1. @Bullhound now much in my opinion. Over 120 million in sales. Go $dlia

  2. $DLIA with a market cap of only 48M, how much downside could there be here?

  3. $DLIA drop to o.54 AH - why?

  4. $DLIA Anyone has anything to say on this one? How is clothing business in the USA lately.

  5. $DLIA Wonder what a good entry point is here

  6. Watching 7/17 TOP 10 $DLIA $DNN $EGLE $ETRM $HMY $ISR $LIQD $MY $NSU $PCO

  7. $DLIA - Making more today with $DLIA than with $GLUU... which hasn t happened for a while. Hope it continues.

  8. $DLIA This stock seems ready to explode. With such a low buying volume it flies 8%... imagine how fast it could shout up with news!

  9. $DLIA When is earnings?

  10. $DLIA Green shoots? http://y.ahoo.it/9tBtPB6T

  11. $DLIA Zumiez pre-announces strong Q2 proving that retail is not totally dead. If Zumiez can do it then so can Delia*s.

  12. $DLIA Trending downward since the billionaires bought some a while back. Are they driving it down to buy chearper again?

  13. $DLIA W/L

  14. $DLIA any news on this?!

  15. $DLIA the pop!

  16. $MNGA My god the market is crushing me today ! $EXEL $DLIA $LMT $MSFT ... seeing deep dark red all over the place !!

  17. Dipping day :) $WTSL $APP $IMPV $WSTL $DLIA $RALY $BODY $BLOX $GIMO $NIHD $FEYE $IDN $ACTS Continue throughout the week?

  18. $DLIA : )

  19. $DLIA could it be a bounce back?

  20. http://y.ahoo.it/rew3nGTy $VRNG, $ATRS, $APPY, $DLIA, $WDDD,

  21. $DLIA This share seems to do better after the market close. Maybe the shorts get to work by day - it has 25% of the float short.

  22. $DLIA , Not Bashing, this does SUXZ….They keep throwing money at her. Stock split or some more dough to raise that PPS for compliance. C mon

  23. $DLIA ...if I say this sux, is that bashing? Cuz, this SUXZ!!!

  24. $DLIA when is earnings?

  25. $DLIA guesses on earnings?