1. $RJET So why so silent in here I could hear a pin drop lol

  2. $RJET So, what happens if the No vote wins?

  3. $RJET why is the price being held down?

  4. $RJET lots of time here. She ll get walked down

  5. $RJET is 87% owned by institutions. Most banks are closed today. Excited for the pilot vote! A bit worried about $AAL, $UAL suing like $DAL

  6. $RJET The last day to vote is the 27th. Voting started today. I would imagine if the 2100 pilots voted b4 then it could get signed b4 the 27

  7. $RJET Could voting potentially end early or is it definitely on the 27th?

  8. $RJET talked to a few pilots, voting has now begun they are confident this will easily pass

  9. Back in $RJET at 5.75, 1/3 position, keeping ammo dry in case it dips.

  10. $RJET Heading back up, up, up and away!!!!!!! Let s get this stock in the air :)

  11. $RJET Expecting to hold at 5+ until next week, seems management wants this done before holiday traffic spike.

  12. $RJET Low vote# but these are the most active and informed pilots. The rest are sheep. This will pass.

  13. $RJET

  14. $RJET Remember…its a holiday. Likely choppy and low volume all day..whole MKT

  15. $RJET volume is anemic

  16. $RJET what is happening?

  17. I ll be back in these names: $ANFI $RJET

  18. $RJET Will buy more if this stock gets close to $5. Still some room to grow. Low volume and weak hands means great prices.

  19. $RJET got in at 2.75. Had my finger on the button earlier this week. Glad i held.

  20. $RJET Just so you know there s still room on this flight..

  21. $RJET http://www.indystar.com/story/money/2015/10/09/republic-airways-pilots-vote-pact/73664920/

  22. $RJET I ll buy this at one point. On my watch list and plenty of time

  23. $RJET ouch http://StockNewsHour.com/rjet-republic-airways-holdings-cut-to-buy-at-vetr-inc-rjet/ well the fun ride is over

  24. $RJET Locked and loaded for the next few weeks...double digits should be possible...

  25. $RJET just over 2 weeks before the contract gets ratified, this will start moving north in anticipation $$$