1. $ZBB Bought 4900 Friday and 6750 Today

  2. $ZBB I love this stock! I hope it hits 110 today!

  3. $ZBB The Silliness Of Tesla s 10kWh Back-Up Battery. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3132996-the-silliness-of-teslas-10kwh-back-up-battery

  4. $ZBB where are we going this week?

  5. $ZBB Every investor saw the TSLA - SCTY deal on Friday, they re gonna be looking Sunday for similar sector undervalued targets to invest in.

  6. $ZBB $TSLA tesla product beautiful. Zbb product... Well to me looks like a gym locker or file cabinet that will rust and have spiders.

  7. $ZBB zbb since 1986. Tesla Powerpack in 4 months and already in large demand! Tesla has clear products. Zbb is like a custom tailor to me.

  8. $ZBB ... continued: production efficiency seems poor. Look at images on Google. Its not assembly line. Looks like a struggling business

  9. $ZBB excellent ideas and products. Seems they are vastly unbalanced. Research is good. Marketing poor. Sales/Selling concepts poor

  10. $ZBB $TSLA Bosch s 13.3kWh battery lasts half to a full day on a full charge. How long does the Tesla battery last?

  11. $ZBB Testa, $TSLA, are targetting homes, businesses and even utilities. ZBB need more penetration by expanding into more areas.

  12. $ZBB Why are they only focused on commercials? Targetting residential is much more mass market?

  13. $ZBB what $TSLA is doing just opens up the market for ZBB. In other words ZBB is

  14. $ZBB http://www.bizjournals.com/sacramento/news/2014/12/05/spi-continues-its-buying-spree-with-new-jersey.html Remember that NJ deal they were bidding.

  15. $ZBB http://seekingalpha.com/news/2480416-zbb-energy-posts-8_7-percent-drop-after-tesla-launches-battery-line

  16. $ZBB Too the chart should see a bounce back

  17. @PostiveTrading: $ZBB like I said. .80 soon BAMM! RIGHT ON THE MONEY! faster than I thought though. Wow

  18. $ZBB I feel we will be back to a dollar and change next week. Back in

  19. $ZBB .07 cent loss. I just sold all positions. Ill buy where SPI buys: .70 s

  20. $ZBB http://www.theverge.com/2015/5/1/8525309/tesla-energy-elon-musk-battery-announcement .Sounds a lot like what ZBB already Does

  21. $ZBB they have a needed product. Until note they have not attracted customers that pay normally. Always some kind of complicated deals

  22. $ZBB I watched Elin Musk tonight announcing the missing link energy battery! Totally amazing! Hopefully ZBB rides this smartly!

  23. $ZBB Does anyone know if ZBB will be delisted? It s price has been under $1 for a long time.

  24. $ZBB Solar Power Inc is not even a symbol in Stocktwits!

  25. $ZBB Pretty damn sad. And what more is that SPI $SOPW has not posted any projects to its webpage for what seems like a long while.