1. August 21 2014 Top Market Gainers $HTBX $EVRY $KUTV $DGLY $HGSH $ZBB $CMGE $AMCF

  2. $ZBB someone writes an article..goes up 20%..announcing a partnership days ago and the stock drops..go figure..

  3. $ZBB Maybe this has been shared already but just in case it hasnt. http://y.ahoo.it/FWI8YTXw

  4. $ZBB one of hte nicest looking charts ont eh day and serious volume and price action

  5. $KUTV $EVRY $ZBB $AMCF Tomorrow morning watch-list for fast $ uptrends!

  6. I ve noticed $ZBB s price action acts as a leading indicator for the price action of $PLUG And $FCEL . Tomorrow should be good

  7. @RoseTrades @Waveryder4 I caught $ZBB yesterday...now in $MNGA

  8. $ZBB ready to run? idk lot s of gaps to fill and needs another day of confirmation s above 1.44 http://y.ahoo.it/HQvJu003

  9. $ZBB Was considering $VRNG & $ZBB for spec buy today, decided on neither. Damn.

  10. @IzY: $ZBB some volume coming in late here http://y.ahoo.it/ZtJBOSas

  11. $ZBB the only reason this is moving today is because the SA piece came out today..tomorrow will it drop @bostox @NOHe ???

  12. $ZBB In it for the long run. This is a company with tons of potential

  13. $ZBB Smoking today. Did get a chance to buy lower yesterday but still in big and in the red.

  14. $ZBB some volume coming in late here http://y.ahoo.it/reX4I4xC

  15. $ZBB scaled in for a trade here, 200MA break is close http://y.ahoo.it/xGbn8VU2 stop 1.25$

  16. $ZBB http://y.ahoo.it/fLOnIz5H good Seeking Alpha article, ZBB is a great LT pick

  17. $ZBB falling from 30 to a buck in 6 years..they better innovate something soon to raise the stock price..may take a lotto tix at 1 dollar.

  18. $ZBB Looking to trend lower. Those on the side like me, entry point in the teens soon.

  19. $ZBB made me money before...looking at reentry

  20. $ZBB freeing up some cash for this one. ZBB is unique. I like it.

  21. $ZBB Looking for 1.10 here, lets go lower.

  22. $ZBB Down down down

  23. $ZBB Anyone looking to buy today, place your order in the teens for a better entry.

  24. $ZBB Looking to triple down on averaging today.

  25. $ZBB nice morning movement