1. $DLIA Not a good day today, but it s a excellent week ahead!

  2. $DLIA September is gonna be a great month for stocks, then kablooey. Buy before its too late.

  3. $DLIA Will b Suprise all big guys!

  4. $DLIA With all the facts we see, it gotta b

  5. $DLIA All time low, with good reputation CEO to turn around.

  6. $DLIA Buy people s fear!

  7. $DLIA This one should gain a penny a day until ER, not the other way around. People are not optimist.

  8. $DLIA Teens boom mean dlia boom!

  9. $DLIA I love to play this patience game!

  10. $DLIA Earnings call is a little over a week away. This could run over .50 before then. buy the cheapies!

  11. $DLIA It s going to double Very easy here! Of course there is risk associate with it. Do your dd b4 buy.

  12. $SILC Going on a nice run for the last month, time to sell soon. WatchList: $DLIA $TLM $FOLD $PWT.CA $LULU

  13. $DLIA With Tracy Gardner, expending business, not closing business!

  14. $DLIA Stores are pack of customers!

  15. $DLIA Did they finally went forward in closing a few underperforming stores? I wonder if sales on Amazon are high.

  16. $DLIA Let move to the future teens!

  17. $DLIA September move like an Eagle!

  18. $DLIA Here we go. Sept. 2014

  19. $DLIA

  20. @Godady @daverose I am simply betting on Tracy Gardner here. Look what she did w/ J.Crew $DLIA ALSO NEW CEL

  21. @daverose $DLIA revenue is generally 3x its market value, a good sign. There is a new management team clearing house for the past year . . .

  22. $DLIA ...What makes you think earnings will beat expectation? this company appears to be on its last leg

  23. $DLIA Economy pick up, consumers confident spending, back to school, holiday seasons is coming, retails start booming!

  24. $DLIA Most of Delia s stores are on east coast, Q1 was bad weather for consumer shopping. Q2 is nice weather for shopper

  25. $DLIA I have a feeling 2nd quarter is good!