1. $ZHNE 3.70.....stay here..... better than yesterday

  2. $ZHNE Moneyflow Rising 2:30 Eastern Time

  3. $ZHNE like this little bump..... just hold on..

  4. $MU $HPQ $AMD $ZHNE $MSFT $EROC $IFON $TSEM US Factory Activity Accelerates Fastest in 4.3 Years..Beats Estimates http://y.ahoo.it/tgrvxi0K

  5. $ZHNE Nice close today over 30 wma.

  6. $ZHNE daily still hot

  7. $ZHNE Worth a try with stop loss 3.50

  8. $ZHNE Price Up Through 50D EMA on 2Day Chart with solid MoneyFlow & Moneyflow Index20 Rise since July 17.....Constructive Healing

  9. $ZHNE holding up well nice daily

  10. $MU $HPQ $AMD $ZHNE $ERIC $IFON Global Trade Outlook Raised by AP Moeller Shipper.. Bullish Fundy http://y.ahoo.it/Uc7wTJkw

  11. Watching 8/19 $AAV $AXAS $HTCH $MEET $MY $ROYL $SUMR $VRS $XOMA $ZHNE

  12. $AMD $MU $HPQ $ZHNE $TSEM $EROC $IFON DJ-30 RUT-X DJ-20 other indices Daily Chart Price is Above 50DMA.. Moneyflow Up. Tech Seasonal Upcycle

  13. $ZHNE BOP Insitutional buying seen in Balance of Power Aug 18-22 is similar again Aug 14-currently. Moneystream 30min chart remains strong

  14. $ZHNE the 20 day ; 30 minute with 5 day line is getting EXTREMELY bullish http://y.ahoo.it/JIBZYwyU

  15. $ZHNE finally got out of this failed trade at 3.42 for break even ... still like it, just left me w/ a bad taste in my mouth

  16. @Ben1150: $ZHNE 3.40/.41 long idea, narrowing price action, higher lows, room to bolly & 07/18 high http://y.ahoo.it/5iqq1MNi

  17. $ZHNE 3.40/.41 long idea, narrowing price action, higher lows, room to bolly & 07/18 high http://y.ahoo.it/pqH3a6nL

  18. $MU $AMD $ZHNE $TSEM $HPQ $EXTR $EROC $IFON US NY Business Conditions Strongest in 2 1/2 years http://y.ahoo.it/VeuX5Cn9

  19. $ZHNE in at 3.29 Chart looks strong for next week. Needs volume. Short term PT of 3.4-5 http://y.ahoo.it/ULmM2eRx

  20. $ZHNE Stock is ready to make a move up

  21. $MU $zhne $amd $extr Most Markets Went Positive

  22. $AMD $ZHNE $MU Vix-X 5min rolled under the 50tick support line...fear faded

  23. $ZHNE Moneyflow on 10min chart rising the past 15 days since Aug 1

  24. $ZHNE Time to break this resistance....

  25. $ZHNE Calls are beginning to rise