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    XOM buyback shares before acquisition

    by denielpeter Apr 15, 2016 11:58 AM

    As both oil and equity prices have rebounded, the probability of XOM doing any major M & A, has been drastically reduced. Maybe the bad press from the XTO acquisition spooked Rex. In any case, I think we missed some bargains.

  • Oh Yeah? Did you not hear about the oil worker's strike in Kuwait? 7000 oil workers will strike starting Monday.
    This will remove 2 million barrels of oil from world supply overnight. Oil will go to $50 this week.

  • The oil price is impossible to predict. The only thing for sure ; price can soar quickly , with no notice given to analyst. Just like when They' tanked the price and BKd the likes of LINE.

  • There have been countless UFO sightings across history and whilst their credibility varies the probability that so many observers are all mistaken must be close to 0. Human history proves that a port is a requirement for a maximised payoff in commerce; and for the Aryan Vril, created by aliens to man a subterranean spaceport and deep sea mining settlement in Antarctica, the need for a port exists too. The seismically stable, volcano-free mountain range in “New Swabia” is the only place such a settlement can practicably be built in Antarctica; the probability of finding it without subglacial maps is small; the fact that the SS was able to send an expedition directly to it indicates it had help. Indeed, after the Thule Society presented its copy of the Vril flag in Triumph of the Will, a copy derived from Vril symbols on artifacts from ancient Europe and Sumer, the Vril had crashed a spaceship in the Black Forest. Admiral Dönitz baited a trap at the Nuremberg trials, mentioning “a fortress amidst eternal ice” to which the Kriegsmarine had journeyed, and the US took the bait. Admiral Byrd’s statements to the newspaper El Mercurio following Task Force 68’s attack on “New Swabia,” the composition of his fleet, declassified KGB files on Operation Highjump, and the US government’s actions indicate Byrd’s mission was to defeat the SS, that any scientific goals were incidental, and that he believed Vril warships would have destroyed his fleet: the amphibious command ship, the aircraft carriers, and the army had no scientific value; that the fleet returned with less than 25% of its full complement of aircraft indicates it had been even more heavily armed; impossibly incompetent surveying made most of the photographic records “useless” and dangerous. By July 1947, SS officers could force the US army to misidentify their Vril-like “flying disc” as a “weather balloon.” The reversal of power hierarchies within the US government in favour of SS officers was to be expected.

  • C.) Vril-type Wunderwaffen

    Events show the SS gaining power rapidly in the US during and after 1947: After the crash of the Vril-like “flying disc” in New Mexico, SS-Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler’s deputy Walter Dornberger was released from Camp 198/XI over British objections that he was an unreconstructible fascist and war criminal. Since the SS-SD was controlling the US Military-Industrial Complex and intelligence apparatus from 1947-1990, something the US has effectively admitted by declassifying the names of thousands of SS and other fascists recruited after spring 1947, one should not expect it to be able to provide any information about Vril technology. It is not possible that the US government could have recruited so many fascists without the cooperation of an organisation that was not supposed to exist and this reveals much: the fact that it admits to recruiting so many SS and other unreconstructible fascists well into the 1950s, duly designating their provenance to areas under the jurisdiction of the Ausland-SD, proves that the SS existed after WWII; it proves it had a base of operations outside the US and Germany; and it proves that the SS had the protection of a very powerful entity.

    The fusion reactor at Greifswald was built near Peenemünde where the SS facilitated the development of Wunderwaffen during the Third Reich; and naturally, in 1972, in reference to UFOs, Hermann Oberth said: “we have been helped by the people of other worlds.” Despite prior sightings of UFOs in the Peenemünde area, none were visible for the commissioning of Wendelstein 7-X. However a fleet of Vril-type UFOs made a point of being seen on 24.08.1990, that is the day after the DDR’s legislature announced its reunification with Germany: indeed it was recorded on video cameras by officials at the Greifswald Nuclear Power Plant and by others; it was seen by hundreds of eyewitnesses; and it was cited in a documentary aired by the government broadcaster ARD/NDR in 1994.

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    XOM buyback shares before acquisition

    by denielpeter Apr 15, 2016 11:58 AM

    Continue? No one can predict when, but obviously Exxon is going to continue what they have been doing for many years.

  • Now , going forward , it will be about fundamentals , and any increase towards 50 a barrel will not be offset by WS shenanigans / options traderz. Look for a rise into 90s B 4 memorial Day , and back over 100 when official driving season gets under way , and the greed factor over rules diplomacy within producers.

    it is all good here , and the div hikez announcement will also lend to the ascent .

    Be thankful the buybackz was reigned in , and keep lobbying for a 3 for 1 stock Splitz ' !!!!

  • B.) Nanotechnological aerospace materials and weapons vs. conventional weapons

    During the fall and winter of 2015-2016, Russian Spetsnaz and satellites provided targeting coordinates for conventional air force and wunderwaffe-type bombardments in Syria. The Russians consider all rebels in Syria to be terrorists and many were destroyed: the ratio of terrorists destroyed to Russian commandos lost was probably more than 2500-to-1. The US military’s early assessments of the Russian campaign were quickly proven wrong; it admitted it was wrong; and now American propaganda claims the Russians were playing a somewhat constructive role. Terrorists were efficiently destroyed on a dynamic battlefield and on a scale the US military thought to be far beyond the capabilities of the Russian military: thousands of terrorists were destroyed in oil tanker trucks; thousands more terrorists were destroyed in armoured vehicles, bunkers, and command centres; the campaign enraged the non-Aryan parts of the Middle East and pleased Aryan Iran greatly. After Russian propaganda soiled Russian-Turkish relations, and when possibilities for German-Turkish policy coordination appeared in early 2016, the wunderwaffe-type bombardments ceased and Putin informed Assad that he could not conquer all of Syria. Since then, the Russians have switched tactics to what they practiced in Afghanistan: mainly helicopters attacking terrorists. The wunderwaffe-type bombardments were immune to enemy fire; the same is not true for helicopters; the Russians should have difficulty keeping the body count anywhere near 2500-to-1. The reduction in combat effectiveness that is to be expected from the shift from wunderwaffe-type bombardments to helicopter attacks should be alike, in magnitude, to reverting from nanotechnological weapons to conventional weapons. For reasons of national pride, Putin cannot easily disengage even if battlefield outcomes become poor; and outcomes are likely to become very poor.

  • Middle East Oil and Terrorist Front Proceedings

    A.) Merkel permits the prosecution of an obscene comedian and Putin's wars become more vexing for him

    Putin's difficulties have multiplied since January 2016 when Turkey's usefulness to Germany increased whilst Russia waged a propaganda war against them. Remarks by a German comedian aided the Russian propaganda effort against Turkey, angered Turkey, and the right of comedians to be deliberately obscene was discounted. Prosecuting the comedian is consistent with Prussian law, it affirms the primacy of the national over the individual interest, and it contradicts liberal philosophy.

    Putin's seemingly miraculous victories in the fall and winter of 2015-2016 have ceased and his conquests are now threatened by a hostile Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Russia's helicopter-led war effort, which has replaced the bombers and wunderwaffen, can be easily countered with man-portable missiles. Putin's propaganda has betrayed his fears that the US and Saudi Arabia will take the opportunity to arm rebel groups and thwart him. At the start of Putin's Syrian campaign, Gorbachev expressed hopes that Russia and Germany would build on the positive relationship he had worked to create but Putin clearly considers that objective to be less desirable now. Putin cannot attack the German policy changes which now vex him most without providing proof of German strength and Russian weakness. His attacks on German immigration policy are surely inadequate to express his vexations, but they do demonstrate his likely view that Germany is now unreliable for his purposes. Saudi Arabia is vexing Putin too and not just by arming rebels: the Saudis have consistently refused to cooperate in the schemes of Wall Street's oil speculators, Russia, and several OPEC countries; the schemes are seen as little more than criminal conspiracies to defraud the EU and they anger Germany; Saudi Arabia does not need more enemies and their policy is to be expected.

  • XOM Chart Breakout - video at StockMarketVideoc

  • Judge Stench had been lobbying for an end to Buy Backz for years , and buybacks continued unabated, then , when SP was in 60s , They decided to cut back , when it was actually time to increase share buybacks. The buybacks will go down in history as a blunder , however , I still believe in the XTO deal that Rex sealed , and He will be remembered well for that insight , which btw , obscured the fact the He pioneered fracking .

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    XOM buyback shares before acquisition

    by denielpeter Apr 15, 2016 11:58 AM

    Some hedge just bought 2000 call option $85

  • Can Exxon Mobil Continue Its Buyback Program?

  • U.S. crude oil production averaged an estimated 9.4 million barrels per day (b/d) in 2015. It is forecast to average 8.6 million b/d in 2016 and 8.0 million b/d in 2017, which are both 0.1 million b/d lower than forecast in last month's report. EIA estimates that crude oil production in March 2016 averaged 9.0 million b/d, 90,000 b/d below the February 2016 level.

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    OPEC Report Suggests Massive Oil Price Rebound

    by dinepat203 Apr 15, 2016 7:09 AM

    The headlines reacting to OPEC’s April Oil Market Report generally read “OPEC concerned about global oil demand” and as such, oil prices traded down slightly on April 13, despite an overall positive market.

    Well, I’m concerned about global oil demand also, so I thought I better read their report. Clearly, the commodity never performs well in the face of stagnant or shrinking economic activity – no commodity does – in fact, nothing does. Except maybe alcohol sales. In any case, I am concerned with exactly how worried OPEC was about global oil demand and by extension, global GDP growth. Guess what? It turns out that despite the green lobby’s insistence, world economic activity is strongly reliant on hydrocarbon consumption and vice versa.

    Anyway, what I found in the report was not so much concerns about GDP growth in various regions of the world, although these are expressed and reviewed, but rather the underlying prediction of a massive rebound in oil and gas activity during the second half of 2016! By extension, for non-OPEC production to rebound, the cartel must be assuming much higher oil prices beginning, well, about now.

  • Companies like ExxonMobil and Chevron have diversified operations that include businesses like refining, midstream, and marketing. These businesses did relatively well during the crude downturn. Refining cracks stayed advantageous as crude oil fell. The following graph shows XLE’s price movement with its 30-day volatility.

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