1. Deutsche Bank’s Top 7 Oil Services Stocks To Buy http://y.ahoo.it/hLbNa3RV $DB $BHI $SLB $BAS $EXH $FET $HERO $PES $CHK

  2. $HERO spikedbull, may be it is time to change to spikedbaltz ...

  3. $HERO IMO you are def dumb a$$ to sell this here

  4. $HERO A stock buyback next ER will be a very welcome gift for the longs who believe in this company it was done before in 2008

  5. $HERO Is everyone flashed out yet? if not those greedy bastards will keep doing this tomorrow

  6. $HERO I am not sure if nay retails are left still holding the back some prob died having a heart attack after looking at a huge loss

  7. $HERO Greedy shorts celebrating not enough cash for you yet bastards

  8. $ROYL WTI Crude off 1%-but lots O/G names getting killed $MTDR $FST $HERO $AXAS etc....tax selling?

  9. $HERO they continue to kill this pig until they satisfied

  10. $HERO Yikes...!!! If resistance doesn t hold at $2 it s gonna get ugly... Then buy buy buy...!!!

  11. @bobspencer1116 @JaredTyndall Gonna ride this b%tch straight down into Hades! $HERO

  12. $HERO Zacks 3 Hold... And so am I

  13. $HERO So this was an 7 dollar stock now its a 2 dollar one so next a 1 stock only 19 cents of those greedy pigs

  14. $HERO Looks like I wont be opening my account statement for a very long time this POS better not go any lower

  15. $HERO >6MM shares 30min to go looks like cover n more &buyn... $SDRL $RIG $HAL <> $LKQ like to see it enter 25 or at low 26 s down on $AZO

  16. $HERO being liquidated by large holders, same for whole sector. They are overdoing the selling.

  17. $HERO When you dine with thieves wear a bib, eat with your fingers and dispense with the Kings English.

  18. $HERO Got more of those $3 calls for April 2015 at .15, Will get another batch at this price, and then DONE for Long Term Hold. (Years)

  19. $HERO Perfect storm today moved this to a level not seen since 2011 time to be as much as a pig as possible at this price or below

  20. $rig $do $HERO people think current down turn is worse than $bp oil spill, this is completely wrong. be greedy when others are fearful

  21. $HERO From 6.52 on January 2nd to 2.20 now? What could change so drastically in 9 months? Trading in this should be investigated.

  22. $HERO Bought more 2016 calls.. Saving 2k for further fall

  23. $HERO just saw 2.19

  24. $HERO is tapping at the 2$ door I looking for bottom had to add options $SDRL off lows & green, $RIG $HAL $SLB $MHR

  25. $HERO Looking for entry around $2.00