1. @BigPharma $DLIA My best friend had to drag her teenage daughter out of Delia s today! It s a whole different store! She could not get enuf!


  3. $DLIA Delias, Inc files Form 10-K (Annual Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/zyJyocfA

  4. $DLIA No movements .. not too exciting to follow today. Still a good step toward 1.00

  5. $DLIA Long looking good, here. This one will make me some serious cash.


  7. $DLIA , no cheerleading ! YUK ! Just sound truth. Numbers don t lie. Why would anyone lie? It s a snake that comes back around & BITES ya !

  8. $DLIA , Earnings will skyrocket this BABY specialty internet ordering lower overhead soon to be beastly profit machine

  9. $DLIA , DOUG…..I m holding 20,080 shares @ 1.07 - she ll be coming around the mountain when she comes. HOLD on and just know that it s good!

  10. $DLIA ...thanks to a friend , I m here holding a garbage bag. As always...with friends like this, who needs enemies!

  11. $DLIA I added a lot more to long position, today. Avg. down to $0.76 for total 50K shares, now. I absorbed some of that 11:24 dump. LOL

  12. $DLIA Earnings come on May 29th... Keeping my fingers crossed !

  13. Sears Catches a Break with Sales Data http://y.ahoo.it/7Vstj2mI $SHLD $KO $EXXI $DLIA $JCP $THM

  14. $DLIA Should ve gotten out when I had the chance. Now I m stuck again..lol

  15. @SyntecVentures $DLIA I agree - added 3K here @ 0.79. Was hoping for lower but didn t wish to watch it go back up without me :-)

  16. $DLIA I have to admit that I added a small position 5K in this on the dip, Friday. Good retail numbers for Mar. should get this back 2 highs

  17. @ZackW $DLIA 6500 @ .83. Was planning to add below $0.80, but won t if there is a pop today. More ups and downs coming, I am sure :-)

  18. @ZackW $DLIA Looks like PM is messing with our heads again this morning : $0.93 ? Love this volatility :-)

  19. $DLIA Drop a little more... Trigger sell off... Drop a lot more... I buy in under .7, goes to $2 i sell... Sounds like a plan

  20. $DLIA Seems like someone is trying to keep the share price close to $1 so they do not have to reverse split.

  21. $DLIA OK...I think I figured out what has been going on with all the 100 buys in AH pushing this up.

  22. $DLIA: The Turnaround Has Begun http://y.ahoo.it/UzZrw6tL

  23. $DLIA LMAO! He did it again! OK, come on now Gomes, admit this is you.

  24. Stocks I like $DLIA, $PAM, $RAD, $WEN, $V, $LVS, $AEZS, $STZ, $MO, $PXLW

  25. The brilliant $ARIA longs have slammed me for suggesting $DLIA at .75-.80 and $AEZS at 1.15-1.20, yet you wouldn t be hurt owning them