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  • The “archaic relic” has worked for thousands of years. Why improve on that?

    The reason is that those who control the money can steal from everyone else. They cook up this story line full of unintelligible gobbledygook to give the impression that only they can guide the economy onwards and upwards. The trouble with that BS is that the money has lost 97% of its value since the founding of the Fed. There is NO dispute about this. Nor is there any dispute that their supposed function as a private central bank, representing European interests, has not fulfilled its function to make the economy recession proof. To the contrary, in addition to the great depression of 1929 we are probably soon going to face an even greater one. The really amazing thing is that they are getting away with it. An argument can be made that their policies amount to murder by remote control as people become so impoverished by the Federal Reserve System that they eventually die from malnutrition and/or disease.

    As far as the politicians, who are supposed to represent our best interests as a people, they are the scum of Earth since they will not come forward in significant enough numbers to put a stop to this. It’s like a sewage treatment plant where only the worst float to the top.

    Stack that comparison against one that allows people to have control of their own lives through a system of honest money; the one the Founders put in place after the failure of Continental money. Perhaps it is impossible to construct a government without those in leadership positions eventually finding ways to enrich themselves at public expense and/or seeking to become tyrants instead of public servants.

    The trouble with most non-elitists is that they do not take seriously enough what is being done to damage their ability to live happy, free and prosperous lives. After all, the price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance, which seems to be beyond most people’s ability to note that it is being stolen from them.

  • I just think of fiat money as the "stock" that a particular government issues...the trouble is they are always diluting the shares faster than the economy is actually growing so we get poorer, making the archaic relic a better store of value.

  • Bill Holter is not the only one to take notice that editorializes on the outflow from COMEX:

    “COMEX Registered Silver Owners Per Ounce Jump To Record Leverage” by SRSrocco

    There are some interesting charts therein showing tightness in the COMEX warehouse. This is in contrast to what Keith Weiner wrote recently stating “there is weak demand” with his Rorschach style charts.

    It seems the Lone Ranger, DhB (dim-bulb, below), is soon to run out of silver bullets, as FRNs are his/her cup of tea and may decide to check into re-hab versus everyone else dim-bulb states is a candidate that opposes the Fed.

    Of course the rest of us know that crime doesn’t pay forever, referring to the counterfeiting taking place by the US Government that partners with the Fed.

    We enjoy reading what Bill Holter writes. He’s very good on the fundamental side of the PM market, but we’ve come to view him and others as a bit premature on the “buy low, sell high” strategy. It seems there is not enough appreciation for the inertial in the PM markets, especially considering the manipulation that is international in scope. We do understand that this may arise from the realization that when the wheels come off it could take place overnight and for those who waited it might be too late to participate, meaning PMs will go into hiding and not available for any amount of worthless paper money.

    Maybe the Germans are taking delivery rather than accept the refusal of the Fed to allow them to repatriate in a reasonable amount of time from the Fed’s warehouse and could be the “someone very real and very big is standing for gold” before COMEX will only compensate with digital FRNs.

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    Silver Price

    by davelekse Jun 7, 2016 10:02 AM

    The US government’s monetary policy devalues our currency, and that means less purchasing power for you and me. Simply put, when the government debases currency, a dollar no longer buys the same amount of stuff it once did. Quantitative easing debases the currency and the Federal Reserve has engaged in the practice for years.
    So, what does this have to do with wages? Well, consider this: in 1964, the minimum wage stood at $1.25. To put it another way, a minimum wage worker earned five silver quarters for every hour worked. Today, you can’t even buy a cup of coffee with those five quarters.
    But the silver melt-value of those five quarters today stands at over $15.
    There’s your $15 per hour minimum wage.
    This vividly illustrates currency debasement. In terms of purchasing power, the value of the silver remains relatively stable, but the value of a dollar shrinks. The long-term rise in the price of silver reflects this reality. It’s the very reason people buy silver and buy gold.
    Now flip things around. Today, it takes 60 quarters to make up the $15 minimum wage advocates want. If you paid that in 1964 silver quarters, the value of the metal would be something in the neighborhood of $175!
    This demonstrates why precious metals are good investments. Silver and gold retain their value as paper currencies continue to debase – thus raising prices over the long-term.
    In an economy with stable money, prices tend to fall, not rise. That means more purchasing power to the poor, minimum wage workers, those on fixed incomes, and savers. But the government currently debases our currency. The politicians and central bankers claim their policies stabilize economies and protect the people from currency debasement. But in truth, these policies only enrich the politically well-connected at the expense of you and me.
    The above lifted from a Peter Schiff mass emailing.

  • for some information on the COMX gold/silver situation search "Atomic Bomb In the Works for July". I saw the article at Silver Doctors and the search will show it residing on Max Keiser, either way it is a Bill Holter authored piece that is darn good. Here is a quote:

    "Starting with gold, last month (May) saw 221,000 ounces stand for delivery. This amount actually grew during the month which is highly unusual as the amount standing has ALWAYS dropped during delivery periods, this is the first time to my knowledge that the amount standing actually increased.

    For comparison, May 2015 delivered only 2,500 ounces. Looking back at June of 2015, the amount standing on first notice day was 509,000 ounces. The final amount delivered was 295,000. As I have written and questioned before, who would fully fund their account 100% to take delivery …and then “go away”? The answer of course is someone willing to accept a “premium” as a bribe to not take delivery.

    This June as you know does look to be quite interesting. The initial amount standing was 49.119 tons or over 1.5 million ounces. The amount dropped on day two by about 4 tons but has since gained back nearly all of it to stand at 49.11 tons. (If I am not mistaken, this month is the largest month of gold contracts ever standing for delivery.) Over 40 tons have already been served so we know these longs could not be persuaded to “go away”. We have seen no evidence of delivery for March, April or May. If we add these together with June, we have 65.813 tons standing with only 51.12 tons of registered gold.

    My point is this, someone very real and very big is standing for gold. This “someone” would not be bribed to go away last month and does not look like they will go way this month!"

  • Looney Tunes.

  • Note that so far only a Democrat commie/socialist has answered this post, failing to note that Dr. Paul’s main point is that counterfeit fiat Monopoly money does not lead to prosperity; never has, never will. DhB conveniently ignores the recent jobs report that shows a staggering loss in the labor force participation rate (62.6% matching the June 2015 rate) leading to a 4.7% (lower) unemployment rate. We assume the readers can figure this out when Dim-H-Bulb replies touting the 4.7% figure as a positive, therefore consider any stats from the source to be dubious. These are the kinds of numbers Soviet economists used to produce as cover for Communism’s failures and dim-H-bulb (below), perhaps working out of the Venezuelan Embassy.

    We believe, of course, that this is not an accident of poor judgment on the part of the Fed, which has been answering to European interests as has its predecessors from this country’s very founding. It is a seditious policy to destroy the country. We are not alone in that judgment. A healthy economy is paramount to national security. What better way for an enemy to destroy it than through its monetary system. You needn't believe us. Thomas Jefferson said much the same.

  • correction...GDP was raised from -3.6 to 0.8%, resulting in a +4.4% increase.
    Great job Fed.

  • Good clip that one. Especially when Bernanke answers the question correctly and Paul the goes off on some looney tuned tangent.
    Also note the deceptive statistics used by Paul i.e. "real GDP grew less than 1%", when if fact the Fed's actions raised the GDP from -3.1% to 0.8%, meaning that GDP increased (grew) nearly 4%. NeoLibertarians need to lie to promote their stupid dogma.
    Subsequent to 2011, GDP was 1.5, 1.4, and 1.6% in the following years. The task of the NeoLibertarian looney tunes is to prove the Fed's QE did not change the course of the US economic collapse. They haven't, becaue they can't. They can only predict that the Fed's actions will eventually cause the same or more problems down the track. Well we are down that track....where's the 2008 crisis, or worse?
    Also note that Paul, ignorantly, thinks the Fed had spent trillions of dollars and had added to deficits. Bernanke politely corrected him. Paul's response was not scrutinized because Bernanke was not allowed to respond.
    Also note the fact that Paul often wouldn't let Bernanke respond. Still, the time allowed by Paul for Bernanke to respond to the primary question was sufficient for a one-word answer, no. No, gold is not money. Paul says "some people think its money"....yeah... idiots.

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    Just went long this AM.

    by cmegladon May 19, 2016 10:05 AM

    A very bullish signal for PM's and PM stock is no give back this week of the bounce last Friday resulting from the poor jobs report, rater we have had more upside. While the holding does not point to a target price, it does suggest a floor and safe entry and or a good point to raise stops to protect gains. I am holding some dry powder and thought there might be a back fill of the Friday gap up, no so at this point so maybe this time we just go up. Silver at $25.30 would be very positive for the bottom line of all silver miners and should be reflected as a serious up tick in their stock prices.
    Another point worth considering is silver stock prices with respect to their respective Bollinger Bands. Most are trading at or a little above the upper band, a condition that normally would suggest a bit of throttling down in the upward movement, but not necessarily turning down. I believe things are looking quite positive and I am glad I have build a portfolio of mining stocks. over the next time period measured in years, PM stocks should do quite well.

  • See: “Ron Paul vs Bernanke: Is Gold Money? - July 13, 2011” (youtube)

    Have any of these Fed types since that time recanted? What should be done with an organization that continues to damage the futures of everyone, except those in the financial sector? Will Donald Trump take them on, as did US President Andrew Jackson in their previous incarnation?

    Should their charter, recently renewed, be revoked out of “incompetence”, or, more likely, seditious intentions?

  • The task of informing the recreated Andrew Jackson as to the fact that the the Coinage Act of 1792 has essentially been superseded would have to be given to a trustworthy sole, and not a NeoLibertarian who would try and fill his head with evidence-free nonsense.

  • They don’t want you to know about LionStockAlerts because these guys are the real deal. They only alert solid momentum stocks, NO BS…

  • ... using DNA to bring back the dinosaurs.

    We think it would be much more useful to humanity to bring back former POTUS Andrew Jackson, who could then raise the specter of court trials, based on the Coinage Act of 1792. These would go after Fed officials for their constant lying about the economy and the direction of interest rates.

    Then the country could proceed in a police action to go after elitists worldwide, instead of the barbarous wars the country has been engaged in, which has been a problem; that being the fostering of the all encompassing usage of counterfeit fiat Monopoly money and all its incarnations, such as the many related derivative products. These, by far, will bring about the specter of a worldwide Dark Age; a return to times prior to when specie replaced the barter system.

    All those who continue to support this system of criminality need to be wacked, verbally, and if that fails to work, physically, within the context of legal systems, if courts can be resurrected from their cowardly tendencies to be supportive of the worldwide criminal network of government backed counterfeit money brought about by the age of instant digital communications.

    Perhaps the “dim-bulbs” at the Fed will wake up before it’s too late to see where its current pathway is leading and voluntarily shut its doors; placing responsibility for honest money in the hands of the politicos. (That statement should really lead to some downers for this Topic.)

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    US government corruption

    by goldbug49ers Jun 1, 2016 2:57 PM

    “Let's not entirely discount the lies of omission. ...” (by Alex Jones)

    Your statement is open ended, which leads to the question; “Such as?” And the “such as” is then in the eye of the beholder, in all probability completely different than what you may have in mind, and through disclosure could be open to dispute.

  • Reply to

    Just went long this AM.

    by cmegladon May 19, 2016 10:05 AM

    Good morning Dave,
    Looks like some of us caught the right spot. This move we are in could turn out to be huge. Several indicators showing $25.30 for silver next. Might not stop too long at $18 and just blow through. What that means for SLW and miners? Wow......

  • It took the stock down significantly when announced but I have seen nothing new on it and the stock has done well.

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    US government corruption

    by goldbug49ers Jun 1, 2016 2:57 PM

    Let's not entirely discount the lies of omission. There are topics that Jones will not touch.

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    US government corruption

    by goldbug49ers Jun 1, 2016 2:57 PM


    We know of people who have lived and tried to do business in Venezuela, with disastrous results.

    One tried to open a business there and was defrauded out of approx. $10,000 by those associated with the Chavez government. The business entrepreneur fled Venezuela a lot poorer from the experience.

    Another was in the top management of an oil company. Their children became adults and moved out to start their own lives. Government officials came by their quite substantial house one day and demanded that the empty bedrooms of their children, by order of the Chavez government, accept the homeless (of which there are many in this socialist country). They fled Venezuela, with only a few belongings, and started their lives anew in another country. The husband now owns a thriving private business outside of Venezuela where he employs a number of people.

    Of course you will NEVER hear these stories on the MSM since the reporters’ handlers wouldn’t approve. We leave it up to those who read this to define the political views of those who decide what is, and what is not, news.

    These are stories from people we know, but unfortunately too many get their news from the “stupid box”.

    As far as Alex Jones goes, he is definitely bombastic. We believe it is to attract attention to important issues that the ho-hum types would never pay much attention to. His guests are very interesting and sincere. Alex doesn’t lie about the issues he reports on, nor do those that work for or are interviewed by him. That kind of information is completely unavailable from other sources. We advise those who might listen to Alex to get beyond the bombasts and concentrate on the content.

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    US government corruption

    by goldbug49ers Jun 1, 2016 2:57 PM

    There is a public article titled "The Weimar Republic of Venezuela" at TFMetalsReport worth reading. For those who believe they get all the information they need from MSM, the article should make them reconsider. For those who believe that socialism is great, the article should make them reconsider, but I doubt those advocating socialism asking what is in it for me would ever believe a democrat stated to the effect ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country. It has been a bit over a half century since President Kennedy made the remark and we have MSM and the deterioration in our education system, rather the morphing of the two into tools of the big government politically correct socialists to thank for the citizen rot that has decayed so many. I do not necessarily advocate Alex Jones, but at least one should listen to internet sources and make quality judgements for themselves as to what passes for truth and what is propaganda.

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