1. Thunder Angle: http://streetexclusive.com/2015/03/02/thunder-angle/ $TNXP $ZGNX $BRK.A $BRK.B $TKOI $AAPL $FB $CMP $ENH $BCC $LOW $CLNE $IIN $SRMC $EYES $GRMN

  2. $ZGNX ZzzzzzZzzz......... http://stocktwits.com/message/33400012

  3. $ZGNX 50k bid @ $1.67

  4. $ZGNX There is some serious accumulation going on today... Uptick/downtick trade ratio: 3.18; net money flow: 324000$. About to go up

  5. $ZGNX Update: Short Interest Grows by 4.2%

  6. Went long $zgnx @1.68. Rated a strong buy via 5 analyst firms! http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/zgnx/recommendations

  7. $ZGNX when u google Zgnx buyout , u will see the seeking alpha article .second on Google page.

  8. $ZGNX And don t forget, the sales force gets let off the chain this month. Should see a nice bump in prescriptions going forward.

  9. $ZGNX Earnings should be a beat between $17-18 million. I m guessing about $17.7 million

  10. $ZGNX sold have of my position other half is now in $DARA

  11. $ZGNX Ichimoku Cloud starting to open up. Extremely

  12. $ZGNX RSI at 72, but price below Upper Bollinger. Upper Bollinger still rising with more room to run. Eight cents away from Golden Cross

  13. ZGNX - Technical Analysis ( Hourly - STRONG BUY) $ZGNX http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2015/03/zgnx-technical-analysis-hourly-strong.html

  14. $ZGNX Churning nicely! Ready to move soon.

  15. $ZGNX come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gimme my 3 pennies today

  16. $ZGNX. KR, OREX ,VIPS, RAD, INTC, not picking up any more of these ,concentrating on ZGNX

  17. $ZGNX They re still trying to fill that 66k order at $1.66

  18. $ZGNX rocket is about to take off to 3

  19. $ZGNX Don t understand why they will not release ER day. Feel something is happening and saving it till then.

  20. $ZGNX according to stock master ER report in 3 days. They are accurate.

  21. $ZGNX the market is good.. zgnx should move up... i dont know what the company is thinking.

  22. $zgnx ER will not be until at least 3/10. Company has not announced so 3/4 is impossible.

  23. $ZGNX gunna make 3k bid at 1.65

  24. @R2anders: $ORIG Added to the picks for Monday- $NSPH $ONCY $SGNL $ZGNX

  25. $ZGNX lets hope for a good day. It has been climbing for a while.