1. $SCOK Watch $CHNR for a similar run........

  2. $RADA and $CHNR.....

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  9. $BITA also check out $CHNR. Bullish triangle forming...

  10. $LUNA. Also a good one to keep an eye on as positive lately with bullish triangle forming is $CHNR

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  13. $GPRO $CHNR formed triangle. Moving up...

  14. $RADA and definitely check out $CHNR !

  15. $CHNR me too I would like to see a move above $5.29. If you notice, this stock moving up...daily

  16. $CHNR Would like to see a move above $5.29. http://y.ahoo.it/bVVakom1

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  18. SinoCoking Coal and Coke Chemical Industries Inc ($NASDAQ: $SCOK) Leads with 143% Gain $CHNR $ASPU $PULS $ECYT $GFIG- http://y.ahoo.it/KTL0JgbA

  19. $CHNR Bullish Bottom Triangle http://y.ahoo.it/jDXNrNCn

  20. Top 10 Gainers: $SCOK +193%. $BNNY +38%. $CHNR +38%. $LUNA +37%. $IPAS +32%. $MICT +30%. $BYFC +22%. $SGNL +19%. $TGEN +18%. $ECYT +18%

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  22. $CHNR set a buy @ 4.01....never thought I would pick it up....but someone sold to me down here....but left 1 share hanging on my order funny

  23. $CHNR Increased volume today

  24. @JPAlexander $CHNR doing nice....expecting SPIKE $$$

  25. $CHNR beware of pumpers telling to chase very easy to spot them