIHU $YY good fades today now lil B following leader $BIDU

  4. $YY Reversed

  5. @cybercash28 creating opportunity for accumulation - look at $YY volume spike, I believe there is positioning to the upside.

  6. Stopped out on $YY from yesterday

  7. $QIHU. Down for no reasons. All manipulation. See $JMEI dropped $3 (huge %) and in green today..adding more like adding $VIPS $BIDU $YY

  8. $YY short 78

  9. $QIHU time to add...$YY $VIPS $BIDU $WUBA $WBAI. $JD hod

  10. July 29 Elliott Wave Trade Setups Part 2: $NUGT $GLD $SLV $IBB $TNA $WUBA $GWPH $YY $RH $YELP >> http://y.ahoo.it/YPnelNRP

  11. Top 5 IPO Wave Trade Setups July 29: $YY $WUBA $RH $YELP $GWPH http://y.ahoo.it/Rf0u6PSW

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  13. Is China s growth back on track? $BIDU $SNP $JKS $NTES $QIHU $EJ $CTRP $YY http://y.ahoo.it/i1RLKm5s

  14. @chessNwine: NEW POST: Stock #Market Recap 07/28/14 {Video} http://y.ahoo.it/EUhHqP0Y $IWC $LOCO $QQQ $SPY $YY

  15. $YY pivot and live blog http://y.ahoo.it/Jr3wmf10 http://y.ahoo.it/lbhNsZZX

  16. @JustinGiles Thank you for your outstanding work. $QIHU $YY $VIPS $BIDU $WUBA $DANG.

  17. @JustinGiles Justin, I have been posting for months saying how undervalued $QIHU $YY. $QIHU target should be at $190. YEARS of growth ahead.

  18. http://y.ahoo.it/nJSC6rvN New Analyst Coverage And Why You Should Buy The Dips And Let Em Rip $QIHU $YY $BIDU $VIPS

  19. ICYMI Yesterday: Video Market Analysis http://y.ahoo.it/eMaybg37 $SPY $IWM $QQQ $TLT $GDX $GLD $FB $CMG $UA $VIPS $PANW $QIHU $YY $PRLB $STUDY

  20. $YY Feels like last summers Chinese Stock rally

  21. $YY it has a beta of 3.48...that s why it jumps around like crazy..i think it s the highest beta i ve ever seen..stay long..should see 100

  22. $YY http://y.ahoo.it/BsoVME86

  23. @cybercash28: $YY stock moves in unpredictable way. Can jump $3 $4 suddenly. Use fundamental to make decision. Can DIVE like that too.

  24. $VIPS $YY $QIHU $DANG $BIDU <----- Chinese Momo WINNERS. Oh...and $KNDI...eventually :)

  25. $VIPS Often about this . Compare similar Chinese stocks with U.S and we can see clearly. they showed $BIDU $VIPS. Well, $QIHU $WUBA $YY all