1. DJIA up 100 SOXX Begun to rise +1.2% $GLW $ZHNE $LVLT $FNSR $AFOP $GIGA $T

  2. $120B Favorable Tailwind fm cheap oil (10:1 favorable to oil CapEx) reports Fox Business Maria B s two guest economists $AMD $GLW $ZHNE $T

  3. Major market indexes are constructive in gradual afternoon rise $OIL $HAL $XOM $EROC $MU $TSEM $OCC $GLW $ZHNE $AMD $AWRE $EXTR

  4. @JimInvestor: MACD Daily Chart Swinging To Positive in Next 1-5days $HPQ $BBY $AMD $MSFT $INTC $MU $ZHNE $AMAT $TXN $EROC $SNDK $CSCO $XOM

  5. MACD on Daily Chart Swinging To Positive in Next 1-5days for $HPQ $BBY $AMD $MSFT $INTC $MU $ZHNE $AMAT $TXN $EROC $SNDK $CSCO $XOM

  6. Broad Rally All 10 Sectors Tech, Health Care, Industrials..Oil Stable...Fed...Europe all-in for US stocks begun 3am $INTC $AMD $ZHNE $ORCL

  7. Japan to Finalize 3T Yen Stimulus Package December 27 $ORCL $HPQ $CSCO $MSFT $INTC $AAPL $SNDK $MU $SNE $BBY $AMAT $AMD $GLW $ZHNE $FNSR $T

  8. $ZHNE Deployed FiberLan to 3rd Largest WW Sport Event PanAM Games. Telecom Fiber Growth $GLW $FNSR $EXTR $FNSR $AFOP $TSEM $JDSU $JNPR $CSCO

  9. $ORCL +5% AH..Beats Rev +3%..Cloud Rev +45%..Profit. Tech Demand Growing $HPQ $CSCO $INTC $AAPL $SNDK $MU $SNE $BBY $AMAT $AMD $GLW $ZHNE

  10. $SPY Strongest Price Rise 2014 w 140% Bullish VolumeBuzz. $VIX -17.5%. McClellon T2106 up 66% heads toward normal. $MU $AMD $ZHNE $ORCL

  11. After Oversold Putin issue..Oil & Tech Healing Begun $HAL $XOM $EROC $SNDK $INTC $HPQ $ZHNE $BABA Are Up..Next to Rise $MU $MSFT $AMD $FNSR

  12. Oil Supply Rigs Closed & Libyan Oil Port Shutdown firming Market $XOM $BP $COX $HAL $EROC $C $INTC $MU $MSFT $HPQ $AMD $BBY $ZHNE $C $T

  13. WW GDP Rising from 3.2% to 3.5%. Wages Rising US, Germany, UK, Japan. $GLW $ZHNE $FNSR $TSEM $EXTR $CSCO $T


  15. VIX Buying Short-Term....FLAT Jan-Jun..Bob Lang $MSFT $TWTR $AAPL $BABA $AMZN $JDSU $FNSR $SNDK $INTC $BBY $MU $GLW $ZHNE $AMD $T $XOM $BP

  16. IMPROVING Corporate IT Spending Piper Jaffray initiates Overweighting for $MSFT halo effect for $HPQ $INTC $MU $SNDK $AMD $GLW $ZHNE $T

  17. Volatility VIX Overbought Up +67% Past 4days 12 to 20.1 $XOM $CITI $ADBE $BBY $TQNT $HPQ $INTC $SNDK $MU $AMD $FNSR$CIEN $GLW $ZHNE $T

  18. RETAIL REVENUE Beat Strongest 8 Months DRAM +7% HPQ 2% BBY 2.7% CIEN 9.5% EXTR 4% JDSU 3.3% Santa Rally Begun $AFOP $LVLT $JNPR $ZHNE

  19. Network equipment stocks looking good $FNSR $CIEN $OCLR $ZHNE $CALX

  20. $BRCM Raised Buyback, Dividend, Guidance.....Fundys Tailwind $GLW $ZHNE $AFOP $FNSR $JNPR $AMAT $TSEM $EXTR $INTC $MSFT $SNDK $MU $AMD $T

  21. JOB openings increased 3.2% to 4.8M 2nd Strongest in 14 years. SMALL BIZ & CONSUMER Outlook Brightens. Cheap FUEL tailwind $MU $AMD $ZHNE

  22. Telecom & Networkers Oversold... Begun Retracement Upward $OCLR $EGHT +7% $FNSR $JDSU +6% $ZHNE $PMCS $ELX +4% $AFOP +3% $GLW $CIEN 2%

  23. Nasdaq Intraday Reversal to Green rising MACD RSI $GLW $ZHNE $JDSU $TSEM $FNSR $HPQ $INTC $SNDK $MU $AMAT $TXN $AMD $MSFT $SNE $BBY $T

  24. Markets rising on Strongest Jobs & Wages 3 Years DOW +85 $CIEN $EXTR $JDSU $SNDK $MU $RUT $ZHNE $GLW $AMD $INTC

  25. Strongest Jobs Growth 3 Years +321K Good for growth-sensitive beta stocks $BBY $INTC $HPQ $MU $EXTR $MSFT $SNE $AMD $T $GLW $ZHNE $EROC $C