1. YHOO BRCM Beat..Phila NonMfg Indx Oct 50 Beat Sept 43..US Home Sales Strongest 1Yr...EU QE Expanding = Tailwind for $FNSR $ZHNE $AFOP $LPTH

  2. Markets Rallying DOW Up 200...Europe Begins $1.3T Surprise QE Liquidity Injections. ..Favorable WW Revenue $C $FNSR $LPTH $OCLR $ZHNE $LVLT

  3. $MU $AAPL $INTC $AMD $FNSR $ZHNE $AFOP Markets S&P and Nasdaq is Above 200DMA on China GDP...US Earnings..Europe QE Expansion of Liquidity

  4. Oversold Nasdaq leading higher on Beat+Raises MU AAPL TXN etc...China GDP+Exports.....ECB QE Begun+Enlargement Plan $AMD $FNSR $ZHNE $AFOP

  5. $ZHNE Zhone Technologies Shares Experience on Bringing Access to the Unconnected and Announces CE2.0 C.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/ZHNE/communique/794102

  6. ECB Began QE Buying Up to $1.3 Trillian to Stimulate Europe (Bloomberg) Liquidifies & Lifts WW GDP & Int l Revenue $MU $AMD $ZHNE $INTC

  7. Insider Transaction: $ZHNE Sale at $3.21 per share of 25000 shares by Director Ejabat Morteza on 2014-08-07.

  8. $AAPL Beat+Guided Higher similar to $MU. $TXN Beat+Guide High End Range. Outlook Brighter for hot growth tech $ZHNE $AMD $INTC $HPQ $MSFT

  9. EUROPE BEGAN QE Bond Buying Today...Russell & Nasdaq Rise 0.5%...Lifts Small Cap Techs International Biz $OCLR $TSEM $AFOP $ZHNE $AMD $FNSR

  10. $IBM Groundhog Day 2.5 Yrs Flat Revenue... 21st Century Growth Segments Vendors are $MU $INTC $AMD $FNSR $HPQ $ZHNE. ECB Began Buying Bonds

  11. $ZHNE CEO to Announce FiberLAN Growth Plan within days. FiberLAN Grew 700% last year. Current hot Acquisition Market can wants Zhone IP

  12. $MU $AMD $ZHNE $FNSR Market Futures Up Strongly (Bloomberg site). German Fiscal Stimulus...EU QE in days....and possibly continued Fed QE

  13. $MU $INTC $AMD $XOM $ZHNE $GE $HPQ $AMZN ......German Finance Minister Preparing Quick+Concrete+GERMAN-STIMULUS (BBC Business News website)

  14. $XOM $RDS.A $AMD $MU $ZHNE Ukraine Drone Deal Near...Merkel sees Boarder Progress (Bloomberg News)

  15. $ZHNE CEO Growth Plan needs to strut stuff on what he has & can do. Honeymoon over July. Show Growth & Deals & Funding & Excite Investors!

  16. $12K Cash Injection per Family on Cheap Energy...Stimulative for $MU $AMD $ZHNE $XOM $FDX $WMT CNBC guest now

  17. $MU $AMD $ZHNE Markets rallying into the close including the Russel...CNBC said now. US & Europe QEs coming have changed market direction

  18. $MU $AMD $MSFT $INTC $HPQ $ZHNE $SNKD DOW Up 240 Rising to HOD....Fed QE resumption & EU QE Finally Within Days

  19. $MU $AMD $MSFT $INTC $HPQ $ZHNE $SNKD Europe Near to Releasing QE Liquidity Announced Today....See UK s Telegraph article

  20. $MU $INTC $MSFT $HPQ $AAPL $AMD $CSCO $ZHNE $FNSR Russell RUT-X & DJ Transports DJ-20 15min chart ABOVE Res 50 150 200 = Now ABOVE SUPPORT

  21. $MU $INTC $MSFT $HPQ $AAPL $AMD $CSCO $ZHNE $FNSR Market T2120 type High:Low Ratio STRONG LEVEL SAME AS Sept19....before fiasco

  22. $ZHNE Zhone Technologies (ZHNE) Downgraded From Hold to Sell http://www.thestreet.com/story/12918127/1/zhone-technologies-zhne-downgraded-from-hold-to-sell.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  23. $MU $INTC $ZHNE $AMD $AMAT All Futures Indexes Rising & Winning Semiconductors $ALTR 2.8% and $XLNX 4.4% Up Afterhours

  24. $ZHNE Big Volume 9 Million Shares Volume July 18 at $3.55+. Daily Chart MoneyStream stayed at same high level. Big Money knows something

  25. $ZHNE upside gap to fill from open. Swing trade this puppy CEO knows what he is doing. Swing trade