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    look like a biotec correction

    by dividendseeker Sep 15, 2014 10:50 AM

    Fed has their thing tomorrow that could cause some volatility tomorrow. I would buy into any Fed induced sell off. We might experience some more downside on Thursday ahead of alibaba IPO but I would rather be a bit early then miss a good buying opportunity.

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    look like a biotec correction

    by dividendseeker Sep 15, 2014 10:50 AM

    I think its caused by Yellen and the market anticipation the Fed meeting. She caused a 20% correction in Bio's last time by opening her mouth. Although, I don't think she will be that stupid again.

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    look like a biotec correction

    by dividendseeker Sep 15, 2014 10:50 AM

    This is exactly what I was thinking. Appreciate you commenting on this alibaba effect . When do you think the selling will stop (the selling to raise alibaba funds). Any thoughts. I'm thinking of buying celgene tomorrow, but I'm thinking I can get a better price this Friday


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    look like a biotec correction

    by dividendseeker Sep 15, 2014 10:50 AM

    This isn't so bad. Look at the nosebleed pump stocks getting destroyed today.

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    look like a biotec correction

    by dividendseeker Sep 15, 2014 10:50 AM

    Alibaba is cause selling in all the growth stocks as fund need to raise more money to get in on the deal since they are raising the IPO price.

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    look like a biotec correction

    by dividendseeker Sep 15, 2014 10:50 AM

    Looks like a general NASDAQ pull back. Biotech, Social media and technology.

  • Just reported in formal 8k filing by PURE:
    The owner of Subway, the largest food chain in the world, through Franchise Brands, LLC, just invested $4million in PURE Bioscience as a strategic investment. This strongly implies that some very large restaurant chains will soon start buying “SDC” in very large quantities. Do you think it might be the 45,000 restaurant Subway?

    Several other major QSR’s are likely to follow soon.

    PURE is very STRONG BUY because they have almost $8 million in cash, the biggest breakthrough in food safety in decades using biotechnology, and revenues that are about to explode.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • I had taken some profits up higher and put in a bid at 85$ in hope this pull back gets there.

  • i was the first to tell this board about otezla......this board has ignored every aspect of this drug and what it will do for the pps.......thank you for posting this.......there is nothing more block buster to the celgene pipeline then otezla...its massive game changer in many aspects........this board has no clue about it or wants to have no clue about it...

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    Yes, CELG is still CHEAP

    by classshopper Sep 11, 2014 2:43 PM

    dont u think gild is cheaper

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    Yes, CELG is still CHEAP

    by classshopper Sep 11, 2014 2:43 PM

    Very true and this is also what lets fundamental investors with a longer term outlook get an edge on the market and pickup bargains. I'm thankful for the insane day traders and chartists who don't care about what a company does or the financials. That irrationality allows one to destroy the market

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    Yes, CELG is still CHEAP

    by classshopper Sep 11, 2014 2:43 PM

    Sometimes even a great company like CELG sells off some with the market. There are plenty of momentum traders who do not really care what companies do. They just follow the charts.

  • If you believe in the advancements that scientists are coming up with so rapidly, you have to love CELG. CELG will keep wiping out all those shorts because this is a company for the future who has an enormous pipeline of SURPRISES coming up. Buy on weakness you won't be sorry. STRONG STRONG BUY

  • UBS - CFO/IR Lunch- Otezla in Methotrexate failures & some plans REQUIRING patients fail Otezla prior to getting biologics (earlier than expected) Rob:"HUGE" -- UBS REAL UPSIDE TO 2015-18 sales ests....
    Rob: This is the holy grail for Otezla as I said upon approval - eventually insurers will REQUIRE cheaper/safer/oral Otezla to more expensive/infection/leukemia/lymphoma risking biologics....of course they will but its "HUGE" that its starting already earlier than expected.

    First Read
    Celgene Corporation
    Datapoints from CFO/IR Lunch

    Buy side questions mainly on Otezla and GED-0301
    We maintain our Buy rating on CELG shares after attending the sell side lunch with new CFO Peter Kellogg along with the IR team. Most investor interest in recent 1x1's was on Otezla's commercial trends and launch metrics, as well as the near-term ph2 data for GED-0301 in Crohn's disease. Here we provide the key points of discussion.

    Key points on Otezla, Revlimid, and GED-0301
    [1] Celgene is seeing a growing proportion of Otezla use in methotrexate failures and is also seeing some plans require patients fail Otezla prior to getting a biologic, sooner than expected. These points suggest Otezla is slotting in to the pre-biologic treatment paradigm, which we think supports our thesis that there is real upside to consensus 2015-18 sales. [2] Consistent with prior comments, CELG expects discovery in the Revlimid patent case to conclude 1Q15e, with trial scheduling thereafter; we expect the entire process could be resolved mid-2015e latest. [3] In the EU, 6/7 claims were upheld vs. opposition to the 2023 Revlimid method of use patent. The claims will be narrowed, but the lost claim is irrelevant to commercial sales. Hence the 2023 patent is on solid ground, and we continue to assume 2023 Revlimid loss in EU. [4] Duration of therapy in myeloma is still an investor debate despite data showing longer progression times with combination therapies (e.g., ASPIRE; elotuzumab up next). [5] For GED-301, there were several layers of diligence prior to investment. The key focus now is to properly design the ph3 program to find optimal re-treatment schedules following successful induction therapy since the 14d dosing appears to drive durable responses in Crohn's.

    Key points on tax and partnership accounting practices
    Celgene isn’t pursuing inversion transactions per se, and expects tax reform to be implemented that could have short term consequences to CELG tax rate but longer term benefit in the ability to fully leverage the capital structure. It does believe that the accounting treatment on partnership deals is appropriate and consistent with industry.

    Valuation: Buy, $112 PT based on 21x 2015e EPS
    We see upside on the patent challenge resolution, pipeline, and upward revisions

  • Just out minutes ago - RBC- CFO meeting consistent with our positive outlook and thinking...We think CELG should go higher because of new Crohn's drug GED-0301, front-line myeloma approval, longer than expected duration Revlimid, and buybacks.

    September 10, 2014

    Celgene Corp.

    CFO meeting consistent with our positive outlook and thinking


    We think CELG should go higher because of new Crohn's drug GED-0301, front-line myeloma approval, longer than expected duration Revlimid, and buybacks.

    First impression

    We met with newly in-place CFO Peter Kellogg who started August 1st

    (prev from Merck and Biogen CFO roles) today and came away with the

    message of 1) positive on CELG's rich pipeline particularly in hematology

    and I+I (Otezla, GED-0301, etc) and many partnerships that could drive

    future growth beyond 2017, 2) high confidence in growth visibility to 2017

    and possibly beyond, 3) maintaining focus on capital allocation particularly

    share buybacks and later on, continued thoughts on dividend down the

    road, 4) keeping up the positive things that have been working for CELG

    recently. To be clear, the initial message we take away is that there's not

    much likely to change (a good thing...). We think investors do believe

    that over time, ex-CFO Jackie Fouse will eventually continue to build

    out managerial experience (now running Hemonc biz) and perhaps could

    continue to get promoted higher (would think that's at least 2016-17).

    We have said we think 2020 guidance will eventually come at some point

    for CELG and this will likely surprise the Street to the upside. We appreciate

    this is unlikely until at least a settlement with Actavis but we believe

    investors should be owning CELG because a settlement is reasonable

    (CELG continues to reiterate a sense of "rational" behavior) and that

    would be a strong catalyst to the stock; this could lead to high confidence

    on visibility to 2020 which then could lead to upside guidance....CFO

    Kellogg mentioned that one big difference on guidance between CELG

    and pharma was the number of LOE (loss of exclusivity) issues that were

    always hampering pharma and lack of ability to have long-term visibility

    for pharma and this generally isn't the case for CELG.

    Coming up,

    1) we think Crohn's data presented in October at UAG will be

    positive and show high responses and any concerns on bowel strictures as

    a side effect is probably manageable and can be moderated through pulse


    2) Company continues to work through discovery phase of patent

    case with Actavis and should get more info by end of February and expects

    a court date sometime mid-15, but the companies should be rational....,

    3) company agrees duration of therapy for Revlimid keeps getting better

    with Kyprolis and hopefully confirmed through ABBV elotozumab study

    eventually reading out too (on top of Revlimid)

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    Celgene Contingent Value Rights-Celgz

    by saforex61 Sep 9, 2014 9:10 AM

    your welcome

  • Dividenseeker:
    You are right!Next time I will buy from Celgene!Now I have 7300 of Celgz.Thank you for useful advices!

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    Celgene Contingent Value Rights -Celgz

    by saforex61 Sep 6, 2014 12:43 PM

    Yes, but Celgene has 2 stocks. CELGZ which is just the abraxane value rights and then there is CELG which is the whole company. By owning CELG you get Revlimid, Otelza, Abraxane and Pomalyst. You also get all the other drugs in development.

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