1. $ZGNX Stocks to Watch : Zogenix, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZGNX), Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS), China Biologic ... http://www.technews.org/stocks-to-watch-zogenix-inc-nasdaqzgnx-morgan-stanley-nysems-china-biologic-products-inc-nasdaqcbpo-resonant-inc-nasdaqresn-arbor-realty-trust-inc-nyseabr/2918246/ #Zogenix #Stock

  2. @anewperspective: $ZGNX new info graphic on zogenix website => http://zogenix.com/downloads/Chronic%20Pain%20Infographic.pdf #Zogenix #Stock #ZGNX

  3. $ZGNX Flat top ascending triangle two thirds left of would be apex on 1M chart = likely breakout to upside soon http://stocktwits.com/message/28378265

  4. $ZGNX Bloomberg radio today did a 30 min discussion on Purdue Pharma Sued Over OxyContin (Audio) http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-23/bloomberg-law-brief-purdue-pharma-sued-over-oxycontin-audio-.html

  5. $ZGNX new info graphic on zogenix website http://zogenix.com/downloads/Chronic%20Pain%20Infographic.pdf

  6. $ZGNX MMs bought the 1.26 Ask at close. Positive. No red candle for today.

  7. $ZGNX MMs are collecting souls....on super green day its amazing how this was just kept down....some day (not too far) it will move ...

  8. $ZGNX this stock sucks!

  9. $ZGNX how long will 1.26 last?

  10. $ZGNX 60K sh approx at market sell causes a waterfall back to 1.26

  11. $ZGNX http://www.drugs.com/comments/hydrocodone/zohydro-er.html Good Reviews...

  12. $ZGNX hurry up and double already stupid SOB

  13. $ZGNX smart money steps in above the trendline http://stocktwits.com/message/28339550

  14. $ZGNX Needs strong bids and we can go 1.30+ again

  15. $ZGNX This stock has become useless to make money. out for now

  16. $ZGNX I love the low volume. The lower the volume the larger the short squeeze when the time is right

  17. $ZGNX Just got back from my class reunion. The last five girls I dated in high school have gained a half a metric ton between them.

  18. $ZGNX volume is scary low.

  19. $ZGNX There is space for upward move

  20. $ZGNX Low volume last 2 days today up with volume!

  21. $ZGNX I think I m in denial that this stock might just be a bad investment. I tell myself : in Oct if it s still like this I m out...

  22. $ZGNX Tired of the ride. Need to hit 1.34 to break even and move on.

  23. $ZGNX today almost small cap hit hard due to profit taking! Zgnx is no exception

  24. $zgnx In at close with 20k shares for $ 1.263. Sell on open if it does not look good. (at least that s the plan)

  25. $ZGNX it s all about the partnership. Holding long.