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  • The US Citizen should be demanding Justice by seeing the political careers of CAREER POLITICIANS swinging from the rafters!!!

    We have been attacked and decimated and this is probably our last stand before the US Citizen is over taken byt he corruption of this nations underbelly which calls itself our political system and financial sector.

    Time to round up the Chattanooga wagons and recognize the enemy is within our border and we somehow have continued to vote them in.

    You didn't realize the US Congress is into political kitty porn? What else do you call the molestation of our children';s future at their hands.

  • The JOKE IS ON US...

    "Barclays Plc has been fined 26 million pounds ($43.8 million) for failures in internal controls that allowed a trader to manipulate the setting of gold prices, just a day after the bank was fined for rigging Libor interest rates in 2012."

    They steal BILLIONS and than have sacrificial penalty.

    The new US Congress after this one is dismissed should be holding public lashes and 40 year prison terms.

    They crimes they commit are not faceless, those people matter.

    Do we have the fortitude to start voting them out and protecting our families from this corrupt and unjust current regime which calls itself the US Government? Is this treason? No, we are going to vote you M.eFFERs out.

    All we need is an actual honest media avenue to rise and take the lead. Which isn't going to happen so we will have to pass this message out to others, starting with dinner conversations.

  • Next time they wipe your account out like they did with GM, it would have been cool to see that part from the BRONX TALE, instead of "NOW YOU CAN'T LEAVE" would be "NOW YOU CAN'T MAKE CARS".

    This citizenship needs to take back the political system and by that first we dismantle this marriage between the lobbyists, corp america and our current 113th Garbage of a Congress.

    Who the efFFF is voting for any of the Evil Republicans and Evil Democrats.

    Protect those who you love from them, UNITE this tyranny.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others.

  • All of you in the service industry should be stocking up on Fracking water which is "safe" and we shall use this "loophole" to purge Congress and these families? Just saying. There is no fight club. All you have to do is wash their fruits, cook their pasta and pour them tall glasses of it. They seem to think it is fine for you to do that for you 2 yr. old child, eFF'em ALL!!!

    How much longer are we going to let them lead us by the nose with the horse poop excuses the excuses and lines they give why all of our money is stolen.

    Lets go back to Imperialism, lets treat every one on the other side as if they are the American Indian and wipe them all out? Why not? Home of once the BRAVE, we mean correct?

    Then who will they blame why the books are being cooked and excuses made why and how all of our money is being stolen from us ritually?

    The poor need to RISE, the Middle Class need to ban together, who the eFFF is voting the 3% or whatever the eFF the number is.

    Plants some gardens there is much real estate in this country and get off the food stamps, stop paying for water, mail Congress and the President Fracking water ritually.

    I think the FBI can turn a blind eye to the fracking water "loophole"? It would be completely legal correct, wash away with that fracking water their clothes, it is safe after all. Don't stop with Congress, the service industry does this for all of Corp America Board of Directors. You want to play stupid, let us all play stupid!!!

    Tiny little loop hole, starts today. Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

    Mr President please nail this to the doors of Congress.

  • * what came first for the lobbyist or the Congress member?

  • Or else have a tall glass of STF@#$#U.

    Plese share such topics of conversations with others at the dinner table.

  • #$%$ and all the predator OTC tickers?

    Fracking water how it is destroying so many small hometowns?

    How about Homeland Security invading all those privacy laws and yet they can't search,seek and destroy all those serial killers and kidnappers?

    The marriage of Media,Congress and Corp-America?

    What came for the lobbyist or the Congress member?

    You want to make a change or just look good on a camera, Claire hunnie?

  • Can you please out the name of the Congressional team that allows hospitals now to analyze your credit card and finance records.

    Claire get on it, since you are such a yahoo. Do something more than peacocking infront of the camera against one individual who advocates a diet pill or food.

    Claire are an idiot or just blind or a coward?

    Claire, members like you in Congress for the horse and pony show should be ashamed. We should be ashamed for allowing you to remain in office. Missouri should be ashamed along with those states citizens who allowed more of our rights of privacy to be violated.

    Claire, did you buy tampons this week? Fear not your hospital data system has that information.

    Email Claire and ask her where to ship the DELICIOUS FRACKING WATER to for her and her associates.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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    DIA Scam Report Released

    by stephaniegiovagnoliuoum May 25, 2014 8:55 AM

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    Stock Scam Research

    by ezechielpastorejfg May 29, 2014 4:55 PM

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    Stock Scam Research

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    Up $42k this month on DIA

    by bettyelangvmd Jun 3, 2014 10:27 AM

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    Up $42k this month on DIA

    by bettyelangvmd Jun 3, 2014 10:27 AM

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    $77K Profits

    by tanhyamokagnr Jun 18, 2014 12:46 AM

    You're still around. Cool..

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    Huge News Released

    by samariawhitesidesylvs Jun 13, 2014 2:43 AM

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  • Senator Claire can you please scold your fellow Congress members as you scolded Dr. Oz. and perhaps you can mail all of us who lost our money as shareholders with GM to ask GM to buck up and send us our cash back. All I see are GM cars on the road and the US Congress loaning the US Citizen's cash to bail that lying and stealing corporation out,. Did we miss anything?

    You want press that will make a larger difference and perhaps even more meaningful for an ENTIRE NATION..SCOLD THE PERSONS TO THE LEFT AND RIGHT OF YOU who stay in 5 hotels, we mean 6 stars, silly us and than never show up to over half of the meetings? Really?

    Claire the US Citizen is being violated, homes being lost, jobs being sent abroad, our money being loaned to the same institutions that steal our 401k retirements and for good measure the Federal banks devalues? Are you a JOKE CLAIRE? Should we be scolding you?

    Shouldn't the media be having a scolding session for you? Wow!

    There are many who need to be voted out of Congress in all its various branches, expose them Claire?

    Enjoy your second term and hopefully you don't make being a politician a career unless you plan on outing your fellow garbage as you outed the Dr.

    Just saying Claire, you can be part of the problem or part of the solution as well? Just saying.

    Maybe you can bring to light the disclaimer that all publicly traded podium speaking persons hide behind after they bankrupt their shareholders and never their own BOD or employees who still continue to work and get paid? While all creditors and shareholders value goes to an outstanding zero. You know that "forward looking statement" after every conference call? How about being a real go getter,Claire?

    Mr. President please nail this to the door of Senator McCCaskill. Let us use her energy to fight the good fight for the people of Missouri as well as the rest of the US Citizenship?

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner tables.

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    American Greed - Congress

    by jforuus Jun 18, 2014 9:48 PM

    Has anyone seen our GM shares money?

    Not sure how the bankers got to keep their skin and jobs? WTF. Congress is the answer?

    How did the UAW get to keep their jobs? You make lousy pizza for a month, your pizza business goes under, correct? Did someone come say hey here is the cash to help you fail for another 12 months? These guys produced a P/OS product and sold it to the US Citizen for DECADES and when they lose money how did they get to keep their company and job? So where the eFFF are our shares of GM? Dear Congress you eFFFFn P/OS.

    GM lies to the US Citizen and murders how many US Citizens? How are the executives who allowed and covered it up after doing a cost analysis allowed to breath the same air we do? How are they not on the FBI list? So you have blow somebody up rather than rig their vehicle and murder a US Citizen to get on the Wanted list of the FBI? Answer, Congress?

    We have to be dumb P/OS to allow such things to go on? I guess our nations isn't based on founders of liberty but entrepreneurs and their ability to gouge the US Citizen for their own profits. Wow!

    We aren't looking for UTOPIA, just justice served with extreme prejudice against all those that have committed cardinal crimes such as GM's Board of Directors?

    Make sure to keep voting for men who allow such men to murder the innocent. That is what it is, criminal charges of murder should be made. Congress instead peacocks in front of the media who themselves are so pathetic or not even advocates of the innocent and just aka the US Citizen. Next time Congress can peacock while your 7 month old child dies from a faulty buckle in a car that locks his or her child seat? Good luck tryting to protect your family, we couldn't do it against Big Tobacco could we? Those institutions should have been set ablaze 30 years ago instead of Congress pea cocking after MILLIONS were murdered.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

  • When are they going to put those Financial Terrorists on that show?

  • I remember when the DEFENSE BUDGET 2 YEARS AGO was going to be slashed and companies like GD were going to be in the toilet..look at it compared to the headlines of Wall St. Crooks and Pseudo-Journalists on TV as well as the Internet Financial Cess Media? we allow such things to go on without repercussion.

    LATEST MEDIA BLITZ is the NATURAL GAS, PIPE LINE AND ENERGY? Wow!! "Buy that and it will help you build your retirement portfolio since we have stolen 75% of your wealth and 5 years of your life in that SAME TIME."

    To pacify you and make sure you don't start burning down their financial institution where they rape your children's future while Congress watches and partakes as they see fit?


    Homeland Security trumps the FBI? Is Homeland put in place to buffer Congress molestation of the US Citizen?

    The US Citizen has to rise against themselves at the voting poll? Will you rise? Will we rise? We didn't save our grandparents futures hopefully the youth of today will save our futures since we are incapable of protecting them from garbage we elect who claim to be "fine people and gentleman".

    What do you do when the people put in place of power are CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF YOU?

    Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress and the FBI. Cleanse your fellow piers, those filth ridden branches. Yes they many not be as bad as other nations but where is our 5 years and 75% of our wealth? Maybe they are worse in many ways?

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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