1. Scan results - Crossed Above 50 DMA today: $DGX $LGF $KANG $X $HDB $ZU $GNC $WNC $SPWR $HTZ ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/1/equities?selected_date=2015-05-22

  2. $ZU and $PTBI $LL look out for those three companies you should be able to get a 15 to 20% increase next week

  3. $AMDA $ZU $AAPL $AVEO $PBMD $BIOC $TGS $AXPW $FREE $ABTL $STEM $NSPR $SHOP watchlist for stocks that are about to have huge gains!!!

  4. $ZU bhavr seems to be holding today a bit. Maybe it will move up better tuesday. I have hope for it.

  5. $ZU same bs pattern everyday up a little then fades throughout the day

  6. $ZU at least this is finally moving up in the right direction. Give it a few days/weeks and it will recover nicely IMO

  7. $PTBI $AMDA $NBS $AMPE $ABTL $BIOC $ZU $ENZN $AVEO watch these stocks as they have potential for huge gains

  8. $ZU been all day and hardly up a dime!! No hope here. Dang!!

  9. $ZU I do not see much hope of this going up much more in the near future. at end of day will sell out& take loss moving on!!

  10. $TWTR $BABA takes stakes in $ZU or $TWTR

  11. $ZU http://stocktwits.com/LockYourGains/message/28840796 + http://stocktwits.com/LockYourGains/message/30348436 <--- Delivered. Neutral here.

  12. $ZU will this ever move?

  13. $etsy seems like all new ecommerce takes similar plunge ie $grpn $zu, moral of the story stay away from this industry until after beat down

  14. $ZU Finally this seems to be going up & holding up. over 14$ by close? or is that just wishful thinking lol

  15. $ETSY proving alongside $TWTR $YELP $LNKD and $ZU that the snarkiest of bubbles has popped.

  16. $ACHN after hours move looks like $ZU $KING last week...buyers coming in!

  17. @SeanDavid: I will never invest in $ETSY . Once it went public it became uninvestable. or $ZU or $GRPN

  18. $ETSY wouldn t be surprised to see this gap down tomorrow & go up all day (like $ZU did) but wouldn t be surprised to see it continue down

  19. First $ZU, now $ETSY is getting smoked after hours. Why you shouldn t have been in either of these recent IPOs: https://www.newconstructs.com/danger-zone-tech-ipos/

  20. $ZU THis is going in the wrong direction! I do hope it has an afternoon bounce in it for sure.

  21. $PTBI I forgot who I heard about this stock from but thanks $PTBI also check $AMDA $GIGA $BIOC $BOJA $ZU $PCLN

  22. $ZU This cant seem to go up& stay there lol. mayb by close it will do something. I will hold until friday & close out then at market value

  23. $ZU Yes yolosouth but when? lol I have hopes 4 it 2 but it is so very slow going back 2 what I need 2 b green!! slow but sure.

  24. $ZU Is going to soar in power hour

  25. $AMDA also check out $BX $BIOC $ZU