1. $HEB Friday

  2. $HEB thoughts on today s action?

  3. $HEB Short volume http://shortanalytics.com/getshortchart.php?tsymbol=heb

  4. $HEB is their pre-market and after-market trading on this one?

  5. $HEB paint the tape or it s rolling over --> .15

  6. $RGSE has a lot of potential, I think it ll reflect in the share price shortly holding for $2.5. $NUGT $HEB $NSPR $XOMA

  7. $RGSE set to break out soon!!! $QUIK $HEB $NSPR $NBG $GDP

  8. $HEB I am still holding from 24c.

  9. $HEB Global sales of interferon was approximately $7.8 billion in year 2013. Expected to rise exponentially. HEB is going to join the party.

  10. $HEB Mensch callin a goji berry kangaroo formation on the chart!

  11. $HEB soon I tell ya, we just broke through linear regression, next is ema50 .25💰💰💰💎💰💸

  12. $HEB It hit the magical .17.

  13. $HEB Volume break out?? @guest617, i believe you called this

  14. $HEB so

  15. $HEB Jump to $0.20 on good volume

  16. CYTX has had 3 good pr this week looking good $AMDA $PBMD $SNSS $XOMA $HEB $ZGNX $BIOC $VLTC $GENE $IBIO $KBIO $IBB

  17. $CPRX $HTM $HEB $CHK $SPHS check out $MEP, just jumped 31% this morning and still running!

  18. $HEB Why am I here? Let s see some bulls talk about how good the stock really can be.

  19. $HEB Daniel Ward...thoughts on the open house?

  20. $HEB Ah here we go again, more of the same. When s the flumist pump happening?

  21. $HEB Why the drop 2 days in a row?

  22. $HEB never a bad day when you re on that medi flowers.

  23. $HEB I ve held this stock for quite some time now. History shows this will bump up a bit. If you ve got enough shares, it could make a diff.

  24. $HEB Sold all but 5K shares today... Lost a bit, but I m confident I will make it up in Amedica. All the best, boys!

  25. $HEB It went under 19c. It needs some news not SH meetings. Until then it is down. Hope we hear some FDA news soon