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  • Why has this had to have been made so complex, even before ACA? Insurance companies obviously made it impossible to have the free market operate with full disclosure of what is available.

    See how the McCarran–Ferguson Act exempted health insurance companies from the Sherman Anti-trust Act. You don’t even have to look into the details of how this became law. It is obvious that health insurers, in particular, paid for this.

    For example it is difficult to impossible for families and individuals to shop for insurance beyond their state lines. For example, Blue Cross is not just “Blue Cross”, it is Blue Cross of (pick your state). It is regulated in such a way that state officials take oversight. That wasn’t by accident. Insurers wanted to constrict the free market to limit choice. Choice, of course, is what leads to better plans, cheaper rates, less opposition to payouts for claims and more open disclosure and better medical doctors, which leads to companies who provide a market for the best and most affordable plans.

    If the government was to have been involved at all it should have acted with something akin to the Sherman Anti-trust Act forcing insurance companies to have their plans available nationally under one name. There is nothing that would prevent health insurance companies from tailoring their plans to particular states and remaining solely within those states, while still providing national access. The free market would decide whether potential policy holders from other states wished to participate or select other plans. There would be voluminous information available in this Internet age to get the best policy, regardless of state lines.

    Hey! We’d buy ours from Amazon if it was available; of course after doing due diligence through the many outlets providing such information under such a scenario. We did hear of one politician suggesting this, but apparently that has been forced off the public airwaves.

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    Court rebukes IRS, orders release of secret list

    by okeypoke May 24, 2016 10:52 PM

    what does this have to do with SLW?

  • How's that representative government thingie working out?

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    What's your exit strategy?

    by moses_on_wall_street May 18, 2016 11:45 AM

    As you can see, most of the bankster’s agents or their ignorant followers have been sucked into your topic. The latter have undergone secret surgery to implant superglue into their brains so that once they’ve been brain-washed their neurons are permanently aligned to retain the bankster story line..

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    What's your exit strategy?

    by moses_on_wall_street May 18, 2016 11:45 AM

    There is only one LOGICAL strategy for the DYING rotten silver/gold sector....stay at the EXITS...and NEVER NEVER NEVER enter, NOT under any circumstances, or you will become a PERMA-BAGHOLDER, especially where the STINKO silvers are better example than the Alexco silver PIG FARM, a sick rotten PENNY JUNK joke on a fast track to the graveyard, and now trading 90% BELOW ALL TIME HIGHS!!!! ROFLMAO ROFLMAO ROFLMAO ROFLMAO In fact, AXU is a PREVIEW of the dismal fate awaiting its entire DYING sector of sinking silver PIG FARMS!!! ROFLMAO

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    George Soros new stake in Silver Wheaton

    by giggagregg May 16, 2016 4:42 PM

    WARNING: Soros is an old senile has-been and smarter market pros know that whenever the old toothless impotent geezer places $$$ into anything, THAT is GUARANTEED to be a PERFECT SHORT and PUT play!!! So, the old fool just gave the GREEN LIGHT to SHORT and PUT THE HELL out of this SLW MEGA BUBBLE!!! FACTS, ladies....FACTS!!!!!!!

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    Just went long this AM.

    by cmegladon May 19, 2016 10:05 AM

    Couldn't get to post. Entered new long positions. Looks like we bottomed. Should be good for another 2-3 weeks. Then, there's another dip coming before a very extended long move up GL

  • throwing rocks at the police in Albuquerque last night? Sure looked like him, and the 3rd grade behavior and 9th grade language certainly fits our board idiot.

  • Gruber was discussing the law’s so-called "Cadillac tax,” which he said was helped along by “hero” then-Sen. John Kerry. The “Cadillac tax” mandates that insurance companies be taxed rather than policy holders. He said that taxing individuals would have been “politically impossible,” but taxing the companies worked because Americans didn't understand the difference.

    "Until a second Massachusetts hero arose, John Kerry. John Kerry said no, no we're not going to tax your heath insurance, we're going to tax those evil insurance companies. We're going to impose a tax that if they sell health insurance that's too expensive, we're going to tax them. And conveniently the tax rate will happen to be the marginal tax rate on the income tax code...So basically it's the same thing. We just tax the insurance companies, they pass on higher prices that offsets the tax break we get, it ends up being the same thing. It's a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.”

    The new video follows a second tape played on Fox News' "The Kelly File” Tuesday that showed Gruber speaking on a similar topic at an October 2013 event at Washington University in St. Louis.

    Referring to the "Cadillac tax,” he said: "They proposed it and that passed, because the American people are too stupid to understand the difference."

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    Court rebukes IRS, orders release of secret list

    by okeypoke May 24, 2016 10:52 PM

    Should say: Now that the class has been certified, the case moves to the *discovery* stage.

    So you've all seen this covered on the CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC news right?

  • They have been Gruberd! The statements from Johnathan Gruber should tell even the most air head Liberal exactly what the ACA was and is. A bait and switch.

  • Before ACA you could get a policy covering as much as you wanted as long as you wanted to pay for it.

    You loons keep up this weird theme that somehow no one could get a plan before ACA that covered lots of things, and Obama "fixed" that by making people get coverage they have no use for, like single people having to get pregnancy coverage or people without young children now being required to get pediatric coverage.

  • A federal appeals court rebuked the IRS, saying it has taken laws designed to protect taxpayers from the government and turned them on their head, using them to try to protect the tax agency from the very tea party groups it targeted.

    The judges ordered the IRS to quickly turn over the full list of groups it targeted so that a class-action lawsuit, filed by the NorCal Tea Party Patriots, can proceed. The judges also accused the Justice Department lawyers, who are representing the IRS in the case, of acting in bad faith — compounding the initial targeting — by fighting the disclosure.

    The case stems from the IRS‘ decision in 2010 to begin subjecting tea party and conservative groups to intrusive scrutiny when they applied for nonprofit status.

    An inspector general found several hundred groups were asked inappropriate questions about their members’ activities, their fundraising and their political leanings.

    Tea party groups have been trying for years to get a full list of nonprofit groups that were targeted by the IRS, but the IRS had refused, saying that even the names of those who applied or were approved are considered secret taxpayer information. The IRS said section 6103 of the tax code prevented it from releasing that information.

    Judge Kethledge, however, said that turned the law on its head.

    “Section 6103 was enacted to protect taxpayers from the IRS, not the IRS from taxpayers,” he wrote.

    Edward Greim, a lawyer at Graves Garrett who is representing NorCal Patriots, said they should be able to get a better idea of the IRS‘ decision-making once they see the list of groups that was targeted.

    He said they suspect the IRS, aware that the inspector general was looking into the tax agency’s behavior, began adding in other groups to try to muddle the perception that only conservatives were being targeted.

    In January U.S. District Judge Dlott certified their case as a class-action lawsuit.

    Now that the class has been certified, the case moves to the stage.

  • In the longer run, collectivism will always fail. The same can be said of any strategy that seeks to disguise or eliminate entirely the price discovery mechanism.


    PANIC SELL CRASH is here, ladies...enjoy, enjoy!! Do NOT say you weren't warned, time and time again, by smarter market pros!!!

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    Just went long this AM.

    by cmegladon May 19, 2016 10:05 AM

    Now that this is playing out as expected, we need to be confirming our re-entry prices, not exit prices.
    Will study and come up with scenarios that make more sense than just expressing $15.50 on AG with $15.20 as a lower possibility. But clearly, we are in the midst of that smackdown with Mr. DXY looking to bulk up.

  • Notice how easy it is to get the lefties upset when springing the truth on them. They are hidebound and unable to change direction if their errors are pointed out. That’s why we think time spent on those with that type of outlook is worthless when it comes to any sort of conversation. Staying in contact with them to air opposing views is not time well spent. At some point super-glue must have entered their cranial cavities making it impossible for them to change their minds on virtually anything. The term “hidebound” in this context is in reference to those with socialist points of view. The masters of mind-control have made automatons out of them.

    Remember that the whole issue of healthcare bloomed after WWII in order to attract the best candidates to become employees. Prior to that it was school teachers, in the public service sector that were brought into government sponsored healthcare. So the wreckage of private insurance in the healthcare industry has a long history of government involvement.

    The best solutions would be for people to be granted complete freedom of choice on what they choose, in whatever part of the country where it is available (Amazon?). The complaints of most revolve around too much regulation and too little choice. This is a barrier to competition. There are next to no national rating services people can refer to due to legal restrictions. If these were to arise people could make informed choices, wherever they live, and the best insurers would then be disclosed.

    Obviously opportunity has been opposed, but Obamacare is an even worse solution since government gets to dictate the guidelines, and not the marketplace. As Pelosi stated, “We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find out What Is in It". How absolutely mindless, but a typical response coming out of California.

    The free market solutions are simple, but the minutia of government related details are only a symptom of the overarching problem of its involvement.

  • If a doctor doesn't accept Medicaid or a private Marketplace plan, then you shouldn't use that practice. Private practices can turn you away in non-emergencies but public practices can't.

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  • Even if u have OB Healthcare, u cannot find Dr's who accept it. The Docs want there money from u 1st and then tell u to submit a request for your expense from OB Healthcare; that is if u can find a Doc

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