1. $ZGNX http://money.cnn.com/data/world_markets/asia/

  2. $ZGNX http://s15.postimg.org/d0974jq9n/zgnx.jpg

  3. $ZGNX Cmon rookie over here please be a lil bit accurate about your postings....

  4. $ZGNX Good luck to everyone tomorrow. This has been a emotional ride this weekend. Do your research and decide what is best good luck

  5. @Solicurance NO basis for $25 on Monday. At some stage in its pipeline life, maybe, but way down the road. $ZGNX needs sales revenue first.

  6. $ZGNX ZGNX 2013 http://s13.postimg.org/y6c8dsxd3/zgnx.jpg

  7. $ZGNX In my humble opinion if you bought below 138 hang on for the big ride don t let these guys scare you into selling

  8. $ZGNX Should move into $1.60-70 and hold if volume is strong as previous days! IMO

  9. $ZGNX Honkong is protesting again... shix.. i hope the market is okay.

  10. $ZGNX You ll have about 10 minutes...if you re not long. if you re long you ll have time to buy the dip mid morning.

  11. $ZGNX @whayen not going reach that nor will it hold any gains you ll have sometime in PM to make some coin then maybe when the Market opens.

  12. $ZGNX anyone if this reached $2.00-2.50 will this hold at this price range?

  13. $ZGNX tomorrow open at 1$for me

  14. $ZGNX if this dipps or doesn t move monday, should I go all in

  15. $ZGNX - following monday, based on smart money that is bullish...no position

  16. $ZGNX Gonna try to get in on Monday asap, this stock is gonna explode on Monday.

  17. @ersoytoptas Ask Bostox how playing the charts for $ZGNX has turned out.He s been slaughtered for the past year and in desperation mode

  18. $ZGNX (Live Chart Look>Down https://www.tradingview.com/v/wHAoLF33/) http://stocktwits.com/message/32071190

  19. $ZGNX I look at it this way, now where to go but up. I am in for the long haul.

  20. $ZGNX 2015 is going to be big for Zgnx. Increasing sales,partnership,phase 2 Relday, Phase 3 clinical trial for ZX008. All time high on way

  21. On watch for tomorrow. $ADES, $OHGI, $IMRS, $BGMD, $ZGNX

  22. Biotech Tweets of the Week: http://www.biotechduediligence.com/tweets2015-01-26.html c/o @23aloha $ICPT $ZGNX $VRTX $ONCE $VRX

  23. $ZGNX 95% ST bulls says it s not going anywhere -- watch for the dip

  24. @RedDevilFiend $ZGNX antiabuse hydrocodone will be the opening salvo of the FDA to begin limiting prescription drug abuse. About time.

  25. $ZGNX I only got 1000 shares. Do I hold on to it or sell tommorrow and re enter later? Plan on adding another 1000 shares soon.