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  • This is best demonstrated by the lack of hyperinflation resulting from the Fed's action(s) to stabilize the economy. This suggests that Central Bank tactics are ever increasingly being refined through many decades of economic variations. This also suggests that those still predicting Fed-induced hyperinflation some 8 years on, despite the fact that such predicted inflation would occur relatively soon after the implementation of said monetary policy(s), are complete looney tunes.

  • You say the law is being broken, yet nobody is being charged.
    Nobody is being charged because no (related) law has, or is been broken, because the coinage act has been superseded.
    If you are right, a conspiracy must be in place, which involves the entire US judicial system.
    Good luck trying to prove this enormous idiot.

  • You found it!
    But you didn't post the important part about the coinage act being superseded.
    You posted just the irrelevant bit that remains, which has no bearing on the matter...why? Are you dishonest like Dave?

  • We have among respondents to this thread a criminal that supports the debasement of our coinage. Regarding that individual as otherwise is the height of ignorance.

    Your request for some proof that the Coinage Act of 1792 has never been replaced is stated in a Wikipedia article, as follows:

    “Section 19 of the Act established a penalty of death for debasing the gold or silver coins authorized by the Act, or embezzlement of the metals for those coins, by officers or employees of the mint; THIS SECTION OF THE ACT APPARENTLY REMAINS IN EFFECT and would, in theory, continue to apply in the case of "any of the gold or silver coins which shall be struck or coined at the said mint."

    We believe this is the case, as there is no other evidence. So the criminal that continues to respond on this thread has yet to bring forth otherwise while we have proven that experts on the legal side of the argument state that the Coinage Act of 1792 is still in force, including the penalty clause. There are other examples.

    Remember that criminals will never admit guilt, as long as they think they can get away with lies and deceit. Beyond that there is enforcement against those who would oppose counterfeiting by officialdom in order to prevail as was done on Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy.

    We have engaged in inductive reasoning on the special meeting between Obama and Yellen that we believe shows there has finally arisen the fear of the Act’s penalty. This has to do with the opening of the Shanghai Metals Exchange which will expose for everyone to see the enormity of paper based counterfeiting in the United States and the UK, the most prominently involved.

    The individual replying on this thread is part of the “propaganda machine” attempting to plug the counterfeiting machine holes existing here. The time has come and gone for that to be effective.

    Truth bombs away.

  • So now your saying you did find "this information", thus you lied, and are now suggesting that information may be wrong?

  • Since Moses used the notion that Wall Street was wrong to suggest the downturn of the market, when posted (Feb 14), was due to technican correction, which is now shown to have been correct, how can you say Moses was correct?
    I suggest 2 possibilities:
    1. you are deliberately trying to weasel around the fact
    2. you are a complete idiot.

  • tulsadevlin Apr 30, 2016 12:16 PM Flag

    The Ugly FIAT Dollar is helping PM's.
    I agree that this may not end well.

  • I find references to the coinage act being superseded, but not the actual language in legislation. President Reagan once said something to the effect that liberals know a lot of things that just are not so. There are a lot of articles making references to the topic, but that does not make it so. One blogger made a comment that there has been little testing of subsequent money related legislation before the supreme court. That statement is true, but the follow on would be discussion of monetary law being court tested in the present. That would likely be worthless exercise as the current court (chief justice writing on Obama care) has stated it has the obligation to find ways to enable legislation passed by congress and signed into law. That is a complete butchering of the checks and balances of power put in place by our founders.

  • Yes, Moses has posted what I believe to be correct as the markets are not continuing their path upward. They will move higher with another "stimulus from the fed", but it will be short lived as their ability to control response is failing with the failing credibility and saturation of our system with money and debt. The dollar loosing reserve status will exacerbate the dollar problem as repatriated debt will put more dollars in the US economy and lower demand for US debt. That will lower the price of US treasuries and drive up debt service cost. It is possible this very topic, the fed loosing control over interest rates, was discussed at the POTUS Fed Head meeting.
    I cannot predict the speed of this development, but I am quite sure we are well down the road and the view will soon be clear for all to observe. The press for all their failures to report truth behind the federal finance management and the fed's follies, will not identify their short comings as this unfolds, but give the American public a healthy dose of hind sight.
    As I think about it this morning, I am convinced Goldbug, Moses, and others with congruent thinking have been correct in their postings. The federal congress has failed miserably at their duty to protect the home land citizens in a pecuniary way. The fed, with support and or prodding from outside sinister crooks has applied foolish monetary police with disastrous for the citizen, making the fed the chief enabler.
    I do not wish the coming events on our country, but we have made our bed so to speak. I also do not wish to see things for how I wish them to be, but how they actually exist. Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Try googling 'superseded - coinage act'. You'll find what you need on the first page. For you not to be able to find this information demonstrates either your inability or stupidity.
    Since you've posted idiotic stuff before, its not doubt the later.

  • Moses said "There are many Wall Street cheerleaders who are trying to say that this is just a technical correction, that the bottom is near, and that everything will be getting better soon. They are ignoring the real message the markets are trying to send: you cannot print your way to prosperity."

    Do you think he would have the courage or understanding to say he was wrong about "the message the markets are trying to send"?

  • The major milestone has come and gone and our markets celebrate with a 2 day significant selloff, maybe that says something. The feds actions since the 2008 great recession have been harmful, not helpful. Anyone in retirement dependent on renting their savings accumulated over a working career would not consider the postings of the fed's malfeasance as rubbish nor authored by idiots. The Fed has managed a huge wealth transfer from holder of dollars, people who actually earned them, to the elite and connected. Newly printed fiat has no value unless stolen from existing holders. To make this clear, if a company issue more shares it is called dilution, but at least the company shares are backed by the dollars exchanged for them. The fed, not so much, they just push the new dollars on the public diluting the value of existing dollars, diluting the wealth of the holders of those dollars.
    Another effect of fed policies has been concentration of economic decision making along with the wealth concentration. Fewer people making decisions with money they did not earn will make poorer decisions than many people deciding how to invest money they did earn. This is one source of the foolish investment.
    ZIRP has made it possible for corporations to execute share buy backs diminishing the total number of shares and creating an artificial demand driving up the price. Fewer shares with constant earnings means more earnings per share but not more earnings, not a wealth generating situation. QE has created artificial demand for bonds financed with unearned fiat. Both markets are now over inflated and will likely correct. Think not? then ask what the markets would have done had honest price discovery been allowed. Probably a big dip and then healing, just like the recession around 1920.
    So the second longest bull market is not real and to get it the fed had to steal wealth from the common man, it was not earned. Non of the back ground is reported by the press, only the feel good stuff.

  • My point was the criminals (CONgress) are taking care of their own by not providing for penalty if performance of the law by the executive branch is not enforced. How many drivers would ignore traffic laws even more than they do now if there were no penalty for violation. The penalty omission is deliberate in my opinion.
    Further, I am not aware of anyone found guilty of violating the coinage act with penalty duly applied, however there are certainly cases in modern times. But when the law is selectively enforced, it takes little time for the criminals to learn what they can get away with. Lois Lerner is case in point, guilty as the day is long but not even a court hearing. Hillery Clinton, guilty of crimes against the state, and not only no trial, but about to potentially be nominated for highest office in the land by the democratic party.

  • Are you out there? If so, do a little research on cup-and-handle. Then go away, far away from us. You, you douchebag, are toast.

  • Have a little mercy and tell me again, I am having trouble locating the information.

  • You've already been told.
    Your understanding must be quite limited.

  • and then little pullback

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  • you come up with the silliest stuff so you are on ignore

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