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Democrat Jackass Idea of the Week

12 hours ago by bho.failed
1/0 4 21 minutes ago by stockking_profit

Bring back Lewis, this paddy CEO stinks

9 hours ago by clougher002
1/0 2 29 minutes ago by clougher002

How can you tell when my mimic shows up?

6 hours ago by zeo_heno
0/1 3 47 minutes ago by erazor111

You scratch my back and I scratch yours

5 hours ago by dovetrade
0/2 2 1 hour 41 minutes ago by dovetrade

Lizzy says not so fast you BAD BAD BAD BAD BANKS!

8 hours ago by guster0
1/1 3 3 hours ago by amazing.donut

Isn't It Strange

8 hours ago by passthebuckaroo
4/1 3 3 hours ago by erazor111

My mimic shows up when zevoter zeLiar gets his Depends in a twist -- eeeeeeech ! Spare ...

6 hours ago by zeo_hero
0/2 1 3 hours ago by zeo_hero

Hillary wiped her email server 'clean'

12 hours ago by bho.failed
3/0 6 6 hours ago by john_g_freeman

This week's price direction

Feb 22, 2015 10:39 PM by jb_investor
5/0 8 6 hours ago by jb_investor

Yahoo wiped its message board 'clean.' zevoter zeLiar and ALL of his alias stooge...

7 hours ago by zeo_hero
0/1 0 7 hours ago by zeo_hero

Go ahead Lizzy take em all out every dang one of them

8 hours ago by guster0
3/1 0 8 hours ago by guster0

Repug Slug unlucky number 47. 47 seditious Senators, and Mitt the Twit's 47% mythic l...

8 hours ago by zeo_hero
1/0 0 8 hours ago by zeo_hero

The lying wing-ding fools that continually plague this message board need a severe delete ...

8 hours ago by zeo_hero
0/1 0 8 hours ago by zeo_hero

Is Germany now into a tampon praising death spiral?

Mar 25, 2015 8:29 PM by spocklovesyou
0/0 8 9 hours ago by spocklovesyou

Lizzy is going to single handedly destroy wall st and the banks if she gets elected. Banks...

Mar 27, 2015 6:56 PM by guster0
7/1 6 9 hours ago by erazor111

The German wings plane crash appears to have been Zionist terrorism

Mar 27, 2015 8:37 PM by gruen.helmut
2/10 3 10 hours ago by springheeljackisback

If they don't dump this loser CEO

Mar 27, 2015 1:39 PM by foolfinder45
6/2 14 10 hours ago by dovetrade

worst bank in America....big lines and just two tellers working...

12 hours ago by chowyangfat1
0/0 1 10 hours ago by da23533

Before you all kill the banks look how the GDP is growing want a job stop killing the bank...

11 hours ago by guster0
0/0 0 11 hours ago by guster0

Elizabeth Warren is too annoying to run for president

14 hours ago by itwillgoup
3/1 3 11 hours ago by guster0

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