1. $DLIA dELiA*s also on Amazon is a big deal this holiday season: http://www.amazon.com/dELiA-s/b/ref=dp_apparel_byline_ety?ie=UTF8&node=9941467011&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=dELiA*s

  2. $DLIA Up 50% after hours!! Where is godady? Maybe even he realizes it was only about $800 in actual volume.

  3. $DLIA i will sell at .2745 cents.

  4. $DLIA got in at .12cents like i said. :D

  5. $DLIA If hated $RSH can hang on for a nice good trade or two, so can $DLIA at .13...and they have nicer Jeggings anyway...

  6. $DLIA Is this going to 0? I like it here for a slot machine play.

  7. $DLIA can t believe it, that dude bought 1,000 shares of this wreck ship in AH at 0.19. LOL!!!

  8. $JAKK Mark Gomes should be arrested for pumping. $GTAT $HIMX $DLIA. Thks while he is sleeping on the money of his paid subscribers.

  9. $DLIA Mmmm. those .13 shares were yummy...

  10. $DLIA .22 I say!

  11. $DLIA

  12. $DLIA Short term I see this back at .22.. (radioheadfloyd gut feeling)

  13. $DLIA anbody knows of a platform to buy and sell shares safer than TD Direct? They r desperate. .

  14. $DLIA Great thing is that Tracy and Lex get a nice bonus in Dec. even if they fail to sale, merge, or re-fi the company. Greed is still good

  15. $DLIA looks like I may be back in the game soon at 12 cents a pop.

  16. Share an idea on $DLIA http://stocktwits.com/message/28257017

  17. Leon Cooperman Picks Ocwen, Altisource Tumble http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/10/leon-cooperman-picks-ocwen-altisource-tumble/ $ASPS $COCO $CORI $DLIA $GULTU $OCN

  18. $DLIA eye roll... This is the craziest stock i ever had! I bet we won t hear anything until Dec. Retention bonuses sure they know the plan

  19. $DLIA If you guys are wishing for Hail Mary. This is the the Stock..........

  20. $dlia trading halted? latest ask 214,748.52

  21. $DLIA With ppl making money on the swings, the situation ain t going to change until news of whatever sorts are released

  22. $DLIA if it hits .12, im back in

  23. $DLIA And the panic sale starts. What is new...Lol

  24. $DLIA

  25. $DLIA Holding from 16.5