1. $ZBB Sees significant decrease in short interest. http://y.ahoo.it/H82sqc8o

  2. $ZBB http://y.ahoo.it/Bqc6o1Ri

  3. $ZBB 50 day ma is about to cross the 200 day in what they call a death cross. Note guys stock does after his death cross on INDU @ 4:35 in.

  4. $ZBB Early bird gets the worm... (Optimal position that is).

  5. $ZBB He who deliberates completely before taking their first step, will end up spending their entire lifetime standing on one leg

  6. $OPTT Sweet. Looking good. $ZBB s day will come as well. Best of luck!!

  7. @JoeyBagadonuts Pulling for you man, I really am. Truthfully, just trying to get a few folks to consider $ZBB. (Shameless I know) :) BOL

  8. $USU Call me crazy, but if I wasn t all in and long on $ZBB, I d hit this thing for a quick buck somewhere between the 2.6 s and 3. GLTA!!

  9. $DRL @ 6.85 this thing is 50-50. Honestly, you guys are looking at a 20 to 30% gain at best. Risk/reward just not there. $ZBB LONG. ;)

  10. Talk about long set-ups... Take a look at $ZBB. http://y.ahoo.it/PF19Y1RK

  11. $ZBB http://y.ahoo.it/46xwZ9rM

  12. $ZBB smakkdaddy im also a big zbb fan but with all your posting you seem like a pumper which will turn people off. all should do own DD

  13. $ZBB Just bought, with what little I had left, some more. All-in and going long. Best of luck!!

  14. $ZBB I guess I will hang on to um for awhile.

  15. $ZBB my bet is 2.30 some time next year

  16. $ZBB what are the targets here for price?

  17. $ZBB looking at their financials and new makes me believe the ER on Sept 29 should be good. any thoughts?

  18. $ZBB ZBB Energy Corporation Announces Date and Conference Call Information for Fourth Quarter and Fisc.. http://y.ahoo.it/72oFDknk

  19. $ZBB I will only get back in long when the CEO buys shares..sold at 1.75ish a few months ago.

  20. $ZBB http://y.ahoo.it/2AmsAQkz

  21. $ZBB Touch that ask more than three times and your playing w/it. Come on peeps!! Slap it like you mean it and quit playing w/it!! :)

  22. $ZBB Hmmm...Wonder where $ZBB will be in 30 days? 45 days? All in and going long. Averaging 1.0425. Last chance to be right there w/me. GLTA

  23. $ZBB Move over bears, it s time for the bulls to have their fun!! GLTA!!

  24. $ZBB Seems people aren t sure what to make of $ZBB s action yesterday. Best thing that could happen for us today is a Doji on the charts.

  25. $ZBB i agree, SP handled it well and they are using the money for good things which makes me happy when there s an offering.