1. $ZIOP Ready to load up in the 8 s

  2. $ZIOP Guys this is not looking good going for another low.

  3. $ZIOP Oh look, another day, another 2% drop.

  4. $ZIOP is a tad below the bottom of a 9.50-14.00 Box. Worth trying some, good risk/reward setup

  5. $ZIOP volume is a little thin. No worries. There will be no news on this until after the dividend is complete.

  6. $ZIOP Bearish alternate count is obviously a retest of of 8.63. I consider that much lower probability but you never know. ;)

  7. $ZIOP I think this stock is showing nested 1-2s on the daily chart. Explosive up move coming soon if that count is right. Just waiting.

  8. $ZIOP I m seeing a bullish setup here... finally.


  10. $ZIOP http://www.thestreet.com/story/13160761/2/biotech-stock-mailbag-asco-preview-car-t-stocks-mannkind-hate-mail.html

  11. $ZIOP followed healthcare hedge funds (not all) reduced their exposure in CAR-T stocks, according to the most recent 13Fs filed last week.

  12. $ZIOP seems to have a lot of longs who are noobie investors...guys who don t know about future contracts like puts. Not surprised though.

  13. Opening bell scalp list: $IPCI $PBMD $ATNM $AKS $JRJC $HILL $ACHN $ZIOP

  14. @george62: $ZIOP Glad to see @growacet is back... ...not!!!

  15. $ZIOP Glad to see @growacet is back...

  16. $ZIOP looks like the PM trading was just another head fake, but some still keep getting excited by it....fool them once, twice and 3 or4 x

  17. $ZIOP - Technical Analysis http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2015/05/ziop-technical-analysis.html

  18. $ZIOP filled Tuesday s gap from $9.35!

  19. $ZIOP if we go up 12 is sure

  20. $ZIOP Only stock in my whole watchlist that is usually down more than 2% daily.

  21. $ZIOP this will get ugly soon, be prepaired guys

  22. $ZIOP Looks like we got some support at 9.3.


  24. $ZIOP Hey!...where d our green go?...not selling...

  25. $ZIOP inning 1 in a 9 inning game