2. @bostox $ZGNX you are not only one but I don t short this one

  3. $ZGNX anyone else bearish or it s just me carrying the load? ST 72% bullish? smh

  4. $ZGNX Really hate disagreeing with @bostox But he s got to be wrong sometimes!

  5. $ZGNX SA is a platform for Short Sellers. Couldn t read article due to stupid popup that I had to register. Slimy SA marketing move, no thx!

  6. $ZGNX classic head fake http://y.ahoo.it/JasHTD31

  7. $ZGNX [Buy in 1.64] [Target 2$] [Stop 1.57] [Risk/Reward 5:1] #SwingTrade #Bounce

  8. $ZGNX Market buys coming in taking it up. 100 share sells regulating momentum. See a move into the 1.80 s soon

  9. $ZGNX YMB lot of talk about potential buyout. Big holders are concerned about their stakes? Makes some sense at this time

  10. $ZGNX is that an inverse head and shoulders on the 3 month chart?

  11. $ADXS Taking off $SNTA huge move last night . Expect huge moves! Next on list is $ZGNX & $HDY

  12. $ZGNX Wow that seeking alpha article is so badly researched and written. Just a load of crap.IMO

  13. $ZGNX http://y.ahoo.it/OvMfVXOk

  14. $ZGNX Somebody s already called BullSh@t on that SA article about the misinformation. Lol!

  15. $ZGNX When is the second quarter report ?

  16. $ZGNX Do you all think that Zogenix ( $ZGNX ) has bottomed out and is ready to turn up today, 7/22/14?


  18. $ZGNX as a note 4 all I never shorted this stock (my mistake) expensive mistake if I may say so

  19. @JoeMac84 also per slide deck they had 590 reps targeting 90k physicians, forecasted 10k week scripts by year end. So how is $ZGNX rx slow?

  20. @bostox $ZGNX check out $HLF if it has not dropped 20% by open it should be good for that to short

  21. @JoeMac84 and according to slide 15, $zgnx is on the same path of growth. Opana RX volume by month 3 is just about 10k, Oxy a little ahead.

  22. @Pwhitty $ZGNX If it keeps dropping off the earth we soon may be all able to all buy it out. This has not bottomed out

  23. $ZGNX has to have bottom

  24. $ADXS $HDY $SNTA $ZGNX hdy and snta getting action in after hours. Looking for big moves

  25. $ZGNX Rumblings of buyout offers.