1. $MGT sideways

  2. $MGT Mcafee active on Twitter today!

  3. $XGTI $BOSC $MGT it s ok I m day trading this selling the rips and buying the dips easy money here

  4. $MGT watch cjes for .66 break. Has room with volume.

  5. $XGTI $BOSC faster the fly like that crash hey sell but look at $MGT at 5 crash back down

  6. $MGT so much bull!

  7. $MGT We all know by now this will just go up

  8. $MGT

  9. $MGT Lets see the Bulls show support!

  10. $MGT Very soon this thing is going to bust wide open

  11. $MGT

  12. $MGT

  13. $MGT Complete

  14. $MGT 5 EOW

  15. $MGT Isnt this P&D done yet? Not even KBIO lasted this long before everyone was wiped out.

  16. $MGT Oops wrong button, sorry about the share. Don t suspend me please.

  17. $MGT

  18. $MGT http://www.nbcnews.com

  19. $MGT i own a small position and hope this will do big things ( 500 shares )

  20. $MGT Warren Buffet. Charlie Munger. John Bogle. Walking dead.

  21. $MGT level ^

  22. $mgt today s news about MySpace is why we need better cyber security. https://twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/737675395974242304

  23. $MGT

  24. $MGT Back in with 20k position. Will see where this goes.

  25. $MGT