1. [PR] $CNTF TechFaith Files Annual Report on Form 20-F for the Fiscal Year 2015 http://www.marketwatch.com/story/techfaith-files-annual-report-on-form-20-f-for-the-fiscal-year-2015-2016-04-29

  2. $CNTF those are scammers guys, they will delist for a couple of dollars x share. First step 3.25$

  3. $CNTF Daxing CRE TechFaith Bldgs paid w/cash. https://www.wework.com/ model a ++; $25 BV & R/S name w/low float. Chart sets up nicely $BABA

  4. $CNTF any chance they get in shipping dry bulk biz like $DRYS $PRGN? HA!

  5. $CNTF (4.14) $25 carrying value CRE($30-33 FMV) Hangzhou campus nxt to $baba $ntes & many more Beijing below links & 3 other cites they own

  6. $CNTF http://www.bdainvest.org another page to view the Daxing district.

  7. $CNTF - Beijing Daxing district property(32 buildings) near fortune 500 companies $BABA $NTES http://www.bdainvest.org/node_1141186.htm

  8. $CNTF first market turmoil and this will trade in the range 2.75-3.25

  9. $CNTF areyou ready for another session of scam trading?

  10. $CNTF

  11. $CNTF sorry forgot the link http://www.ccidnet.com/2016/0425/10124992.shtml

  12. $CNTF can anyone translate the Interview/Story? what is the jist of it?

  13. $SEED chart breaking 5-7 yr down trend lines on massive vol - global ag co. W/ $DD behind them $8 PT next up $cntf 7.50 PT (25 BV)

  14. $CNTF Solid interview w//CEO. Chart setting up big time. Potential for quick jump. TechFaith is a low Float, tightly held name $SEED

  15. $CNTF http://www.ccidnet.com/2016/0425/10124992.shtml $SEED

  16. $SEED This was an incredible move to hire this CEO - wowsa! PT 7-8 in nxt 4 weeks. Take a look at $CNTF w/ 25 BV room to run chart amazing

  17. $SEED not only is hitting 3.50 per share in nxt few days but once CEO meets Fidelity its 8.00 per share - $CNTF(4.14) my next long to fly

  18. $SEED long as my tweets show - anything can happen here 3.50 target still in play $cntf I keep owning and honing #goldencross

  19. golden cross $seed $cntf $lxrx $pgem

  20. $CNTF Mobile will generate cash flow in 16/17 for continued R/E buildout. Oversold! very low float. $BABA $NTES property $250mm in 4-6yrs.

  21. $CNTF all theese catalysts and we re still at the old 80cents, the only thing that market belives is they are liars.

  22. $CNTF Revenue drivers in place for Q2 Q3 Q4 + 2017. Real Estate paid for. Cash flow will trigger BUYBACK per company management. ++low float

  23. $CNTF the first reversal of the markets will report to the $ 3 and the scam continues

  24. $CNTF($30 book value) owns big campus next to $BABA & $NTES in Hangzhou Binjiang Dis now $GS invest 37 million into biotech in same hood.

  25. $CNTF Hangzhou property overview: http://www.chinaknowledge.com/Manufacturing/IndustrialPark.aspx?province=31&content=31