1. $ZBB added at .56..5000 now averaged down to .72..all in..feel good about it as long as she doesnt break .54.

  2. $ZBB multiple bottom at .56...initated position today. we all know this thing can take off on just hype. Ill take profits but like long 2

  3. $ZBB the stock that just keeps on taking..my stop and then bkrptcy.

  4. $ZBB if this stock stopped trading at 3:45 everyday..it would be bnkrpt by now..

  5. $ZBB volume 69,700... Really, are you f**king kidding me???

  6. @Chartgasm $dara $hotr $zbb

  7. $ZBB .. 3 or 4 followers of this stock..lookin for a stock with some good news lately and the stock is actually moving higher on it..$GEVO.

  8. @THE_STOCKING_LION: $ZBB Any day now ...we will have another spike down to .50.

  9. $ZBB Any day now

  10. $ZBB Happy T day to all of the three followers of this POS...

  11. $ZBB just wonder when do these people who took the 1.12 offering think they are going to get paid...2016.

  12. $ZBB Only thing I can say for sure, volume sucks...

  13. $ZBB one rare but nice green candle can get me out of this mess..oct 1/oct16..2 in 3 months..fat chance.

  14. @BHusk: $ZBB http://zbbenergy.mwnewsroom.com/press-releases/zbb-energy-to-present-at-ld-micro-conference-nyse-mkt-zbb-1161451 ..investors/traders dont make investment decisions on these 20 minute info sessions..waste of press.

  15. $ZBB http://zbbenergy.mwnewsroom.com/press-releases/zbb-energy-to-present-at-ld-micro-conference-nyse-mkt-zbb-1161451

  16. $ZBB..lesson 101 that I made..stocks that go down big time for a reason..can go lower..lower and lower..

  17. @vivan_2990: $ZBB some kinda joke is going on????? ...give you .02..take .05 from you...beyond a joke.

  18. ZBB Energy Corporation just filed a General Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1290885 $ZBB

  19. $ZBB some kinda joke is going on?????

  20. $ZBB ..no sign of life here..shuldnt the stock be delisted or something under $1 for a certain period of time..prime candidate.

  21. $ZBB just give me a pop to .80..take a little profit and run..only news it has traded to is bad news.

  22. $ZBB there has to be a reason to powerout...that .50 print Frid put a big wrinkle on things...tells me lower prices are out there.

  23. $ZBB powerout??? why are you stuck yo??

  24. $ZBB daily .03 mini pop in...now trend down to the close and we pop a couple pennies at close..

  25. $ZBB thanksgiving time baby.... waiting