1. $ZGNX I m sure the have hired an outfit to lock this at 1.40 until the RS.

  2. $ZGNX What a week.. no runs, no hits, no errors and nobbody left on base.

  3. $ZGNX Trade +- 5 cents (3.57%) @ 1.40 OR +- 5 cents(0.45%) @ 11.20? Or maybe you rather just have folks sell so you can cover?

  4. $ZGNX Out of 1394 reverse splits, only 28.9% of firms survive.The mean (median) survival period is 44.9 (25.9) months

  5. $ZGNX few have sold out but it stuck at 1.40. Makes me go hmmm.

  6. $ZGNX Jan 2017 $2.5 Call; 1000 Contract Trade at Ask @$0.40 via BZ ..updated chart

  7. $ZGNX We need elevator music in here.

  8. $ZGNX I sold out. Feels like monkey off my back. Good luck guys.

  9. $ZGNX most boring stock I ever owned zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  10. $ZGNX most boring stock I ever owned zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. $ZGNX I double dare shorts to knock it down again! Go for it!

  12. $ZGNX Zohydro still has negative 4 week MA in scriptcount.

  13. $ZGNX Shorts running dangerously low on supply. Will have to cover & re-short soon.

  14. $ZGNX - Main supports and resistances http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/05/zgnx-main-supports-and-resistances_22.html

  15. $ZGNX another reason I believe u pumped & dumped. I daytrade huge $ but taking that loss on stock going sideways makes no sense. GL trading.

  16. $ZGNX Stevie & comp There were many ways to reduce losses i.e. selling covered options etc. 100k I would be more innovative. partial sale un

  17. $ZGNX can anyone confirm reverse split already approved or still waiting? Thanks

  18. $ZGNX I cut my loses today and going all in on $GALE

  19. $ZGNX as R&D comp overvalued, as Pharma company including sales the sky was the limit. CEO & board oblivious to develop a vision 4 SH s IMO

  20. $ZGNX Interesting to see influx & exit of newbies with little knowledge of the market. Will miss some old SH ers so Parmanimal etc.

  21. $ZGNX i hope it will go above 1.50 for u guys to get out next week. Good luck!!! Dont mess up w RS.. U can lose big $ on R/S

  22. $ZGNX Annual Meeting June 18 ---- RS or No RS Remember that...

  23. $ZGNX Annual Meeting June 18-If ZGNX is above 1.50-1.60 before JUNE 18, then try to jump out before they make the final decision about R/S


  25. @janebang83 $ZGNX Relday is no longer needed because J&J has even LONGER schizo treatment approved by FDA do you get paid to bash a stk?