1. $DLIA Let s get over 14 with some conviction, bought a little more this am.

  2. @Jumpy check $DLIA crossed downtrend today similar price

  3. $DLIA Too much negativity here. Block Block Block. Let s get positive!!!

  4. $DLIA Excellent close! Looking for many days to come.

  5. dELiA*s Surges, Hits Month Mark in the Green http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/11/delias-surges-hits-month-mark-green/ $DLIA $QIHU $SEMI $FRED $ANR $VLTC

  6. $dlia hooray for holiday. Gonna ringa ranga donga for da holiday

  7. $dlia go teen soar happy yay low gas excite so fun go father run happy store close above .20 happy yes

  8. $DLIA , They have 44 million line of credit, plus, all of those online sales. Eventually the bills will get paid, become profitable, cleanUP

  9. $DLIA No secret that this company is in bad shape. Risky. I m in, and have been in. It could go bankrupt or soar. No one knows.

  10. @stcks4prft: $DLIA this could potentially become a turnaround story of 2014/2015 $DLIA

  11. $DLIA , So, Why did you hold your shares through all of those hard times? I knew Tracy could enter a sector with Amazon $AMZN & profit. J

  12. $DLIA Heading to .15 at close.

  13. $DLIA Awesome! Now my position is only 75% down after PTT recommendation. :^)

  14. $WTSL $dlia Making it way up!

  15. $DLIA I have no position on this stock but I m looking to start one. Can anyone share main notes/facts from the last days? Thanks!!

  16. $WTSL $dlia Holiday season, low gas price, tax return coming! Will make to the finished line!

  17. $DLIA so 30.37% of the float is short. with great news and a short squeeze. what would the potential PPS be?

  18. $DLIA Nice volume,eyes try to get above 14 today.

  19. $WTSL $DLIA Mall is not dead, Jim Cranner said.

  20. $DLIA Started small position here

  21. $DLIA wow. 100k shares bought @12 10min before closing.

  22. $DLIA paint job today EOD. Until we get some news now, this will stay around here. I m optimistic on the outlook though

  23. $DLIA Optimistic. I think we re going to see general recovery for sector. It s been held down too long, and new efficiencies in place $APP

  24. $DLIA I m trying to be optimistic about this stock, since its the Holiday Season and all the shoppers are looking best deals.

  25. $DLIA This surgery will be successful and happy!