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Split in two

19 hours ago by davisfoolger
4/2 16 2 minutes 59 seconds ago by notahchort

Obama: When people get "crowbars and start prying open doors to loot they're not ...

8 minutes ago by etrade_chimp
1/1 2 4 minutes 40 seconds ago by alwaysreadyinnyc

The Most-Stupid-Right-Wing-Post Contest Continues

26 minutes ago by mr.cheyn
1/0 3 5 minutes ago by mr.cheyn

Now Clintons are caught using

1 hour 47 minutes ago by dillary_cliton
8/4 16 7 minutes ago by mr.cheyn

George Michael is a musical genius...

20 minutes ago by big_hairy_beaver
1/0 1 10 minutes ago by mr.cheyn

etrade: "I'm no racist! My other screen names are, but not me."

21 hours ago by jeanstalllng
5/1 8 12 minutes ago by etrade_chimp

Obama wants more money to spend, so he sends his thugs out on baltimore streets.

17 minutes ago by idccnokia2006
0/1 0 17 minutes ago by idccnokia2006

Police are taxing us! Don't tread on us!

51 minutes ago by foxnewsbschecker3
1/0 2 18 minutes ago by california_ghost_cat

Maddow may be nuts, but she's revered by the left and she exemplifies their thought pr...

58 minutes ago by dikalone4u
1/2 4 19 minutes ago by big_hairy_beaver

Google Sportsmart Baltimore ....and then look what the social justice mob did to a family-...

19 minutes ago by etrade_chimp
0/0 0 19 minutes ago by etrade_chimp

black and progresive city leaders have failed again

20 minutes ago by jeanstalling1
0/0 0 20 minutes ago by jeanstalling1

“Gun ownership is not a special privilege reserved for a select few. It is a constitutiona...

Apr 23, 2015 7:28 PM by u8_2dikalones
5/3 34 23 minutes ago by mr.cheyn

Who is Policing the Police??????

1 hour 15 minutes ago by ynot4q2
1/2 4 27 minutes ago by baggerssuck

AND democrats want our guns!!!

20 hours ago by u8dikalone
2/2 4 28 minutes ago by mr.cheyn

Police need to go back to shooting looters: Vote for Ted Cruz

29 minutes ago by cruzin2016
0/1 0 29 minutes ago by cruzin2016


50 minutes ago by penthouseexperience_naplesfl
3/0 1 34 minutes ago by northvisitor34

Baltimore Riots: The LONG Criminal History of Freddie Gray

54 minutes ago by dikalone4u
2/1 2 36 minutes ago by ynot4q2

144 Vehicles made the WEEKNEE Roast in Baltimore Last Night

37 minutes ago by dano_4438
0/1 0 37 minutes ago by dano_4438

Buying off Illegal Police Actions: Just pay the victims, and don't punish the rogue c...

37 minutes ago by texasdemocrat
0/1 0 37 minutes ago by texasdemocrat

The teabags are scared to death of Hillary ....

Apr 26, 2015 8:34 PM by jojomax411
11/17 32 40 minutes ago by jojomax411

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