1. $PSEC I know we ended up down but most of the 3.52 million shares bought on upticks that was 1.6 mill over 10 day avg just a thought very

  2. $PSEC Money will be moving into high yield U.S instruments. I just wish I hadn t slept through the morning plunge. Buying more@ 7.80 &7.72

  3. $PSEC Silver and Gold were king, stopped out on $USLV with good profit. Waiting for $400 on payday for $PSEC

  4. $PSEC held strong for a while. 3 of my 15 ETFs/stocks were green, got taken out (to early) with trailing limit on $TVIX, breaking even

  5. $PSEC what did I win I want it!

  6. $PSEC we won today

  7. $PSEC today beats a stick in the eye anytime

  8. $PSEC with the market down 3 - 4% & PSEC down just .9%, I am very happy with today s outcome.

  9. $PSEC well better than a broken arm I guess

  10. $PSEC not a terrible way to end the day

  11. $PSEC That is it... Am out of the wisdom business for the day

  12. $PSEC Albert Einstein was quoted saying that compound interest was mankind s greatest invention. I like to amend it by saying ......

  13. $PSEC I am an income investor(who does like to sell at profit once in a while) primarily. Every 120 shares bought pays u $10/month.

  14. $PSEC new record watchers 1649 go long or go home

  15. $PSEC winning $WFC $JPM $GS $C $BAC losing

  16. $PSEC 1649

  17. $PSEC CNBC talking about banks right now $CS $DB $RBS way ouch

  18. $PSEC wow banks getting killed $WFC $JPM $GS $C $BAC

  19. $PSEC I wonder which bank got hurt the most. $GS does a lot of currency trading. Wonder who bet the wrong way yesterday???

  20. $PSEC scale in... ex div is a few days away. Reinvestment capital is waning. lower entry is likely in the coming week

  21. $PSEC no 8.60 has been my call for sept 1st

  22. $PSEC 9.61 book and a 13% yield , safe during the collapse of the banks 😄

  23. $PSEC 791 was epic lets go back 7 9 1

  24. $PSEC $PSEC

  25. $PSEC 1647 watchers spread the word bout PSEC and safety .08333333 coming again each and every 30 days