1. $ZGNX i am telling u guys.. dont buy zgnx after they meet with fda in Jan

  2. Well I can t include $ZGNX In my family circle thankful speech this year but I am leaving my 15k and adding for 365 days in hopes I can next

  3. $ZGNX This turkey will rise from the grave post Thanksgiving and soar to new highs. Stuffing and all :)Cheers to all and Happy Thanksgiving

  4. $ZGNX At least we will not go down tomorrow....Happy Thanksgiving ZGNX followers!

  5. $ZGNX I certainly did not see this coming...thought it would go sideways at 1.20 til feb

  6. $ZGNX lets keep pretending everything s okay by continuing to hope and wish for a turn-around! #fail http://stocktwits.com/message/29675130

  7. $ZGNX happy thanksgiving guys!!

  8. $zgnx @bostox This time I actually tend to agree with you

  9. $ZGNX clowns calling themselves mngt should ve done their fiduciary responsibility in warning investors. beyond irresponsible to ignore it

  10. $ZGNX good opportunity to pick up this stock $1.14. Reverse trend from tomorrow will push to $1.40 .

  11. $zgnx = 96% upside

  12. $zgnx ? of who the partner is and how much cash up front, also 25mil short shares ~20% of float still able to pop any day PPS <4% 52week low

  13. $ZGNX reminders, per last 2 CC, they have a partner and terms worked, waiting to sign, deal will be cash up front for % of margin on scripts

  14. $ZGNX still

  15. $ZGNX Majorwood is very Long :)

  16. $ZGNX I am telling u guys..don t buy it anymore..this stock won t move up until they meet with the FDA in JAN. Buy it in FEB.

  17. $ZGNX when will the ceo call it quits? voluntarily or involuntarily? just curious, I guess.

  18. What s that institution? Purdue? They were supposed to back off. Make more money naked shorting $ZGNX than OC.

  19. $ZGNX long

  20. $ZGNX -.07 from last wed.. anyone holding-long should protect themselves with shorts/options

  21. $ZGNX long lasting bear pennants till mid february < .90

  22. $ZGNX Feel like dumping this. Too frustrating to watch

  23. $ZGNX it just trying to find a bottom. hopefully this stock does not close below 1.15

  24. $ZGNX frig_ing shorts are still hanging on. 25,456,292 shares short open interest down about 400K in the last 15 days up to 11/14.

  25. @bostox My rough and ready rule of $ZGNX thumb has been to buy under 1.20 or less, and sell betw 1.30 and 1.40 :-)