1. Large selling volume $FBHS $ETE $STZ $IRM $WMB $CTSH $WPZ $SEM $STP $SONC $WDAY $Z $ADBE $BWP $LB $ZBH $SABR

  2. $SUNE the next $STP Suntech Power Holdings imo

  3. $STP awesome.. ATH any time

  4. .$SUNE,.$SPWR,.$SCTY,.$CSIQ,.$SU,.$STP,.$SLTD Big Solar winners in Paris http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-14/big-oil-make-way-for-big-solar-the-winners-and-losers-in-paris

  5. .$SUNE,.$SPWR,.$SCTY,.$CSIQ,.$SU,.$STP,.$SLTD President Obama pointed to new ventures in wind and solar energy http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/what-the-global-climate-accord-means-for-you/ar-BBnu4rL?li=BBnbcA1&ocid=mailsignout

  6. Top Solar stocks to buy now, in order, with climate change in full effect 1.$SUNE 2.$SPWR 3.$SCTY 4.$CSIQ 5.$SU 6.$STP 7.$SLTD

  7. $CSIQ $JKS $TSL $FSLR $SPWR all down except for $SUNE, that makes sense. Can t wait til they join $STP & $LDK so the sector can recover.

  8. $SUNE debt levels Reminds me of $STP Right before it went insolvent and de-listed.

  9. $SUNE all debt companies will go same road remember SUNTECH $STP & $YGE

  10. $STP what s the news on STPFQ guys?

  11. $SLTD LOL Juicy $RGSE reminds me a lot more of $STP than the other way around, just look at your 1yr chart. Your catching a falling knife

  12. $RGSE i was saying that $SLTD is NOT like $RGSE and $SLTD reminds me of $STP Suntech Power. Just saying. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3383555-ceo-will-likely-declare-a-turnaround-victory-for-real-goods-solar-on-aug-10

  13. $RGSE <> $SLTD is a different company reminds me of $STP Suntech Power solar Pump & DUMP play. Anyone remember them?

  14. $STP: ZKenergy gana la demanda contra Wuxi Suntech en su primer juicio http://stockwires.com/zkenergy-gana-la-demanda-contra-wuxi-suntech-en-su-primer-juicio

  15. $STP bounce bay


  17. $STP Suntech Announces Progress in Cayman Islands Proceedings.. http://y.ahoo.it/g4kpLvxb

  18. $STP wow! what a comeback off lod-watching

  19. NYSE To Suspend Trading Of Suntech Power s ADS, Begin Delisting Procedure http://y.ahoo.it/ZbTAOIH6 by Trefis Team $STP $LDK $YGE

  20. $STP yet another chinese stock RIP

  21. $STP Not going to pretend, wish I held on to STP short. A couple days later, it s close to $0.50 now, but I respect Risk.


  23. $STP Aren t they bankrupt, I heard that they used to be owned by a billionaire, who is now a millionaire.


  25. http://y.ahoo.it/IH4sA3Fe $stp, $ldk $tsl $yge $jaso $csiq