1. $DLIA 774K likes on FB, let s hit this holiday season!

  2. $DLIA starting to improve social media marketing. Fb, twtr

  3. $DLIA if Delia are able to use omni-channel retailing to improve sales, this will surely be a turnaround story of 2015. Let s see

  4. $DLIA On a more usefull facts she has 2.5k sales after hours. @.13 and @12 ( Mind you it all comes down to $310 in value) 👏

  5. $DLIA I thought the company didn t have to report earnings or docs since it was delisted from Nasdaq global mkt to the Nasdaq capital mkt.

  6. $DLIA Thank u $ dlia for the $2.5k this week. Might see you next week. If u are not BK over the weekend.👍

  7. $WTSL $DLIA Show time!

  8. $DLIA , Little-ist, Smallest, Tiniest & Micro among Macros has Earnings After Day, $AMZN (Biggest) $QVCA (NextBig) $VIPS (China) $MELI (ARG)

  9. $DLIA sports and manipulators trying to sell 100 share or less blocks with a low ask. Pathetic.

  10. $DLIA , does this company get consumed or corrected ?

  11. $DLIA - strong volume

  12. meh lost a good amount on $COCO and $DLIA, gambling is in my blood.

  13. $DLIA Short trap?

  14. $DLIA setting up nicely for an EOD run

  15. $DLIA Nice site. However, it s still just an estimate. Only way to know for sure is if company pre-announces. I hope you are right, but....

  16. GameStop Tumbles After Missing the Mark on Sales http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/11/gamestop-tumbles-missing-mark-sales/ $SFUN $DLIA $EIGO $GME $LGF $GPS

  17. $DLIA , Finviz.com, home page, screener, Earnings After tab. No guessing or emotional estimating. C MON man.

  18. $DLIA Anyone who has a link to when earnings will be released, please share. Otherwise, just a guess or estimate.

  19. $DLIA , earnings to be released after hours today. Lets see if the smallest company in the Industry (C&MOH) can shake things up.

  20. $DLIA , reason why mkt cap is so low, DLIA is reg in same cata as Amazon 153 Billion mkt cap. Lowest share price, lowest mkt cap in category

  21. $DLIA Graph is looking good, it can gap up higher!

  22. $DLIA this could potentially become a turnaround story of 2014/2015

  23. $DLIA Hard to believe that the market cap is under $10m. Ridiculous.

  24. $DLIA I want this company. I want this company. I want this company.

  25. $DLIA Great clothes, great company with a good history. The Leadership just needs to steer this ship in the right direction.