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  2. $CMG elliot wave...comes down as fast as it went up...maybe chipotle can break the trend...but i ve never seen elliot wave end well

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  7. $CMG why is everyone so in love with this restaurant? the way people talk about it, there may be crack in it. It s slightly above average.

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  13. Tired of fidelty? Whats the best trading platform $aapl $tsla $cmg $amzn $sgyp

  14. who said technical analysis doesnt work? lol.. $CMG #study #saturdaystudysession

  15. $FRGI Bearish chart turns bullish on earnings, check daily gap up list each day. $XLY $SHAK $CMG $BWLD

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  18. July Trading reviewed $30K across $CMG $NFLX $GMCR $LNKD $AAPL $TSLA and others http://www.bustatrades.com/blog/30k-in-august

  19. $CMG didn t disappoint coming out of the little channel

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