1. $HERO sees like only upside to come.

  2. $HERO

  3. $PVA $EOX $KEG $HERO good article, potential takeover targets from the energy sector with 100% upside:http://seekingalpha.com/article/3688846-2-under-the-radar-takeover-targets-with-strong-catalysts-ahead

  4. $HERO Website updated with new FSR info: http://offshoredrillers.weebly.com/hercules-offshore.html

  5. $HERO released FSR! Some extensions, which is good news! 350 and 173 now ready stacked now...

  6. Current report, item 7.01 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary2/?id=2215465 $HERO

  7. $EXXI $GDP $PVA $PWE $HERO $UWTI any body has a link on to where I can find the reason why USA needs high oil price? I have a friend that

  8. $ATW $DO $ESV $HERO $NADL $NE $ORIG $PACD $PGN $RDC $SDRL $SDLP $RIG $RIGP $VTGDF http://offshoredrillers.weebly.com/ Website has been updated!!

  9. $HERO Should move into the 5 s investors buying.with the know that the market is setting price and will never go back.Grab em while you can!

  10. Wait game for $HERO Wait game for $ESEA Waiting game for $DRY but all 3 are getting a .20 cent bounce. #SantaClauseRally or #GoodTiming

  11. $HERO The time will come when the oil demand is in our favor, then they will beg for our drillers, by then we will set our prices.

  12. $HERO drank 5 hrs energy drink and lost steam afterwards.

  13. $KBIO Is $HERO (trading under cash and no debt, low float) the next $AEZS ?

  14. $HERO I set my sell order @ $75.00 see ya ll in 2020.

  15. $HERO I know this will bounce back to the .06 equivalent, if not .03-.04. When it does, those who are in will be rewarded. Until then.. . .

  16. $HERO this is equivalent to 1.5 cents before the reverse stock split ...

  17. $HERO this is the stupidest stock ever ...

  18. $HERO if ever there was a stock to short, this would be the one.

  19. $HERO

  20. $HERO not even soros moved this thing...dang

  21. $HERO George Soros and others got about FREE 20 M shares in exchange for offering loans $450M with 9.5% per annum http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/the-latest-moves-made-by-billionaire-george-soros-firm-and-other-hedge-funds-384777/

  22. Losers $NMBL -49%, $MENT -35%, $RCPI -21%, $NM -14%, $CRMT -14%, $PQ -12%, $ASYS -11%, $LGCY -11%, $X -10%, $HERO -10%, $UNIS -10%,

  23. $HERO I added more to position.. at this rate I will be majority stockholder before the bounce. This is a great opportunity to get in cheap!

  24. $HERO When oil is up, oil company (HERO) should be up.

  25. $HERO good entry point??