1. $ZGNX http://y.ahoo.it/2RbvFXe6

  2. @BVHealthcare Resigned for now reason form $zgnx board my a#$%

  3. $ZGNX Jame C blair is the biggest insider shareholder with +10mil shares. Let s hope he keeps his shares.

  4. $ZGNX Zogenix, Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/oYRr3IHf

  5. $ZGNX MMs bought almost all 138,100 shares of the ask price of 1.21 to close at 1.21. This is positive. MMs are not shooting at us longs.

  6. $ZGNX

  7. $ZGNX Think Botox blocked me :(

  8. $ZGNX obv mngt struggles with zero competency or idea about fiduciary responsibility. SELL SELL SELL http://y.ahoo.it/jqI3L6Pi

  9. $ZGNX rock steady on a weak day for bios

  10. $ZGNX New phone is sweet. I say this because there is nothing going on with this till Mid-October

  11. $ZGNX watch this fall off the cliff. join the ride and put a short on. it s the only way $$$ http://y.ahoo.it/nm3k2s7u

  12. $ZGNX @bostox @aceoflight1 I assume you want hammer to go down to $0.76 and then up? keep dreaming...

  13. $ZGNX Has anybody notice the huge difference b/w bid and ask sizes, tell me if I am wrong?

  14. @mro514 $zgnx don t think going anywhere sold rest this am.Tried to get amzn but be4 I knew it was to high. Just on sidelines today

  15. $ZGNX In for the LONG play here. Its just a matter of time.

  16. $ZGNX

  17. $ZGNX

  18. $ZGNX 18,378 share strong bull

  19. $ZGNX

  20. $ZGNX

  21. $ZGNX

  22. $ZGNX

  23. $ZGNX

  24. $ZGNX @aceoflight1 I thought it made triple bottom which means go Higheeer...

  25. $ZGNX