1. $ZIOP is getting heavily manipulated, I will cover 4/5 of my position once again even and wait for a large squeeze to get short large

  2. @kunal00 check out $ziop

  3. $ZIOP lol, 17 million shorts, the squeeze will take us to the teens. They just don t listen.

  4. $ZIOP what a gift yesterday and this morning was after the huge run up it had before.

  5. $ZIOP Shorting ZIOP..Yea that s brilliant..lol

  6. @Fr0van @Renatta @kjepeneter @RPTL Added $ZIOP 6k 9.26

  7. $ZIOP trades like news is immeint; 15k open int on feb 10 calls, 10k on 11 s

  8. $GENE $ZIOP trying

  9. $ZIOP runnning

  10. $ZIOP let s bust thru this $9 on strong volume and head toward $12-15 :)

  11. $ZIOP here we go ^^^^^

  12. the former running bios like $ZIOP and $ADXS catching some attention. Migration there while the market is gets slapped

  13. $CEMP , $ZIOP going strong

  14. $ZIOP gotta LOVE this RJK train...the weekly chart on this stock looks BEAU-TEE-FUL :)

  15. $XON make the news $ZIOP gain the profit .. so odd

  16. nice sells $ZIOP, who says you can t time the market heheheee

  17. done with $ZIOP for now, $KATE $PHM still on radar for in/outs, $GENE and $CRMD waiting for nice setup long/short dont care

  18. $ZIOP CRMD a steal, even with today s bump. Buy Easy double..Will be bought out.

  19. $ZIOP straight up last 45 min read that wrong

  20. Scaling out of $ZIOP long, no need to give any back, will keep 1/2 for now

  21. $CRMD waiting for crazy , $ZIOP nice trend, $GENE no looking for shorts yet

  22. $ZIOP zztop got legs

  23. $ZIOP in at 8.62

  24. $ZIOP on watch for bounce

  25. $NVAX r/g test, $ZIOP nice of r/g