1. $ZGNX Anyone know of a stock that is expecting it s phase 2 results this week? Starts with an R trades in the mid 2 s??

  2. $ZGNX Purdue, Mylan, et.al. cashing in their green stamps to set up the 6 gov letter to HHS sec Burwell (untested). Senators in background

  3. $ZGNX Hard to believe but they are still trying to get Zo pulled http://y.ahoo.it/lVFVgBV1

  4. $ZGNX gap up or bleed into oblivion.. c/h forming to watch, also ichimoku s slightly bullish #moon http://y.ahoo.it/I9l30TM3

  5. $ZGNX 19,000 shares traded at $1.40 in last AH trades. The shorts are going to be sweating tuesday. Somethings up.

  6. $ZGNX Where is 1.39 at? Everywhere I see is 1.35.

  7. @WilliamG What News tidbit RE $ZGNX are you referring to? Let s hope that it will propel higher #Zogenix #Stock #ZGNX #Bullish

  8. $ZGNX That 3 days of green. Abolutely bullish

  9. @smclaughlin: $zgnx bullhorn triangulation w/tail lift/squeeze/plop can go eithr way. Damn short run Git er done! Booyah!

  10. $ZGNX Lets keep this up!

  11. $ZGNX 5% daily gain I ll take it! Have a good weekend all and good luck

  12. $ZGNX MM s had this pinned. Long weekend hope to see some news.

  13. $ZGNX 13 days to cover with this vol.

  14. $ZGNX Break now please

  15. $ZGNX break either side of this pennant it ll run http://y.ahoo.it/T7heubFa

  16. $ZGNX May get a late day surge in volume going into the long weekend. Positive news would blow the lid off Tuesday

  17. $ZGNX Why no big PR on MA news? That s huge IMO

  18. $ZGNX Let s go Friday. Close in that .40 range

  19. $ZGNX Facebook group page for serious investors. http://y.ahoo.it/zVPKTizZ

  20. $ZGNX enough of the price rejection.. turn-n-burn with break-out above 1.36 has plenty of upside to run.

  21. $ZGNX looks like I m done 4 the day. good solid move up for u guys that are holding long

  22. $ZGNX could do this all day long. now lets see 1.3 again

  23. $ZGNX Strong vol on a quiet day, 8 to 10 times other similar size bios in my portfolio IDRA INO ziop ISR.

  24. Potential Intraday Runners | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://y.ahoo.it/ZilUQmOk $FEYE, $TSLA, $ZGNX, $FCEL, $DATA, $KWK, $MEET, $CALL

  25. $ZGNX Momentum has turned positive for the first time since July 9th. Good times