1. $ZIOP - Technical analysis trends (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/08/ziop-technical-analysis-trends-pivot_29.html

  2. $ZIOP closes $8.99, neutral for Monday, could go either way. Anaylists upgrades after Friday s conference would be a nice persuader.

  3. Lots of great setups for next week http://www.ac-investor.blogspot.com/2015/08/lots-of-great-setups-for-next-week.html $ARIA $BBRY $BTE $GPRO $LBIO $LOCK $ZIOP #stocks #trading #patterns

  4. $ZIOP Here we go again. Brokerages are increasing margin maintenance requirement once more. Expect a down day Monday?

  5. $ZIOP it can go to 6 or 3 but I don t care, sept. 16-19 we ll be rewarded.

  6. $ZIOP Resistance @ 200MA. Need moar volume!!!

  7. $ZIOP This stock is like a ticking time-bomb waiting to explode to the upside. Not sure how shorts could sleep at night with this one!

  8. $ZIOP Looks like Bios r getting their groove back on $ZIOP, $XON, $TROV, $SYN,$CEMP Now if $TTOO could just get the recognition it deserves!

  9. $ZIOP Something like positive data afoot???

  10. $ZIOP I ll shed a tear when it clears 200MA. That said, I don t doubt that it could do it.

  11. $ZIOP looks like support areas have turned to resistance, expecting lower highs on each pump now.

  12. $SUNE $ZIOP $CLTX $OGXI and of coarse $CLTX still holding a boat load for the next inevitable pop

  13. $ZIOP Running! Ziopharm Oncology

  14. $XON $ZIOP Could be something interesting MD Anderson is presenting today at immunotherapy and vaccine convention

  15. $ZIOP has turned into a swing trader s wet dream...short term looks awesome.

  16. $ZIOP starting the climb back up. All aboard.

  17. $ZIOP wants higher and is clearing key levels.

  18. $ZIOP $9.11 emergency Buy

  19. $ZIOP nice zipper!

  20. $SYN $ZIOP $XON you can figure out what; you can’t figure out when. If you’re right about what, you don’t have to worry about when -Buffett

  21. $ZIOP Sorry September 16-19th we get data and November at another conference it s being presented

  22. $ZIOP Data for brain cancer being presented September and also abstract which will be November, can t wait to see the data.

  23. $ZIOP Great levels here imo.

  24. $ZIOP humpers: Immatics, MD Anderson form new company to develop multiple T-cell and TCR-based adoptive cellular therapies. Any thoughts?

  25. $ZIOP cup and handle, http://www.google.com/finance?cid=706907