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  9. $STUDY Be careful when finding yourself continually calling NEW bottoms $FANG $EMES $BWP $EPE $PGH Setups I DO like http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  10. $ETP $WMB $BWP $TRP $EPD The imminent rise of Brent & WTI will impact their operating margins: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2730125-oil-markets-sentiment-and-lame-thinking-are-currently-in-the-drivers-seat

  11. $BWP This stock has more up and down swings than any other stock I follow

  12. $BWP Nice buy rating from USB!

  13. Read Today s Stock Upgrades and Downgrades $SPN $DR.CA $PPY.CA $PWT.CA $BWP $THS $YY $AVNR : http://www.smallcappower.com/posts/notable-analyst-upgrades-and-downgrades-4-12-2014

  14. $BWP Come on bulls!!!

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  16. Tuesday s Notable Options Activity: $VIX, $PBR, $BWP, $SDRL, $SPLS http://www.riskreversal.com/2014/12/03/tuesdays-notable-options-activity-vix-pbr-bwp-sdrl-spls/ @EnisTaner

  17. $BWP Wonder what the big move was here

  18. Unusual Option Volume $STUDY $FTK $BWP $KMB http://optionvol.blogspot.com/2014/12/12-2-14-end-of-day-report.html http://stocktwits.com/message/29820089

  19. Block Trade: 3:37 $BWP Mar20 15 17 C (PHLX) 1.60 87381x Today s Full Report: http://community.livevol.com/index.php/topic/6296-block-trades-12-02-2014/

  20. Fletcher Wealth Management holds an allocation of 3.3% in $BWP in his Oil and Gas MLPs Investment Portfolio

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  23. $BWP - on watch. Broke through bottom BB and bounced off S1 at 15.75. Big Jun call buy today as well

  24. DRJ on @CBOE_TV: markets down slightly, unusual activity in $BWP June calls & $COP Dec calls @OptionMonster http://www.cboe.com/tradtool/webcast.aspx?channelId=5b55c8e4496547688d9023fbc15d1ba5&channelListId=87ce30f5be214b01be55fc231a256371&mediaId=eb320cd054ca499c85655f60eba06d97

  25. Block Trade: 1:18 $BWP Jun19 15 17 C (PHLX) 1.80 14087x Today s Full Report: http://community.livevol.com/index.php/topic/6291-block-trades-12-01-2014/