1. $ZBB retrace back to 61.8%, healthy recovery, which gives me some confidence of good days ahead.

  2. $ZBB .....mkt sell makes me wonder why it would drop to 200mA. I hope it doesn t go below 200mA, then all price prediction will be baseless.

  3. $ZBB Wtf was that!!

  4. $ZBB My guess is a fat fingered a sell order at mkt rather than limit & drove pps down in process. Other stops triggered, etc. Will recover.

  5. $ZBB not in but curious. whats going on? A lot of share being dumped.

  6. $ZBB sold at 1.58 yesterday..just in time by the looks of things.

  7. $ZBB Sad but true.

  8. $INO $GLUU $ZBB..red is the flavor of the day..

  9. $ZBB There has been a lot of positive news in this market. $ZBB probably shoot up during the ER season. (Not as much as $GLUU though!)

  10. $ZBB thought a month ago another push to 2 was in the making..broke uptrend..may come back another day to play.

  11. $INO added at 12..$GLUU..added at 7...$ZBB..waiting for volume.

  12. $ZBB Good to see some action.

  13. $INO $ZBB..holding up well on a market down day..

  14. $PLUG $BLDP $FCEL $HYGS $ZBB $MY $KNDI $QTWW $MNGA $CPST 10 stocks to buy before end of month

  15. $ZBB watching for 1.50 bottom

  16. $ZBB my lotto ticket turning in to a dud..

  17. $ONVO $ZBB $MVIS $CBMX $YGE $GALE $PLUG $FCEL $SEED 17/19 today - see live trade action video recap click here - http://y.ahoo.it/891L9cHh

  18. $INO $ZBB..losing steam after blast off in the AM..still holding both with target in mind.

  19. $FCEL 5x average volume. Go Fuel Cell Team! $BLDP $PLUG $ZBB

  20. $FCEL Get Fuel Cells as the Fool Sells! $BLDP $ZBB $PLUG. Add $MNGA to the tank & you ll get alot of mileage on these these vehicles! GLTA .

  21. $ZBB who pressed the pause button?

  22. $ONVO $ZBB $MVIS $CBMX $YGE $GALE $PLUG $FCEL $SEED 11/11 today - see live trade action video recap here - http://y.ahoo.it/nuyYGkXy

  23. $ZBB less than 1/2way through the day and nearly double avg volume. This reminds me of $GLUU recently. hopefully $ZBB will perform the same

  24. $FCEL First betting on the world final and now this German has really been good to me. :-) :-) $PLUG $BLDP $ZBB.

  25. $FCEL A drop to 2.34 has my attention for entry, otherwise $SCOK $ZBB