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    OT: Chris Chris just pulled his Trump card.

    by cmegladon Feb 26, 2016 1:20 PM

    did you mean he ate it ....he's eaten everything else in sight

  • We’re not sure why Yahoo chooses to censor certain words, which are only historical in nature at this point in time. But we will disguise the word and leave it to your intellect to guess what it is. The article in question was published in Time Magazine, and is titled: “Why Freud Chose Nadsi (spell it correctly to access) Germany Over America”. The purpose of this additional answer to the topic: “Totally out of control, totally corrupt, totally lawless plutocracy......” is to enlighten the “thumbs downer(s)” who find it difficult to believe that Freud had a strange attachment to the “Nadsis”, as a Jew, noted not only by the Times author, but by Thomas S. Szasz, also a Jewish psychiatrist.

    You can get from this article that Freud left Austria under duress, meaning his statements were conditioned on his being allowed to leave by the “Nadsis”. This is until you read further and discover he had nothing good to say about the USA. How typical of most in his profession today, who find attachment to liberty anathema to their philosophy.

    So what does this have to do with the PMs? Freud and his forebears, going all the way back to Benjamin Rush (your DD required) believed in coercion, which is exactly what is being practiced by the Fed and the politicians they control. Remember, it is “legal tender” that is required in payment of debts, which is, itself, a legally coercive debt instrument spawned by Federal Government spending, and it violates the US Constitution. We believe that is the ultimate control mechanism that has spread worldwide within the interconnected central banks. If you know the Biblical accounts of Christ, who overturned the tables of the “money changers” in front of the Temple, there was certainly an element of this He understood long before the present day.

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    Too early to call?

    by moses_on_wall_street Feb 24, 2016 10:55 AM

    Considering the war on gold, DB has changed its corporate mind and has a buy on gold saying it is expensive but portfolio's need insurance. Mish Shedlock commented on the DB report with this summary:
    "Deutsche Bank compares gold, primarily a financial asset (money to many in the Austrian economic camp), to industrial commodities and concludes "gold looks expensive". This is sort of like saying oatmeal is expensive vs. moon rocks.

    Nonetheless, despite some bad logic, Deutsche Bank did manage to put out a buy signal.

    In contrast, I suggest gold is cheap. The recent rise in the price of gold foreshadows credit events, competitive currency devaluations, and a justified worry that central banks are not just not in control, but rather the central banks are totally out of control."
    I think the understatement of the article is that the central banks are totally out of control. Looks like Mish is calling a PM bottom. Full article is at safehaven punctuation commercial.

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    Too early to call?

    by moses_on_wall_street Feb 24, 2016 10:55 AM

    Few Americans even understand the situation while still more think it's a wonderful situation that go on for many decades to come.

    But the truth is there are simply too few of those that even understand that will pick up pitchforks and pruning hooks and march on the castle even when the monster is known to be home.

    I keep thinking about the moxie displayed by the Icelanders and the courage shown by the Poles when dealing with the Soviets. Americans have lost sight of not only what it is supposed to be being an American, but they no longer have the stomach for setting things aright.

    If we then review the paragraph above, the words of Jefferson, one of America's truly great men, all the while casting about for those that would see things as some of us do, we will, more often than not, retrieve empty nets.

    If this thing does not simply collapse of it's own weight, I'm uncertain whether that flickering candle can remain aflame.

  • What a novel idea. This board game, which has been around forever, has now gone “cashless”. All they need is a way to “hack” the game so opponents lose everything based on a known devious criminal (Rothschild) player or a hyperinflation function. Additionally they need a PM function to deter “criminal” activity and a myriad of other ways to represent current market manipulation.

    What a learning experience that would be for those who ignorantly fall for the mainstream financial propaganda..

    If none of that finds its way into the Hasbro game, some enterprising entrepreneur could give the game a new name (to avoid lawsuits). Suggested for inclusion would be the additional features, or any that the readers of this Topic can dream up with more inclusive features (Fed financial market manipulations) to be a better option to Electronic Monopoly by Hasbro.

    Can’t you just hear the cries of “it’s a conspiracy theory”.

  • wow you really drank the lefty media coolaid

  • Notice the lack of evidence.

  • Not being possible is no deterrent for a NeoLibertarian.

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    Too early to call?

    by moses_on_wall_street Feb 24, 2016 10:55 AM

    People now are no different than they ever were. It may seem they are; because the elitists have learned that they must proceed slowly to achieve their goals of absolute subjugation by monetary means. It’s the old tale of the frog that has been placed in a frying pan full of cold water. The heat is turned up slowly and before that critter knows it, it is par-boiled.

    However, a frog is not human, and the words of the Declaration of Independence apply, as follows:

    “...and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed (definitely not the outcome of a frog that lacks the intellect to do so). But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism ...”

    This statement of how people react to despotism was made by those who were much closer to what existed in Europe under kings, queens and emperors. Back then many left Europe to escape it, but still others stayed behind to fight it. So perhaps it could be said that, as a result, Europe had a larger percentage of those willing at that point in time “to right themselves”. Today there is no place to run, so the process may be taking a lot longer as a result. The Dimwitted-Heteronomous-Bulbs (like “dhb39399”) first have to be exposed and marginalized.

  • For the initiated, you can see the odd-one-out in the tile.
    I’ve seen this a few time in the receive diatribe that is the postings of the NeoLibertarians. In this case, they have deviously slipped in a category that was never to blame for the GFC. There appears to be general agreement on the major contributing factors to the GFC, one being largely unregulated, ‘shadow banking’ and the construction of complex financial instruments and techniques. A failure of regulators was evident, but not for their particular action(s), rather, their lack of action(s). Further, such passivity stemmed from either the absence of, or the weakness of, any related financial regulatory body.
    Many pundits state that current regulators have failed to reform banking and warn of GFC-type possibilities in the future without such reform.
    The dilemma for policy makers in creating an optimal regulatory structure comes from a lack of real evidence relating to the stability and operations of financial markets. Pre-GFC, the idea was one based on blind (or scheming) maximization of free markets.
    But now, thankfully, there is preponderance toward creating optimal free markets checked by minimal regulation. The key issue here is “optimal” regulatory solutions.
    It is so obvious that regulators were not active participants in the scandalous roles that politicians and bankers played in contributing to the GFC. Substantial effort has been made to identify regulatory weaknesses exposed by the GFC and proposing changes to overcome these regulatory inefficiencies. But if you know your NeoLibertarianism, you’ll know that it is paramount that entities like regulators of financial systems be abolished. That's why they’re idiots.

  • The best we have to muster for our system is either Billary or the Trump card?
    It's embarrassing.

  • Tried to warn my POOR sweet amateur silver/gold SUCKERS and RETARDO LOSERS, again:

    Nothing more than a 1.00 PENNY JUNK stock masquerading as a 15 BUCK MEGA BUBBLE!! Ladies, take note: the failure of the JUNIOR silver PIG FARMS to rise to any degree PROVES WITHOUT DOUBT that these DEADCAT GAINS are nothing more than a RAMP SCAM contrived by the silver/gold CALL WRITERS within the sleazy wall street club, solely in order to SUCKER amateur DUIPES to buy ultimately WORTHLESS CALL options in the rotten SENIORS!!!!! FACT!!!!!

  • The country that wouldn't elect Ron Paul deserves a Donald Trump.

  • As Dr. Paul pointed out, secession is already underway; the stress cracks are showing. So which puppet would implement the desires of the oligarchy most efficiently?

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    Too early to call?

    by moses_on_wall_street Feb 24, 2016 10:55 AM

    You've overlooked the social engineering in the public fool system, fluoride in damn near everything and the ubiquitous nanny state.

  • Major Short Squeeze Coming ? Video at StockMarketVideoc (Google them) - SLW

  • You choose information from an article from a natural health website that cites no references over many scientific, peer reviewed studies published in high ranking journals? This is the tendency of either a dolt or someone motivated to deliberately deceive.
    The absurdity you posted is best explained to a lay person in a sciencebasedmedicine org article titled 9-reasons-to-completely-ignore-joseph-mercola-and-natural-news.

  • Are all Dim-Heteronomous-Bulbs communists? It sure seems so. History continues to smack them down over and over again as failures, only to have them rise again, despite the historical record. Apparently they have “sore loser syndrome”, as there is no other explanation for it. We have reservations about considering it a “syndrome”, since that often keeps them from experiencing “justice”.

    Obviously Dim-H-Bulb39399 thinks the notion that Scalia died of natural causes and any who think otherwise are “loony tunes”, he/she having written as much. This country is under attack for its attachment to the concept of individual liberty. That’s what made it great. If things continue down this road it will most certainly be past tense. Fortunately for us that know better the DHBs will ultimately lose more than just credibility, as their destiny will be to cease to exist if egregious behavior is legally dealt with.

    We also will applaud if Hilly’s future destination is Leavenworth. If you want to see her future accommodations, see the photo on the Wikipedia page titled, “United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth”, which is fitting accommodations with others of her ilk.

    Hooray to those of us who faithfully followed the law, in spirit and letter, as we toiled to keep the country safe from all the Dim-H-Bulbs, but also know that lesser ones occupy Leavenworth because they were unlike the Hilly types that felt the laws didn’t apply to them due to their vaunted positions as corrupt politicians.

    While it is probably correct that, in Hilly’s case, “it ain’t going to happen”, it is a truly “calming” concept.

  • You're right. Some are saying that. Conspiratorial idiots are saying that.
    Also, dissimulators are saying the Obama Administration is influencing the choice of SCOTUS replacement, when in fact the Obama administration is actually fulfilling its Constitutional obligation.
    Interesting how the SCOTUS's unfortunate partisanship, developed many decades ago, is now Obama's fault.

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