1. $ZGNX note to self never disrespect 200MA

  2. $ZGNX IND for ZX008 by end of August per last conference call. Then Relday results Q3 2015. Hold on


  4. $ZGNX get on before you get left behind

  5. $ONCY $ZGNX $IBIO all set to explode

  6. $ZGNX 14.5% shorts covered ending Aug 14th http://www.americantradejournal.com/zogenix-inc-short-interest-update/658138/

  7. $ZGNX I am calling IND tomorrow!!! Any bets?

  8. $ZGNX

  9. $ZGNX Off topic. VTL ouch. I wonder how StevieRay is doing. He was heavily pushing it. Thank god I didn t buy.

  10. $ZGNX not really any change until IND announcement

  11. chriskelso32 gave $ZGNX a HOLD rating - I ve followed this company before the approval of zohydro. Back when they... https://closingbell.co/posts/51216

  12. $ZGNX price regaining its rounding-bottom uptrend

  13. $ZGNX wow.. on fire

  14. $ZGNX where is bruce lee?

  15. $ZGNX over $20 this week as they announce investigational new drug application for ZX008 this week. Buckle up

  16. $ZGNX wow. Haven t seen their price since Dec 13 when we were investing and arguing at $2 a share. Glad to see my bullish symbol rise!

  17. $ZGNX looks like red again tomorrow... China needs to get it together...

  18. $ZGNX time to buy

  19. $ZGNX Is there a great chance this will hit 14.00 soon?

  20. $ZGNX phew...almost covered my short when this moved to 17...

  21. $ZGNX

  22. $ZGNX

  23. $ZGNX Market diving and I see ZGNX going green :) :) $AAPL pay attention

  24. $ZGNX Market correction scare? LOL

  25. $ZGNX IND filed for ZX008 in next week or so per Zo update at earnings. Add Baker Bros his will fare ok in this market