1. $IBIO running with 1/2..profit taken..stop set..limit buys set for $ZBB $RSH..taking a flyer with $NETE..like the appl play.

  2. $ZBB insiders are definitely sending a message about this one

  3. @mscarol02 thanks for the tip!!..look at $ZBB..my gift in return.

  4. $ZBB I was surprised to see this . http://stocktwits.com/message/28146413

  5. $ZBB this is going to be a $30 stock one day

  6. $ZBB so much insider buying recently..CEO will buy soon..up over $1 soon..remember the offering price was 1.12.

  7. @Metalman24 $zbb I chased it like a dummy at .84 cents. Fearing a huge drop!

  8. $ZBB want a .78 entry..so down.

  9. $ZBB please vote in reply : up or down . Will zbb end higher than 80 today or below

  10. $ZBB added 1k for my daughter s college fund.

  11. $ZBB Were just missing the volume here and this puppy is off to the moon.

  12. $ZBB on the other hand, zbb products are long term sure bets.

  13. $IBIO $ZBB Will both be my #1 plays next week I do believe

  14. $ZBB it s going to get dumped before the weekend bell. Know one wants to hold speculatives over the weekend. Buyers chasing beware!

  15. $ Freed up on Monday/Watch list: $ZBB $RGSE $DRL $ISNS $IBIO $MNKD $SMED $APT $NLNK $AGEN $ANV $LAKE. Of which, I will be going all in one.

  16. $ZBB I reall appreciate the slow healthy inc

  17. $ZBB not selling until breaking $1 or even higher.

  18. $ZBB Not selling til $1

  19. @Tfstockman: Going to be an excellent day. These are my picks check them out $ZBB $BAXS $IBIO $HEB

  20. Going to be an excellent day. These are my picks check them out $ZBB $BAXS $IBIO $HEB

  21. $ZBB Lot of energy sector saw similar gains today. Could just be market helping this back up. Wouldnt be suprised to see .65 again.

  22. Insider Transaction: $ZBB Purchase at $0.68 per share of 20000 shares by Director Koeppe Paul F on 2014-10-14.

  23. $ZBB will move my entry up from .63 depending on gain today at close.

  24. $ZBB should I chase it up? Sold at .72

  25. $ZBB missed my entry by a penny this am..nice up move here.