1. $ZGNX Tell them to do something practical to stop the spread of addiction/ death.

  2. $ZGNX Please call/ask your state Rep to join Kentucky state to recover your hard earned tax Dollars from Purdue Pharma...

  3. Watch List for 10/21 $HOV, $RGDO, $SALT, $ZGNX Charts and notes at http://thebluecollartrader.blogspot.com/

  4. $ZGNX Do it

  5. $ZGNX In its first year on the market, the OXY earned $8.8 million Three years later, In 2003, net sales of OxyContin hit $1.6 billion.

  6. $ZGNX needs to close above 1.44 manana and we shooting up!!!

  7. $ZGNX This news could be enough to get them the longest CRL for their Horse pill.

  8. $ZGNX Purdue may be facing billions in damages... http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-20/purdue-says-kentucky-suit-over-oxycontin-could-be-painful.html what goes around comes around

  9. $ZGNX Strong finish from 3:30-4! Nice, take me back to $2.20 where we first hooked up. And then make some real gains. Step-by-step.

  10. $ZGNX

  11. $ZGNX Kentucky suing Purdue. Google it, this will be HUGE

  12. $ZGNX This Will explode tomorrow!

  13. $ZGNX .

  14. $ZGNX Now I say see you $6.20 before Nov 30.

  15. $ZGNX - Now people saying trend is reversed...same person was rooting for $0.77. I told you all 4 weeks ago.. Taco Burritto Chart never lies

  16. $ZGNX Nice Finish!

  17. $ZGNX This is awesome! Q1 results next ur is when this is gonna fly

  18. @abdulfazil: Last moment Bounce , Looks like a good close $ZGNX

  19. $ZGNX Bam!

  20. $ZGNX Go go go!

  21. $ZGNX imo smart money steps in above 1.34 shows conviction in a trend change

  22. $ZGNX Did the short stepout at 1.34?

  23. $ZGNX Bought 5 k on 1,34. 53k holding

  24. $ZGNX shorts about to step in and keep price < 1.34

  25. $ZGNX can anyone share insight on the large block trades occurring instantly without much price movement. 500k Friday, 300k today?