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3 minutes 16 seconds ago by humes_ghost
0/1 1 1 minute 22 seconds ago by deadpainting_is_here

Yahoo adminstration- please delete posts inferring that Scott Walker was a good governor

4 minutes 26 seconds ago by deadpainting_is_here
2/2 1 1 minute 25 seconds ago by hillary0527

Dims are running down the GOP candidates. It's all they can do.

56 minutes ago by ar.15bldr999
3/3 7 2 minutes 55 seconds ago by deepharborsmaster

GW Bush was one great President

49 minutes ago by captgail4444444
11/3 9 3 minutes 15 seconds ago by hitchens.chris

Ronald Reagan...Our Nation's Most Beloved President

15 minutes ago by obama_hates_america
2/0 2 5 minutes ago by obama_hates_america

Please stop posting about me and my wife.

5 minutes ago by tomandbethsimmons
0/0 0 5 minutes ago by tomandbethsimmons

Just Got Here...Any Pukes Defending the Murderer Cincinnati Policeman Ray Tensing Yet?

6 minutes ago by hitchens.chris
1/1 0 6 minutes ago by hitchens.chris


7 minutes ago by humes_ghost
0/0 0 7 minutes ago by humes_ghost

Pretty Interesting Watching Dem Senator Bernie Sanders Campaign On A Horrible Economy Whil...

29 minutes ago by etrade_chimp
1/1 6 8 minutes ago by hitchens.chris

Does Tommy Simmons handle snakes for his worshipin' rituals

8 minutes ago by triple_redux
2/1 0 8 minutes ago by triple_redux

President Obama Ranks Higher Than Runny Raygun Filth Pukies Suck,.

2 hours 11 minutes ago by dillybanger
3/4 7 13 minutes ago by fhealth_ip

Dubya Will Maintain His WORST President of the 21st Century for Another 85 Years

39 minutes ago by britcan789
2/4 5 14 minutes ago by obama_hates_america

watch the mmmunnnkies dance

Jul 6, 2015 8:48 PM by junioreatspud
8/1 5 18 minutes ago by junioreatspud

High End Weekend Plans

33 minutes ago by dikbalzakk
2/0 3 18 minutes ago by its_jess_an_account

The Only Reason To Delete Subpoenaed Documents From Your Computer Is Because

19 minutes ago by etrade_chimp
1/0 0 19 minutes ago by etrade_chimp

Hillary Clinton Foolishly Refuses to Take Stand on Major Issue

23 minutes ago by atheistsloseagain
2/2 3 20 minutes ago by philsimms999

Snake-handling Kentucky Christian refuses treatment after rattlesnake bite — dies

32 minutes ago by philsimms999
3/0 5 20 minutes ago by deepharbor

Has Y'all Found Anything In Y'all's Bibles To Justify Y'all's Racist H...

48 minutes ago by dillybanger
1/3 3 21 minutes ago by davys_grandpa

More millennials are living with their parents

21 minutes ago by brettnyc4
0/0 0 21 minutes ago by brettnyc4

All these GOP CLOWNS in the CLOWN CAR are making it too easy for Hillary to WIn

1 hour 6 minutes ago by deadpainting_is_here
1/3 13 22 minutes ago by deadpainting_is_here

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