1. $DLIA You moved today it s a miracle

  2. $FREE $DLIA was a good day trade for a while & I made some $, but I broke my hold overnight rule, they PR d BK before hours and I lost $15K

  3. @PTTResearch: 2015 @PoisedToTriple Pick Performance Update: $QADA $MATR $GLUU $AERO $JAKK $STUDY $GTAT $GTATQ $DLIA $DLIAQ

  4. $WTSL $DLIA $ANV $RSH $CACH $ANV http://r-i-i.org/RII-%20Alert%20-%20Never%20Buy%20Stocks%20in%20Bankrupty.pdf

  5. $DLIA - 20080 shares @ $1.02 let s rock. LOL

  6. $DLIA up 42% today yes!!

  7. $DLIA Wake up today please. Go make me proud.

  8. @netOfied $DLIA .10 cents or 10$

  9. $DLIA I cat wait for this to go to $10

  10. $DLIA I just bought few thousand shares of you now let s go partying

  11. $DLIA - Selling online only? HMMMMmmmMMMmmmmMmmmmmmM

  12. $DLIA good

  13. $DLIA is thisgoing to make a come back ?

  14. $DLIA had another stock that went BK, total loss and the same people opened up under a different symbol the next day. Can this happen here?

  15. @Bsn99: $WTSL its interrsting $DLIA %370 ^+ Wow!!!

  16. $WTSL its interrsting $DLIA %370 ^+

  17. $DLIA rocking

  18. $DLIA Staying away from this pos!

  19. $DLIA breaking.....West Coast Private Equity Group To Purchase dELiA*s, Inc. $DLIAQ.... http://sierraworldequityreview.blogspot.in/2015/03/breakingwest-coast-private-equity-group.html

  20. $SDRL .. look at $KIOR $DLIA .. many never believed B/K until it actually happened

  21. $ECOM https://au.finance.yahoo.com/q/ta?s=ECOM&t=1y&l=on&z=l&q=c&p=e10%2Ce50%2Ce200%2Cb&a=m26-12-9%2Cr14%2Cvm&c= $DLIA $GTAT $GTATQ $GSAT $ATRN $STUDY

  22. $JAKK OFF > 9.1% on > 3X ADV (3 mo) $STUDY $DLIA $GTAT $GTATQ

  23. $JAKK down 9.1% in early trading & 3X ADV (3 mo) $STUDY $DLIA $GTAT $GTATQ

  24. $JAKK down 9.5% in early trading & 2.7X ADV (3 mo) $STUDY $DLIA $GTAT $GTATQ

  25. $JAKK down 7.2% in early trading & > 2X ADV (3 mo) $STUDY $DLIA $GTAT $GTATQ