1. $ZGNX 28mm Short interest .. Will be at 50mm+ by end of April .. This turd is going to make me lots of $$ .. He he he

  2. $ZGNX people like superstar who choose the wrong stock to short and make very left-field remarks are just laughed at.

  3. $ZGNX

  4. $ZGNX this will drift much much lower... More dilution coming, just watch!

  5. $ZGNX

  6. $ZGNX this company is no where near bankruptcy......God bless idiots. Because - Murica.

  7. $ZGNX orphan drugs benefit from a pricing structure that makes them commercially attractive to bigger pharma http://csmres.co.uk/cs.public.upd/article-downloads/Meekings-Reuters-paper.pdf

  8. $ZGNX bankruptcy coming.. Only a matter of time

  9. $ZGNX looks like a control walk up. I ll take it :)

  10. $ZGNX yes 3 pennies lol

  11. $ZGNX flatline. Most manipulated, controlled stock ever. What a shame. Regretfully long here.

  12. $ZGNX Veeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyy LOOOOOOOOOOOONG

  13. $ZGNX long

  14. $ZGNX Dont worry.. this stock is safe. It wont be like SNTA, RXII, MEIP, OHRP, etc. It is safe until 2016. Just buy and hold. Huge cash

  15. $ZGNX Look for a little volume surge this afternoon . . .

  16. $ZGNX Everyone is tired to selling...raise the bid to $5.29....LOL...

  17. $ZGNX needs to break 1.40

  18. $ZGNX Bigger the Short interest... bigger the sqqqueeeeezzzzeee

  19. $ZGNX anyone is shorting this, playing with fire

  20. $ZGNX It has become a safe bet.... huge cash pile, rev stream plus pipeline maturing..I think soon they will buy something...don t know what

  21. $ZGNX Please short this... so I can see you squeeeeeeezzzzzzzzeeeeeeeedddddddddd....big time....it may take some but after sale of ZOhydro

  22. $ZGNX has no pulse $HORT

  23. $ZGNX just wanna wake up to an acquisition announcement and be done with this nightmare

  24. $zgnx just woke up from a 2 week slumber on Zgnx to see I m still at my number. Yawn... Wake me up when this thing busts a move.

  25. $ZGNX Giddy up!