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Why do liberals continue to support failed & dysfunctional policies?

Aug 31, 2015 7:19 PM by drwstring
2/4 14 31 minutes ago by libertydies30

Why do wing-ding JACKASSES continue to glob onto Mitt's mythic 47% lie?

3 hours ago by zeo_hero
0/0 0 3 hours ago by zeo_hero

Robert Reich 2015/9/2 CEO Pay

5 hours ago by whyduyouask
0/0 2 5 hours ago by stopspending

Iran: The rest of the world AND the US succeed while the GOP dolts make fools of themselve...

5 hours ago by zeo_hero
0/0 0 5 hours ago by zeo_hero

The "mandate" seems to be just another term for "business as usual for the ...

6 hours ago by zeo_hero
0/0 0 6 hours ago by zeo_hero

Repug Slug Troll and LYING IDIOT bo.failure: Tell us what you think of the Iran Deal Su...

18 hours ago by zeo_hero
0/1 1 6 hours ago by zeo_hero

Erazor's cry for help

9 hours ago by stopspending
2/2 5 6 hours ago by erazor111

Iran Deal Another Obama Success. Republican Fools Lose Again.

18 hours ago by zeo_hero
3/3 18 6 hours ago by zeo_hero

Grandma Hillary! It Just Keeps Getting Worse & Worse.

8 hours ago by ronjp2
3/2 1 6 hours ago by ronjp2

the al sharpton show canceled and no-one noticed

Aug 30, 2015 8:13 PM by againzevoter
1/2 2 6 hours ago by stopspending

Why does zero remain silent when police are murdered?

17 hours ago by bo.failure
3/3 8 7 hours ago by mrstan408

Gallup: Obama's Approval Below 50% in 45 States.

8 hours ago by haleakala88
1/1 5 7 hours ago by haleakala88

hey libertylies tell us how ther is no corruption at obama's IRS

Aug 30, 2015 9:00 AM by againzevoter
3/2 14 8 hours ago by erazor111


19 hours ago by hacker.boob
6/2 10 8 hours ago by againzevoter

REPORT: 900k vets waiting for healthcare...

10 hours ago by hacker.boob
1/2 8 8 hours ago by stopspending

Iran deal oil to low 30s ;)

9 hours ago by skblast
0/0 0 9 hours ago by skblast

Black Supremacist "King Noble" Declares "Open Season on Killing Whites and ...

10 hours ago by haleakala88
1/2 1 9 hours ago by haleakala88


12 hours ago by dexter.bibitheiceman
3/3 1 9 hours ago by stopspending

Wow, fanatic liberals who are African Americans are now stalking & murdering police

10 hours ago by drwstring
1/3 1 9 hours ago by erazor111

I can't think of a better man that Donald Trump for the task!

13 hours ago by endabaus
1/1 6 9 hours ago by mr.cheyn

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