1. 11/25/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▲1 NAS▲13 S&P▼.27 BIB▲1 IBB▲3 XBI▲1 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG

  2. Algo trading: OPEN signals Nov/25 BUY: $TUMI $VMC $DNKN $CCOI $PRXL $PANW $HAWK

  3. 11/24/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▲19 NAS▲.33 S&P▲2 BIB▼.18 IBB▼.65 XBI▲.28 $KITE $MDVN $MYL $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL

  4. Scan results - Stochastic Sell Signal today: $CBD $A $VAL $COL $FMER $PRXL $QRVO $HON $ARI $BA ...

  5. 11/23/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▼31 NAS▼2 S&P▼2 BIB▲.96 IBB▲2 XBI▲1 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG

  6. 11/20/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▲91 NAS▲31 S&P▼.09 $BIB▲3 $IBB▲.07 $XBI▲.17 $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG $SRPT $VRTX $XON

  7. 11/18/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▲247 NAS▲89 S&P▲33 BIB▲3 IBB▲9 XBI▲2 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG

  8. Algo trading CLOSING signals: Nov/18 $VC(2.9 %) $FB(3.0 %) $MAN(4.4 %) $AIZ(4.1 %) $ASH(2.4 %) $NTRS(3.2 %) $CBOE(2.5 %) $PRXL(3.5 %)

  9. 11/17/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▲6 NAS▲1 S&P▼2 BIB▲1 IBB▲4 XBI▲.5 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG

  10. 11/16/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▲237 NAS▲56 S&P▲30 BIB▲.47 IBB▲1 XBI▼.12 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG

  11. 11/13/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▼202 NAS▼77 S&P▼22 BIB▲1 IBB▲3 XBI▼.05 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG


  13. Senior Vice President of PAREXEL International Corporation just cashed-in 12,425 options http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2181716 $PRXL

  14. 11/12/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▼254 NAS▼61 S&P▼29 BIB▼2 IBB▼6 XBI▼1 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG

  15. $PRXL: New SEC Filing for PRXL: Form 4 http://insideri.com/1083208_000112760215031135_0001127602-15-031135

  16. PAREXEL International Corporation director just disposed of 1,500 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2176399 $PRXL

  17. 11/10/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▲27 NAS▲17 S&P▲3 BIB▲.65 IBB▲1 XBI▼.25 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG

  18. 11/09/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▼179 NAS▼51 S&P▼20 BIB▼.03 IBB▲.34 XBI▲.63 $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG $SRPT $VRTX $XON $ZTS

  19. 11/06/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▲46 NAS▲19 S&P▼.73 BIB▼.44 lBB▼.90 XBI▼.04 $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG $SRPT $VRTX $XON $ZTS

  20. 11/04/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▼50 NAS▼2 S&P▼7 BIB▼.54 IBB▼1 XBI▲.40 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG

  21. 11/02/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▲165 NAS▲73 S&P▲24 BIB▲5 IBB▲12 XBI▲4 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG

  22. Momentum stock watch for TUES $ACAD $CNK $DO $FCE.A $FIS $L $MSCI $PRXL $RYN $SBGI $WY

  23. 10/30/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▼92 NAS▼20 S&P▼10 BIB▼1 IBB▼3 XBI▼.68 $NBIX $OPK $PBYI $PRGO $PRXL $RARE $SGEN $SHPG

  24. Check out responses put forth in the $PRXL call (transcript) http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://seekingalpha.com/article/3628666-parexel-international-prxl-josef-h-von-rickenbach-on-q1-2016-results-earnings-call-transcript

  25. PAREXEL International Corporation just filed a paper-based report http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary2/?id=2127658 $PRXL