1. $ZGNX 2015 will be the year when zgnx stops crawling & starts walking.They have a grand plan and I m long, a partnership would add octane :)

  2. $ZGNX the most expensive lottery ticket I ever bought.

  3. $ZGNX http://www.utahpeoplespost.com/2014/12/half-dr-ozs-medical-recommendations-false-inaccurate-study-shows/

  4. $ZGNX http://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/triplewitchinghour.asp

  5. $ZGNX @dandebusschere Don t forget the fact in this business,if one is selling other is buying,may be ETFs sold it but some1 else jumped in

  6. $ZGNX NASDAQ Biotech Index $NBI dropped ZGNX. ALL the ETFs that mimic this index dumped ZGNX shares today. I believe that s the volume.

  7. $zgnx @anselm0 that would be my read of the situation. Nothing else would explain this volume IMHO

  8. $ZGNX I think this was massive short covering, right @itsupndown? Time will tell. Happy weekend folks!

  9. $ZGNX I see things like aspx and volume today.... Please please let s just let purdue buy us!

  10. $ZGNX What s with the high volume today?

  11. $ZGNX Triple witching, nothing to get excited about

  12. $ZGNX Was it the ol triple witching day again?

  13. $ZGNX Lets think. Who s best interest is Zo s dismay? Can t say Purdue anymore, IMO. What other company? or is it a hedge fund?

  14. $zgnx probably does not even see that as he blocked me to bad. Just a bit of fun. In case u do and the rest of u have a nice weekend.

  15. $zgnx @bostox my crystal ball says 1.36 on 24th (holy Jesus) what do you say? .66 or .77. Curious.To bad can t bet here would leverage it.

  16. $ZGNX 7.8 million shares traded today, average is 2.1 million. Why do I feel I should buy more shares. Someone knows something...

  17. $ZGNX Wow what volume! 7.7M

  18. $ZGNX What s up with 2M volume ah?

  19. $ZGNX Definitely being held down. Ask is stacked with large blocks creating massive resistance at many upside levels. What gives?

  20. $ZGNX Strange after hours action.Certainly somethings cooking.Pro s are hard at work holding this one back.Hang inthere,ZGNX is multibagger

  21. $ZGNX ha ha ha. still not a bull stock yet

  22. $ZGNX Bullcrap!!! $clrb went up 55%in 2 weeks with an orphan status drug. We re battling for 5. There s a manipulation going on big time!!!

  23. $ZGNX Looks like another Navidea? Good company but no1 is interested in? Any hopes for a fly til PDUFA

  24. $ZGNX $GALE

  25. $ZGNX bid and ask are stacked! Bull/Bear battle. Best of Luck to all! Happy Holidays, may we all prosper.