1. $ZBB anyone know when ER is?

  2. $ZBB I can see one trade, at 16:04:06 via AMEX 9100 share at $0.66, why was that @PostiveTrading ?!

  3. $ZBB To commission breakthrough hybrid energy storage system

  4. $ZBB positive you are clearly a short

  5. @Mikeles @Jimmyza no shoveled path to the entrance of $zbb ? If they had visitors maybe it would be. Visitors would mean business/movement

  6. @Mikeles @Jimmyza $zbb hmmm. So that is about 20 cars or 20 or more people. I wonder how many in production.

  7. @Jimmyza @PostiveTrading always thought $ZBB was legit, nice to have some factual back up. thanks

  8. @Jimmyza $zbb I think all of us here are happy to thank you for that. I can t wait to read the outcome

  9. @Jimmyza @greenbacks $zbb are there even cars parked there? Actual reception office? Forklifts moving about? You know what I mean?

  10. @greenbacks $ZBB how funny is it that I live 11 minutes from this company now

  11. $MNGA I like magnagas but I think the potential market for energy storage is much greater long term. $ZBB maybe sooner than later

  12. $ZBB Continuation Wedge Event Price $0.79 Event Date (01/13/2015) Target Price $2.60 - $3.00 Pattern Duration 210 Days

  13. $ZBB Long term ZBB will reward investors. This will be a monumental year for energy storage

  14. $ZBB @BHusk ths new lot inhere is so optimistic!haha Im feeling like a fool now 4 not getting rid of 3K tht I had with some +25%,2 days back

  15. @PostiveTrading the market isnt doing well this isnt a $ZBB thing. did you see or get any pump emails or calls?

  16. $ZBB Touched 50dma. Should start a upward wedge from here

  17. $zbb $mnga from here

  18. $ZBB still holding 12.5k shrs

  19. $ZBB These companies go public for a reason may I add

  20. @HairNation88 ceo doesn t need to buy $ZBB there is other insider trading and a few different sets of hood news lately. This will go up

  21. $ZBB has the CEO bought shares yet...if not...everybody plays a fool..

  22. $ZBB Energy has installed innovative zinc-bromide batteries http://www.economist.com/news/special-report/21639019-power-industrys-main-concern-has-always-been-supply-now-it-learning-manage

  23. $ZBB http://www.economist.com/news/special-report/21639019-power-industrys-main-concern-has-always-been-supply-now-it-learning-manage mentioned in this economist article

  24. $ZBB just need the market to pick back up

  25. $ZBB This is going up not down.