1. @SyntecVentures http://y.ahoo.it/NlztjWRN If Tracy Gardner is for show! People like Leon G. Cooperman wouldn t investing in $DLIA at all!

  2. $DLIA Take a closer look for big break out!

  3. $DLIA Time to ride up for big break out!

  4. $DLIA Stock is down 70% since PTT recommended it. Feel sorry for people who bought based on that recommendation.

  5. @BottomUp Based on what? $DLIA

  6. @SyntecVentures $DLIA has a long future, ER should be next week! I m 99% sure it will be better than the last Q!

  7. @SyntecVentures I can promise you $DLIA wont be delist that easy! It still have another 180 days extension after November!

  8. $DLIA If there is not a turnaround this Q, delist coming...

  9. @uknowhowisfeel a lot of good news from retailers recently. .... this doesn t mean it s going to be clear skies for $DLIA going forward.

  10. $DLIA Gonna be a lot of bag holders in this one as the sheep get herded to the slaughter house

  11. $DLIA Suspect this Q decent

  12. $DLIA

  13. $DLIA No movement today. Just in chill mode. Hopefully earnings call date gets released this week.

  14. $DLIA Bloody!

  15. $DLIA I remain bullish all the way

  16. $DLIA Just bought more, at .41 earnings should be good.

  17. $DLIA How much Sales are online vs. In store?

  18. $DLIA

  19. @Osborne820 Thoughts on $DLIA?

  20. $DLIA Holiday season coming

  21. $DLIA Summer teens

  22. $DLIA Consumers are confident to spend

  23. $DLIA Stores are pack of customers

  24. $DLIA advice to management: stop raising and lowering cheap clothing prices like a stock market!!!!!!

  25. $DLIA buy buy buy!