1. $ZBB Getting up there

  2. $RSH $ZBB green pastures ahead.

  3. $ZBB missed my .88 daily add...may keep it on for tomorrow..thought it would be higher today..but any green is good anyday.

  4. @viktor89 @67Greeks @Stevenbs you mean $ZBB ?

  5. $ZBB I m gonna take a guess we will have a jump to .95-.98 in the morning and a finish around .94

  6. $ZBB crazy. Bid is .9001 Ask is .9002 ! What!?

  7. $ZBB just stuck at .90 huh?

  8. $ZBB look at .86 cents. Same pattern so far. Will it pop the same way or drop? Seems like there is a preplanned purchasing going on.

  9. $ZBB This may not have a lot of vol and hype like a pump and dump but this moves beautifully and no one can deny no matter how long it last

  10. $ZBB usually twits are positive on uptrends and visa versa. But know that .60 is still very much likely. Don t bet the house yet!

  11. $ZBB Resistance up to .96 so today may be slow let s see!

  12. $ZBB I just noticed this is the only green stock I m watching. :) Buy at .89 or wait for a dip?

  13. $ZBB Loving this stock

  14. $RSH $ZBB..added some shack at close..nice day in Z..still have 50% powder for pullbacks.

  15. $ZBB Vol literally died

  16. $ZBB It s lunch guys I ve been in this since .60 I went thru this their is no volume but plenty of bid

  17. $ZBB nice while it lasted..

  18. $ZBB We need some volume Stat

  19. $ZBB Cme down to .90 and fill my order

  20. $ZBB nice vol. early..are we in store for some PR soon.

  21. $IBIO Even tho I m getting spun for a loop here $ZBB Is on a 5 day green run!

  22. $ZBB in at .64-should i sell off and rebuy on dip? not sure how to play this but i think it will keep growing

  23. $ZBB technically $1 is in play..then..we may pullback..but that is opportunity LT.

  24. $ZBB..there is a reason to follow insider buys and sells...when this gets contractual news...1.50 and above.

  25. @PostiveTrading $ZBB waiting for this thing to drop. Being patient for better prices. No contracts = more debt, falling prices coming soon