1. $DLIA This dump can go broke soon

  2. $DLIA Bought some @ 0.32! Looking for a nice Play! http://y.ahoo.it/AP32HmYA

  3. $DLIA @jherrity Can you please supply evidence that Cooperman has sold his shares?

  4. @canapa123 Leon Cooperman sold his shares. $DLIA will have a reverse split coming up.

  5. $DLIA I want it selling at a discount compared to its real value–that’s the margin of safety

  6. $DLIA there are still believers at low .3x . I think the company is worth $7 - $10 million, not $23.79 M

  7. $DLIA retail turnaround is difficult to execute & it s moving slower than anticipated .employee morale low for too long + losing customers

  8. $DLIA numbers are numbers, they don t lie.. give me a good reason why you wanna buy a comp losing money quarter after quarter after quarter.

  9. $DLIA Do you think Leon Cooperman would have upped his stake in DLIA to 25% if there was a chance of bankruptcy. More like take private?

  10. $DLIA Leon Cooperman would not have bought 25% of a company that faced bankruptcy, just a few months ago and paid $0.69 per share.

  11. $DLIA 69% probability of bankruptcy within next two years. http://y.ahoo.it/nuG9oFYM

  12. $DLIA : $APP,$WTSL or $DLIA at least one will go bankrupt .

  13. @John2110 Look at $DLIA and $WTSL! Activists are making the different! As long there is fundamental, there is bottom for opportunists!

  14. @John2110 $DLIA has until Nov 3rd for listing and additional 180 days with a written request for extension! Trading at 0.5 book value.

  15. Fraud Allegations Dog 21Vianet Group as Share Price Plummets http://y.ahoo.it/JG3wsY1C $AUXL $TRQ $GOGO $DLIA $EOPN $VNET

  16. $DLIA Investors, be warned. A reverse split is coming. Its in the filings.

  17. @Retro807 Truly great investments should not depend on hype-driven momo. $DLIA $HIMX $PXLW $GTAT

  18. $DLIA Just back in at 0.32 - hoping Leon Cooperman made a good decision.

  19. $DLIA no Q&A and no mention of CFO vacancy is equally concerning as terrible Q2 results. Likely reason is that the company is done.

  20. $DLIA I m in @.27. for a trade. Betting against bankruptcy.

  21. $DLIA RS is imminent... wondering when

  22. @sftmp good job! buy high - sell low. Ready to sell $DLIA again at .30 ?

  23. $DLIA Sold at .38 bought at .33

  24. $DLIA Swallowed my loss and moved on

  25. $DLIA With all the stocks to choose from, is praying over this one really worth the gray hairs??😳😳. PLEASE!! Move on guys. Plenty fish!!!