1. $INTC $AMD $GLW $ZHNE CHINA Surprise Rate Cut...Mkt Indexes Up Strongly..Draghi LAUNCHED QE..Intel Raised Guidance See CapEx Strengthening

  2. EUROPE DRAGHI finally pulled out the Big Gun QE...ECB Began Buying Asset Backed Securities Today $INTC $SNDK $MU $T $GLW $ZHNE $AMD

  3. Insider Transaction: $ZHNE Sale at $2.32 per share of 1330 shares by Director Ejabat Morteza on 2014-11-18.

  4. Bellwether Tech $INTC Guides Higher as Corporations PC CapEx Begun $AVT $HPQ $MSFT $SNE $$SNDK $T $MU $AMD $T $FNSR $JDSU $GLW $ZHNE $BRCD

  5. Koch Industries Acquired Optical Telecom $OPLK for $412M. Possible Sign for Buyout Takeover $FNSR $JDSU $OCLR $EXFO $LPTH $ELX $ZHNE $AFOP

  6. Zhone Technologies s Chief Operating Officer just declared ownership of no shares of Zhone Technologies http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1279626 $ZHNE

  7. Zhone Technologies director just disposed of 1,330 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1279614 $ZHNE

  8. Nasdaq Composite EMA 50 About to Bullish cross above SMA $SNDK $INTC $CSCO $BBY $MU $TXN $JDSU $AFOP $CIEN $ZHNE

  9. Consumer Wages & Salaries Advanced Strongest since 2Q2008 Up 0.8% (Bloomberg News) $WMT $BBY $MSFT $HPQ $SNDK $INTC $MU $CSCO $T $GLW $ZHNE

  10. Institutions Accumulating Bullish Divergence in BOP Indicator $EXTR $MSTR $FNSR $FLEX $AMAT $EROC $MLNK $GLW $ZHNE $AMD $OCLR $EXFO $RNWK

  11. Institutional BOP Balance of Power Bullish Divergence. $ZHNE Positive BOP Nov10-Now. Last time Aug19-Sep18 when stock price $3.15-$3.60.

  12. Institutional BOP Balance of Power Bullish Divergence. $ZHNE Positive August 19-Sept 18 when its stock price was $3.15-$3.60.

  13. Telecom Index IXTC-X Record Strong Level Moneyflow and Price $T $CSCO $BRCD $TSEM $AFOP $LVLT $EXTR $OPLK $GLW $ZHNE

  14. $SNE $CSCO $TSEM $INTC $SNDK $DRAM Have Stronger Volumebuzz with Price Gain... maybe leading indicators for $HPQ $MSFT $AMD $GLW $MU $ZHNE

  15. ECB QE Nearing Buying Govt Bonds...Japan Abe is Poised to Add Stimulus...Nikkei Up 200 Premarket $SNDK $INTC $HPQ $AMD $MU $T $GLW $ZHNE

  16. Draghi ECB Open to Buying Govt Bonds..Europe Techs swung higher. Good for International Trade $SNDK $HPQ $INTC $AMD $MSFT $T $GLW $ZHNE

  17. G20 Countries $2T Stimulus Boost Economies...Growing Infrastructure & Jobs $WMT $C $XOM $INTC $SNDK $MU $MSFT $AMD $T $TSEM $AFOP $GLW $ZHNE

  18. Consumer Spend Higher-expected 0.5% x-volatile from gas-war Cash Annuity>> Tailwind Christmas Gift $CSCO $SNE $AMD $TXN $T $GLW $ZHNE $TSEM


  20. October Retail Rise on cheap gas American energy. Europe GDP Up & QE Expansion. Biggest XMAS in years $T $WMT $COST $CSCO $HPQ $GLW $ZHNE

  21. Consumer Sentiment Stronger 89.4 Beat 87.5 Est... US Energy Leading Supply>>Enriches Consumers XMAS Shopping $HPQ $SNDK $AMD $GLW $ZHNE

  22. $SNDK $MU $INTC $AMD $TSEM $ZHNE Europe GDP Stronger than forecast with France pulled from recession to +.2% Growth. ECB QE will bolster

  23. Job Openings Growing 20% Y/Y (Marketwatch site, Wells Fargo Economist) is a Rising Tide $TSEM $CSCO $LVLT $OCLR $LPTH $GLW $ZHNE

  24. Networking $CSCO Beat EPS stock +2.1% on 300% Volumebuzz $TSEM Revenue +70% stock +7.2% Many R Rising $OCC $LVLT $LPTH $GLW $ZHNE $OCLR

  25. CNBC Yahoo finance fear article catalysts are: High Liquidity, 0% int, Strong Nov-April S&P Up 14% Since 1950 $SNDK $MU $AMD $GLW $ZHNE