1. $MGT $IBIO #freeMGT #lets go MGT #letsgoibio

  2. $MGT Football season is around the corner & biggest game for DFS!! If merger not done by 8/31, MGT grows organically with higher multiple

  3. $MGT Merger details: now expires 8/31, $10k a day more cash, 500k more warrants, $250k preferred stock issued to Canadian investor

  4. $MGT new merger terms are better - original 4mm cash + new $10,000 a day paid to MGT until 8/31 or merger closing (whichever comes first)

  5. $MGT Amazing - merger agreement renewed at the last minute now until 8/31

  6. Mgt Capital Investments, Inc http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=1858479 $MGT

  7. $MGT Merger is still possible as it wasn t actually cancelled, they just removed the hard deadline. Still think Amaya might step in

  8. $MGT So these guys screwed up another deal I swear these guys couldnt find there way outta of a wet paper sack. Were in trouble now

  9. $MGT: New SEC Filing for MGT: Form 8-K, No. 0001144204-15-043487 http://stocknewsflow.com/1001601_000114420415043487_0001144204-15-043487

  10. Mgt Capital Investments, Inc http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=1857206 $MGT

  11. $MGT Maybe Amaya or someone else looking at Draftday as there is no penalty if deal w Sportech is broken. Maybe that s the delay??

  12. $MGT no news is good news?

  13. $MGT wake up and smell the coffee let s gooooo. Release the beast aka The News

  14. $MGT Take the money $2M plus $2M in 3 mos to Tera Grp and lock in deal with Bitcoin s future!

  15. $MGT I hope today is the day we get some positive movement. Let s goooo $MGT.

  16. $MGT here is to hoping the deal closes tomorrow. Otherwise it will start to look pretty bad.

  17. $MGT assuming the dale of the daily fantasy business goes thru, any sense on what MGT

  18. $MGT Draftday deal should finally close next week. We should see some action then

  19. $MGT: New SEC Filing for MGT: Form 8-K, No. 0001144204-15-041162 http://stocknewsflow.com/1001601_000114420415041162_0001144204-15-041162

  20. Mgt Capital Investments, Inc http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=1826047 $MGT

  21. $MGT any ideas of timeframe to close DraftDay sale?

  22. $MGT Is stock halted?? no trades in 2hrs after move up

  23. This deep red day on the $DJIA has me looking at some former holdings again: $HH $ZQK $FWM $MGT $IMMU $CIDM $APP $HOV

  24. $MGT We first need the DraftDay sale to actually close to restore management credibility! Then hopefully Tera is next

  25. $MGT When will news come out of Tera Group alliance? The ticker will spike! But crap until then unless (?continued) insider buys.