1. Twilio: The Latest Billion-Dollar Exit For @USV $TWLO $TWTR $ZNGA $ETSY $YHOO http://seekingalpha.com/article/3984606-twilio-latest-billion-dollar-exit-union-square-ventures?source=feed_f

  2. $GLUU book value 2.30 vs. $ZNGA 1.91.....so sell ZNGA

  3. $GLUU everyone move to $znga

  4. $GLUU Said the exact same thing about $ZNGA 2 years ago.

  5. Weren t you a $ZNGA long and a $GLUU hater? I am glad you found the LIGHT :)

  6. $ZNGA DOT LAUNCHED Mar 11, 2015 , GOING TO BE IN BETA A YEAR/HALF (ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME Z) goes to show you bought NM on concept game!

  7. $ZNGA GLUU and Z .05 apart again looks like Glu will come up to meet us when they launch GR and RIVAL will be a monster in my opinion

  8. Sell $ZNGA and join $GLUU party with release of GRD this week.

  9. $GLUU It will close GREEN and higher than $ZNGA today

  10. $ZNGA none sense RED here, how BREXIT can affect us

  11. $GLUU SP > $ZNGA today...

  12. $ZNGA if we go into recession because of the European debacle the last thing people will be doing is paying for Free Apps - scary!!

  13. $GLUU SP will be above $ZNGA today.....Jackfax are you there ??

  14. $ZNGA dropped more than $GLUU since Brexit.. another evidence of $GLUU being at the bottom

  15. $TCEHY $GLUU @glumobile $ZNGA Gamers Hate Zynga Games http://seekingalpha.com/article/3984416-gamers-hate-zynga-games

  16. $ZNGA ;

  17. $ZNGA

  18. $ZNGA June 30 is 45th anniversary of original WW movie. Possible tie-in with game?

  19. $ZNGA gross moving up

  20. $ZNGA need to start making VR games

  21. $ZNGA interesting to see zynga down. Let s wait and see what on the markets next week . Could be a blood bath ...

  22. Here Are The Stocks Goldman Says Will Be Acquired: $ACIA $WWAV $LITE $P $ZNGA $MTSI $CAG

  23. $ZNGA so you want to tell us how you really feel about that!


  25. Share an idea on $ZNGA Ice Age now featured on New Games We Love on Apple home page