1. $ZAZA almost wonder if they are trying to shake people out with boredom right now...if I didn t know the potential it would work for me

  2. $ZAZA wake up sleepy bear.. It s eow

  3. $ZAZA there absolutely going on inside, there is no way this stock no movement the past 2 days. Either fly high or drop dead tomorrow!!!

  4. $ZAZA ZaZa still ZZZ ing. Sleeping giant.

  5. @InsiderBuySuperstocks $ZAZA looks ready to go!!!

  6. $ZAZA Give this another day or two. It s looking ready. I feel massive bids at 2.05-2.08

  7. $ZAZA bid/ask size veryyy small right now

  8. $ZAZA why can t this at least move 4 pennies in a day.

  9. @NickPapagiorgio: $ZAZA up through the ground came a bubblin crude- oil that is, Black gold, Texas tea. ZAZA s $2 stock will burst!!!!!!

  10. $ZAZA up through the ground came a bubblin crude- oil that is, Black gold, Texas tea. ZAZA s cheap little $2 stock is about to burst!!!

  11. $ZAZA I may see the moon today!!!!

  12. $ZAZA doesn t trade with crude lately.. It s very odd. It has been struggling to get back to the 2.80-3.00 range - not sure why.

  13. $ZAZA this thing does not budge lol wtf

  14. @toxigen_83 damn.... From $50 to $2 in 2 years. Jeez. $ZAZA Looks interesting.

  15. $ZAZA I like the open action and candle. Could be the start of a run. Short term PT is 2.45

  16. $ZAZA @alz hey, at least it doesn t go down much either when oil has a bad day!

  17. $Zaza. .....look very interesting . new to this taking small strides

  18. @Gm1850 Oil ain t treating me good. I m 300 in the hole on $ZAZA

  19. $ZAZA I m with @alz. one day when you least expect it, this will fly

  20. $ZAZA I said it before, something is up with this stock.

  21. $ZAZA for ref. check out latest earnings call transcript

  22. $ZAZA Todd Brooks (CEO) thinks this could be worth $28/share. Usually not a fan of execs touting stock price, but he makes an argument

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  24. $ZAZA consolidate, consolidate, consolidate....zzzzzzzzzzzzz... then one day out of nowhere on a Wed. during lunch it will pop

  25. $ZAZA This should complete basing in next couple of days. Possible bottom at 2.09 next 2 trading days. Still long at 2.20 cost basis.