1. $ZSL Time to get long $ZSL PROVIDED that it penetrates 86.00 on the upside. This could be the beginning of a sharp downmove in gold prices.

  2. $SI_F daily. $SLV $AGQ $SIVR $ZSL $USLV $DBS $DSLV $USV $SLVO http://y.ahoo.it/PFVfZxjy

  3. What’s Going On With Silver? $SLV $AGQ $ZSL http://y.ahoo.it/o3gLjIzx

  4. @outsideday $ZSL, To clarify, you mean the only position to be holding or the one position to NOT be holding??

  5. $ZSL the last instrument that should be in your portfolio right now

  6. $GC_F $GLD $SI_F $SLV $ZSL http://y.ahoo.it/RPSBhwhC

  7. NEW POST: Painting the Scene of the Crime http://y.ahoo.it/UzUOYzm8 $AGQ $CORN $DBA $GDX $GLD $SIL $SLV $ZSL

  8. $ZSL low volume rise is significant. would avoid.

  9. $SLV bounced2 the penny off 10day ma. Needs to retest & close above2 show strength. $agq $zsl

  10. iiTRADER & @KitcoNEWS http://y.ahoo.it/H0g7h0kY $GC_F $GLD $SI_F $SLV $ZSL $ZB_F $TLT

  11. $SLV brk down into the gap, looks to close $DSLV $ZSL

  12. Silver options expiration today. Should make for an interesting rest of the week $SI_F $ZSL $SLV

  13. $ZSL Will silver be able to hold its gains? Recently it always seems to pull back sharply.

  14. @iamci: $ZSL might scoop some up here. up over $2/sh since my post guess who didnt buy bc he didn t like the spreads? ugh

  15. $SLV missed touching the 50 WEEK ma Tues. by a penny & has sold off since. took profit on $agq may buy $zsl Thurs. gl

  16. $ZSL might scoop some up here. a pullback on $SLV would seem healthy

  17. $ZSL I think I may pick up some puts here tomorrow!

  18. $SLV lets get back my excessively priced put on $ZSL back in the green.

  19. Love to talk about winners. Must mention losers. Sold $DUST $ZSL for losses today.

  20. $SLV This breakout could be epic, weekly chart has a bullish engulfing $AGQ $ZSL

  21. $ZSL $XMI $ES_F $XOI $MDY $TVIX $XVIX $GC_F $GLD $ZIV $TIIV http://y.ahoo.it/LVuMVUzo

  22. Gold Drives Silver http://y.ahoo.it/nbZsbS3l #gold #silver $GOLD $SILVER $SLV $ZSL $GDX $GLD $XME $SIL $AGQ $DGP $DZZ

  23. $LULU rough day for me $BAC $SINA $NBG $ZSL hoping for a betterweek next week

  24. $ZSL Sold ZSL Puts for $5.20 from $1.88

  25. $ZSL Bought $87 puts for next week.