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How odd (or, not) againzevoter cheers Putin on. He's just itching (hemmmies) to join...

6 hours ago by zeo_hero
1/1 1 16 seconds ago by zeo_hero

McCarthy, like Boehner, wants NOTHING to do with the anti-American teabagger trash

7 hours ago by zeo_hero
6/0 7 3 minutes 5 seconds ago by zeo_hero

Who is stopslobbering's favorite TV pastor? Jimmy Swaggart? Jim Bakker? Louis Farr...

21 hours ago by zeo_hero
0/0 6 6 minutes ago by zeo_hero

The GOP Circus

3 hours ago by speakinfreely
5/3 10 9 minutes ago by bac_trader

SEC 13G Ownership filing means nothing to Merrill Edge, stole 32,000 shares from a disable...

12 hours ago by fairmarketmaker
24/1 14 36 minutes ago by bulldog_rollingthunder

Wow, Racists Dems Are Really Dog-Piling on Ben Carson

2 hours 9 minutes ago by haleakala88
2/1 1 45 minutes ago by joenoboma

Umm. Someone using a DHS IP address edited Renee Ellmers' Wikipedia page to allege an ...

1 hour 5 minutes ago by againzevoter
1/1 1 55 minutes ago by erazor111

Banker insiders thought it best to keep personal bonus money coming in rather than doing t...

1 hour 21 minutes ago by hope_and_glitch_08
0/0 0 1 hour 21 minutes ago by hope_and_glitch_08

Republicans are going to kill the country

3 hours ago by jeffallen4321
1/4 4 1 hour 35 minutes ago by fish2kill

Where is Greenpeace, don't they know the carbon footprint mess the Russians are causin...

5 hours ago by againzevoter
0/5 7 1 hour 46 minutes ago by againzevoter

Why Does CNBC Keep the Same Losers on Board?

4 hours ago by jmlregoog
0/0 3 2 hours 1 minute ago by greenbacks98

Makes sense now...why bac circle jerked so badly today. ......

3 hours ago by hopechange4got
0/1 1 3 hours ago by hopechange4got

will SNL have a skit with jugears obama servicing Putin

5 hours ago by againzevoter
0/4 4 3 hours ago by againzevoter

Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch A Monster Piggy Bank with fraudulent investment bankers

3 hours ago by monsterpiggybank
2/0 0 3 hours ago by monsterpiggybank

GOP buring their own at the stake

5 hours ago by libertydies30
2/1 4 3 hours ago by qqqlqinvestor

^^^^Justin Bieber Foot Long Hot Dog Stand?????^^^

4 hours ago by oh_my_158
0/1 1 4 hours ago by jmlregoog

Aren't You All Tired of the Lies We Are Handed?

7 hours ago by jmlregoog
1/1 6 4 hours ago by againzevoter

BAC needs to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the green today. Only big bank still ...

6 hours ago by haroldblock1968
1/0 3 5 hours ago by highlowsel

Why aren't all the lefty's out protesting in front of every Russian embassy worldw...

12 hours ago by againzevoter
1/4 8 5 hours ago by ashhatus_supremus

Trump retains lead in Polls...

5 hours ago by qqqlqinvestor
2/0 0 5 hours ago by qqqlqinvestor

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