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    Question for the board?

    by fraskle1969 8 hours ago

    The reason I ask is that a Corning exec. Says that sapphire will crack just as gorilla glass. As for scratching, there is no comparison.

  • Apple currently uses this technology on the iPhone 5s, which fuses the front panel and display components into one part. Not only does this configuration shave off device thickness, but the integrated LCD can improve image display quality. Both the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display have separate front panel and display components, making this a key area for improvement on the next generation iPad Air 2.

    Even if Apple retains the current iPad Air form factor, gaining extra space inside of the outer shell means room for other components or a larger battery pack. Rumors to date point to the addition of a Touch ID sensor on the next round of iPad models, as well as improved camera resolution.

    The iPad Air 2 will also sport the latest and greatest 64-bit mobile processor from Apple, the A8. In addition, supply chain leaks have pointed to the possibility of sapphire being used to help protect the large glass display from damage. The iPhone 5s camera lens is protected by sapphire, which can resist scratches better than glass.

    Look for more parts leaks ahead of the iPad Air 2 announcement later this year. Reports have indicated the device could launch earlier than expected, sometime in the third quarter of 2014

  • Thinner, faster, lighter has been the mantra spoken with each iPad hardware update. The successor to the iPad Air is no different, with analysts predicting an A8 processor and Touch ID in Apple's next full-size tablet. Now a parts leak purported to show the front bezel assembly of the iPad Air 2 looks to confirm an integrated LCD panel.

  • Yes 2 received.

    2. Prepayment.

    (a) Subject to Sections 2(c) and (d) below, and provided that, at the time for each payment (i) no Trigger Event (as defined below) has occurred and (ii) there are no ongoing disputes under the Facility Lease Agreement which have a material impact on the use of the manufacturing facility to be located in Mesa, AZ that Apple is purchasing and developing (the “Mesa Facility”) for its intended purpose, Apple will make the Prepayment by remitting funds to an account designated by GTAT as follows (the “Milestone Payments”):

    · $[***] within [***] Business Days after execution of all of the Transaction Documents;
    · $[***] by close of business on [***];

    [***] Portions of this exhibit have been redacted pursuant to a confidential treatment request. An unredacted version of this exhibit has been filed separately with the Commission

    · $[***] by close of business on [***];
    · $[***] by close of business on [***].

    (b) The Prepayment proceeds shall be used exclusively to [***].

    (c) Apple reserves the right to conduct audits of [***]. In addition, if any portion of any previous Milestone Payment has not been transferred to the SPE pursuant to Section 4(d) below and the SPE Loan Agreement, Apple shall be entitled to receive immediate repayment of such amount and may withhold any subsequent Milestone Payment until such amount has been received or the transfer under the SPE Loan Agreement has occurred.

    (d) Apple shall be entitled to not pay the first Milestone Payment and any subsequent Milestone Payment until Apple, in its sole discretion, has received documentary evidence that all liens held by Bank of America related to GTAT’s loan facility with Bank of America have been terminated and released. Apple shall be entitled to not pay any Milestone Payment if GTAT does not take any reasonable action requested by Apple that Apple deems necessary to perfect and continue the security interests granted to Apple under the Transaction Documents and such lack of cooperation prevents or precludes Apple from being able to perfect or continue such security interest. If GTAT has not met the technology specifications in Exhibit B to this Agreement by the deadlines set forth in Exhibit B, Apple shall be entitled to cancel any subsequent Milestone Payment and to receive repayment within five (5) Business Days of all or a portion of all previous Milestone Payments. If Apple and GTAT have not executed the MEPA (as defined in the SOW) prior to the payment of the second Milestone Payment, Apple shall be entitled to cancel and not pay the second Milestone Payment and any subsequent Milestone Payment and to receive repayment within five (5) Business Days of all or a portion of all previous Milestone Payments.

  • Matt, didn't TG say that they took 2 payments from Apple. I don't know what that meant but it was part of the $589B.

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    Question for the board?

    by fraskle1969 8 hours ago

    We have a multi-billion dollar company betting on it. Is that enought?

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    +$60K, Need tips from the pros

    by reinaldo_tranmer5932 Apr 17, 2014 3:09 PM

    I see thanks for the effort, but still great!

  • Taiwanese battery suppliers and companies like Foxconn Precision Components Holding. Ltd., the major manufacturer of metal cases for Apple's mobile phones; Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the assembler of iPhones and iPads; and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC), which reportedly is producing chips for the iPhone 6, are expected to benefit considerably from the launch of Apple's new phone, according to the analyst.

    The iPhone 6 display will be supplied by Japan Display, Inc. (JDI) and the sapphire screen by U.S.-based GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT).

    "Our checks indicate that Apple has started negotiating with carriers on a US$100 iPhone 6 price increase," Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said in a report. "The initial response has been no, but they (the carriers) may not be able to resist as the iPhone 6 is shaping up to be 2014's blockbuster handset."

    Because the iPhone is the only phone that matters this year, carriers and consumers may cave in and give Apple the price bump it wants, Misek added.

    Apple's iPhone 6 is likely to hit the market as early as June, offered in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display sizes, with the 4.7-inch model being the mainstream and the 5.5-inch model designated as the replacement for the iPad mini.

    Total shipments of the iPhone 6 this year are estimated to reach 68.8 million units and Hon Hai is likely to be a big beneficiary in the supply chain, an industry expert said.

    Mass shipment of the 4.7-inch model is expected to start in September, with the total shipments this year estimated at 60 million units, the expert added.

    The 5.5-inch model will be launched later in view of its high price, and its shipments this year are estimated at 8.8 million units

  • Have you looked at the insider trading activity for GTAT in the last 3 months? Nothing but selling. I think it speaks volumes in my opinion. They know the stock is over valued for the time being so they sold millions of dollars of stock. I'm still of the opinion that the earnings will be lousy and the stock will take a beating. Let's face it, the stock was at 4.00 before the Apple announcement and until they start making money I don't see the stock price staying at these levels.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • I own stock in this company. I wondered about the shatterproof of sapphire screens. I have an android and have dropped and shattered my phone. I know Apple owners who have the same problem. I now place my phone in a Life force cover, for $80. It has worked for me and I am very hard on my phone. So will a sapphire screen and or case be better to prevent shattering the screen?

  • Mgagielo1 -- Yes, I'm familiar with solar. I loaded the boat with Sunedison back in late 2012. I still sit on that position. If you want to learn more about that company, I suggest starting with an article that was written a month or two ago in Seeking Alpha. It is titled "Shining a Light on Sunedison's PV Retention Strategy" or something like that. SUNE is technology agnostic generally except for its poly business. You might find it interesting.

    I do not own SPWR, but I may in the future.

    I believe that solar will explode very soon and that the fragmentation that you see today will give way to consolidation, which in part will be driven by larger players have greater access to cheaper financing. Or at least that is my general thesis.

    You might also look into solar irrigation. I suggest regularly reading greentechmedia and cleantechnica. I do not recommend stocks, but I do recommend stocks to look into and SUNE is a good place to spend some time looking.

    Best, Solarfinance

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    Time to Shine

    by future_is_fiber 11 hours ago

    I will be on aapl's call to see if their is any hint on what or when the iwatch or new iphones are coming. Hopefully their guidance will give us a hint on the release date for their iphone. They usually have a september release but there are many rumors saying that aapl wants to start realising phones quicker and a june release is coming. Hopefully many of us gtat investors will b on appls conference call so we can debate our opinions on it here after it is finished.

  • The consensus rumors call for a staggered iPhone 6 release: one in Q3, one in Q4. Most assume that the 4.7" will be first. To me, it makes more sense to release the 5.5" model first. It's going to be priced higher, with higher margins. Ppl who want the 4.7" will cave and buy the 5.5" rather than wait. Also, will ppl buy the 4.7" and upgrade to the 5.5" 3 months later?

    Sentiment: Buy

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    +$60K, Need tips from the pros

    by reinaldo_tranmer5932 Apr 17, 2014 3:09 PM

    Pretty wild moves so far..

  • Maybe I need to read more but I've yet to read about any company in the history of corporations that has ever projected a price of any kind on their own stock. I certainly wouldn't invest in one that did.

    Sentiment: Buy

  • Once Apple introduces sapphire for smartphone screens others are likely to follow with either full sapphire covers or the thin laminate over other materials version. Sales of smartphones is now over 1 billion phones per year which would consume a lot of sapphire along with equipment from companies like GTAT that is used to grow and process sapphire.

    "Global smartphone shipments up to nearly 277 million units in 1Q14, says TrendForce
    Press release, April 18; Alex Wolfgram, DIGITIMES [Friday 18 April 2014]
    Global smartphone shipments rose 1.13% on quarter to 266.9 million units in the first quarter of 2014, and are expected to climb another 6.7% to 284.5 million units in the following quarter, according to TrendForce."

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    Earnings Call

    by scaramanga0000 Apr 17, 2014 12:02 PM

    FWIW in the 1990's I accumulated a large collection of earnings reports over a period of years, over 140,000 reports, to discover correlations between the reports and subsequence stock movements, anything I could find. Wednesdays were slightly better than Mondays both for before-the-open and after-hours reports for the next sequential trading day (same day if before the open, next day if after the close). Before-the-open reports did better than after-hour reports all five days of the week for the next sequential trading day. After hours on Friday was by far the worst. During-the-trading-day reports did even better all five days, but this practice is all but non-existent now.

  • May 7th is not quite far away. Same kind of hype was going on and on for HIMX and NQ, not very long ago. See it and believe it.GLTA.

  • Those who follow the Obscure Analysts and this board know that Yingli is a large and long term customer of GTAT's and is a possible development partner for the new Merlin solar panel technology.

    You may not know that Yingli has a very large deal in the works to sell their solar energy systems to United PV a solar power provider in China. This is just one example of what may (emphases on may) be in store for GTAT's solar business from 2014 to 2016. The deal was just announced on April 14, 2014.

    "According to the agreement, United PV will acquire at least 300 MW of large-scale solar energy systems, which is eligible for certain criterions, from Yingli China from 2014 to 2016. "

    "The collaboration with Yingli Green Energy will benefit both of our companies as we work to expand China's installed solar capacity through large-scale PV projects and create the leading operation platform for solar PV plants in China. Yingli Green Energy is one of the global PV industry leaders and the world's largest PV module manufacturer - they are experienced and capable in developing high quality solar plants. Together, we look forward to further cooperative opportunities in PV across the globe," said Mr. Hong LI, Chief Financial Officer of United PV."

    Google: United PV to Acquire 300 MW of Solar Energy Systems from Yingli China from 2014 to 2016

  • This week is the time for GTAT to shine. Any hint of the sapphire glass for iPhone 6 with AAPL's earnings call would send us soaring. GTAT's earnings follows in a couple of weeks which could be very exciting with potential for upside guidance!

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