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  • The stage has been set and the curtain will be rising soon. So there only one thing left to do, provide a highlight the three Acts
    which will be the catalyst for the explosive growth of Antares Pharma in the up coming days and weeks.

    Act #1 ----- The announcement that ---- DiaPep277------- will be using the Antares Intradermal injector - Pretty Blue

    Act #2 -----The announcement that ---- Balugrastim ------ will be using Antares "Prefilled Syringe Jet Injector," ----- Baby Balu

    Act #3 ----- The announcement that -----Q4---will show a profit---of 2-3 cents - due to the sales of the two injectors above by Teva

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    What's with all these fakes?

    by rearviewforecaster Mar 28, 2015 1:15 PM

    "The fake QSM" post by rearview above fits quite nicely with my previous post on Mar 4.

    [QS-M whatever. Whatever the "M" stands for, it will become obsolete when used by Antares Pharma. This will be discussed in the future, on this board and thoroughly by andre_y_mb, rearviewforecaster and whogo70 when the time is appropriate. Warning, you've been warned thrice now. QS-M is doomed.]

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    Warning. The sky is falling
    by andresrearendview • Mar 4, 2015 10:23 AM
    According to the latest gallop yahoo message board poll co-authored by andre_y_mb, rearviewforecaster and whogo70 the following drugs will become ineffective and phased out. Warning!

    Methotrexate. On its way out according to "FiercePharma" report and confirmed by andre_y_mb then re-confirmed by rearviewforecaster on the message board. Warning, you've been warned. Methotrexate, formerly the gold standard for treatment on many diseases, is on its way out, just like the precious metal, gold. Otrexup is doomed.

    Testosterone. The male population once upon a time, desired to live longer and stronger. No more. Mankind is on the bring of endangered species list. Testosterone will also become obsolete with the latest FDA labeling changes. It is just a matter of time as never before in the long history of arrogant FDA involvement in the life of a drug in the pharmaceutical world, has the FDA ever warned about something. Warning, you've been warned twice now. QS-T is doomed.

    QS-M whatever. Whatever the "M" stands for, it will become obsolete when used by Antares Pharma. This will be discussed in the future, on this board and thoroughly by andre_y_mb, rearviewforecaster and whogo70 when the time is appropriate. Warning, you've been warned thrice now. QS-M is doomed.

    Conclusion for all the sheep out there. All drugs are doomed and destined for extinction. Mankind is doomed. Therefore, Antares Pharma is doomed. Let it be said, let it be written as this message board

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    response to Sambarabian's question to me

    by tappyt_2014 Mar 28, 2015 12:49 PM

    Tappy, 600 scripts for Otrexup is not going to get the job done. You should know that given how closely you follow the company. If not, shame on you. Assuming a net sales price of $470 per script, that's under $3.7MM in quarterly revenue, or $19MM annualized. The quarterly loss has been $7-$10MM the past 2 quarters. That means Otrexup scripts would have to essentially TRIPLE (or thereabouts) in order to get Antares to breakeven.

    What that means is there is a lot riding on epipen to help erase the deficit. We all hope it will launch mid-year and be a success. However given the operating history of Antares (if you look at revenue generation from their existing product portfolio), it is anything but a slam dunk. My point: Let's try to get to break-even first. That would be a huge accomplishment. Your talk of "large profits" is pie in the sky for the time being.

  • I enjoy reading loko's posting and it's not a competition between me and loko you fool. It's a matter of loko's health.
    Don't make this into something about me that's about something I didn't say.


  • From my discussions with weightlifters that have used juice; they said it shrinks your balls too. Several of them offered to show me but I declined. There was this guy a long time ago I used to follow. His name was Patrick Arnold. I've lost contact with him. he was a brilliant bio sort of chemist and was a pioneer in the pre cursors of testosterone. Things like Andriol etc. He was able to skirt the laws against juicing since his products were not testosterone but the substances that your body used to make testosterone. I should google patrick and see what's he's been up to...... if he's not in jail.

  • A study was conducted in 1996 on 399 males in several countries in which they were given weekly injections of testosterone and found it suppressed sperm production to the point of being an 98.6% effective contraceptive. The article is titled Testosterone Injections Suppress Sperm Production, Providing Effective Level of Contraceptive Protection, by K. Mahler. I found this when I was looking for the article on Nasty Gel, posted by one of the Lokos on this board. This is meant for the real Loko. The article is interesting to say the least and might provide another use for testosterone injection.

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  • How many Loko clones are out there? The are all fakes! They are all doing fake DD, on the fake ATRS... everyone knows that the real one is a mind ending success approaching high double digits, just like Bsav - the real one not the fake - said it would. The guy who quit is the fake Wotton. The real one is taking the real ATRS to the promise land. Ask the real Loko... Or the real Nammuang who actually lives in Brooklyn.

    The real TEVA partnership Is going like gangbusters, BTW. Cash flow out the old wazoo. Don't know what to do with it all, can only launch one product per year, that is the rule. The fake QSM has been quietly placed in the dumpster, but the real one is launching any real minute now. Thanks, real Wotton!

    Alice in the real Wonderland... Real Loko, where are youuuuu-oooo?

  • The real Loko was of great value here. Regardless of what his critics would say about him, I found his research very accurate & well supported by documentation. Loved his style. It was entertaining, humorous, & mentally challenging (unless of course you were the subject of his ridicule). This board was beginning to remind me of one of the old boards I used to frequent. It was the Scios board (maybe on IHub or Investor Village or here). It was a great board for info as well as humor & entertainment. Loko always pushed board members to think for ourselves & do our own research. I expect his detractors will assign me many reddies for my compliments to Loko, but as far as I am concerned he deserves them. In the most recent article I found on Seeking Alpha about ATRS I found some comments from him (Lokodude) there with some info I hadn't previously known. He is always on top of the newest stuff. Thank you Loko!

  • Response to sambarabian's question:

    I still own my entire position in Antares and if my
    opinion has changed, it is that my positive opinion has
    gotten stronger.
    The reason for this is because we are coming closer to
    the catalysts that I think will move the company forward.

    We have, in the past, had several projects - that have
    proven to be small and - while a nice and easy revenue
    source - have shown they were not sufficient to move the share price higher.

    Now we have Otrexup sales becoming meaningful. The
    only report I have seen on the most recent scripts has
    been here, and if it is correct, that we are now at 600
    I believe that the level to date and direction are a strong
    positive for share price advancement soon.
    I am disappointed that the litigation with Medac has not
    yet resolved. I think most would agree that ATRS has a
    far stronger legal position - but also many seem to think
    ATRS and Medac would settle at a standoff.
    If I were running ATRS and if Antares' legal position is as
    strong as I believe it is - I would fight to either have
    Rasuvo taken off the market or have Medac pay us large
    damages - But I think also that even a neutral settlement
    would remove some uncertainty, distractions and legal costs
    and be a great help to our share price.

    I think ATRS is a strong favorite to have their / TEVA
    EpiPen approved with a generic rating and that could mean
    $40 - 50+ million in royalty and device sale revenue within
    a reasonably short period of time. Plus (perhaps) attractive milestones upon approval and launch.

    It seems the FDA is not being overly restrictive with their
    safety views on Testosterone and I think ATRS has the best
    way to administer Testosterone. Clinical trials have been
    very good and while submission, approval and launch are a
    few years off - I think every step forward builds value in
    the company and I am hopeful that ATRS will soon license
    QST to a large drug company for sales to "primary care"
    and retain the Urology market for "in house" and that
    could be a blockbuster.

    Sumatriptan should be approved soon and launched by TEVA.
    TEVA is very good at marketing and we get a 50/ 50 split
    of revenue - which should be nicely meaningful.

    Other projects seem to be on track.
    As to profitability:
    That may come soon - maybe even in this Q-1 (although I
    doubt it) due to what the company said were "significant"
    device sales to TEVA in anticipation of the EpiPen launch.
    What could hold us back are the cost of litigation with
    Medac, and that won't go on for ever. AND the cost of
    clinical work with QST and other projects - but that expense
    is an investment in our future which will yield large profits
    down the road, so I am OK if it delays profitability.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • This is an obvious FAKE youarefullofcrap. Good try, though, but very desperate. An indescribable degree of desperation. Seeing shorts behind every tree. Incipient cognitive issues. The real youarefullofcrap is even crazier, but good try.

  • Loko - fake or otherwise - do us all a favor. Why don't you do what you're beating your chest over - pursue legal action if that's what you're intending to do. Hollow threats never amount to anything. Ever. There is no try. There is only do, or do not. STEP UP or SHUT UP.

  • Hey FAKE loko - why are blabbering about things that the 2014 and 2015 investor presentations show the exact opposite of what you're saying? To try and twist the current reality - you must be beyond desperate at this point. I guess this all means that news is coming soon that will pop the stock, and you're still short a bunch of shares. You don't have my sympathies.

    So how many shares are you still short? Pretty stupid holding them this long, Should have covered when you could have last year.

  • lokodaug Mar 28, 2015 11:06 AM Flag

    Fake loko, You stalking creep.

    Oh look it is nammu or whogo or whomever that ain't got the balls to use your original alias name on this this YMB while attacking Loko facts.

    What's your problem, upset cause Loko deleted all old postings, so you can not drag up two year old posts, where Loko did not have all the facts and made incorrect speculations. WTFski is wrong with that. That is what brainstorming is all about you #$%$ iRich iSnob!!!

    Why don't you repost some of nammu's #$%$ BSing post bragging endlessly on how great ATRS and never getting it right. Oh yea he just repost the #$%$ everyday, no need to.

    All loko is doing is posting facts. FACTS buddy, something you nor andre, nor few others do on this site...cause you, along with others are working hard to prevent the real info on ATRS getting out so Teva can buy ATRS cheap.

    2.5 bucks... that is pathetic... but nammu goes on BSing how great things are.... reposts his #$%$ you bully...

    You stalking creep

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • lokodaug Mar 28, 2015 11:02 AM Flag

    part 2 of 2

    It goes on and on and on.. and it seems Jack twists the story every time he gives a talk. It appears Antares has the nammu and whogo alias working for there, since those two twists just about everything Loko has posted....

    Loko is endlessly bashed for trying to present highly probable drugs/injector combo's, and whogo is endlessly bashing Loko cause they are are not on the market. Well if Jack quites changing the story everytime investors might be able to figure them out.

    Get your story and pipelines straight, as a longterm investor I am just sick of the endless dragging on of these two Teva products, as well as all of Teva products, hGH, sumatriptan, and the epi-pen..... Oh ATRS has excuses for everyone of them, it is Teva's fault....It is getting old, very old....Jack just always claims Teva is in charge... well push them to sell the products Paul promised investors years ago, would be on the market by now. Investors have legal rights to get the truth from Paul and not some twisted story ending with.. Teva controls things...

    I did not buy shares of Teva, I bought shares of ATRS and expect to get straight answers from Jack on the progress of ATRS, without using Teva as the scrap goat for what appears to be incompetence of ARTS for not providing Teva with products that do not need continual redesigns.

    Fix the pipelines and fix your story or Loko will take legal action for misrepresentation of the facts....ATRS has been dragging longterm investor on way to long...... It is getting old, and I am getting sick of it.. always next year, next year, next year. Antares has legal obligations to provide investors with a clear story of what is going on, and the facts need to be consistent.

    I want to see a change to one of the pipelines on the webpage, in the presentation and on the SEC sight..... ASAP...... Period

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Look at the pipeline chart in the 2013_10K and look at the pipeline in the March presentation....

    1) In the 2013_10K. The pipeline chart shows Pen#2 will be filed as an ANDA, in the Presentation pipeline ATRS is claiming Pen #1 will be filed as an ANDA.

    2) In the 2013_10K . The pipeline shows Pen#1 will soon be filed, but the March Presentation ATRS shows Pen#2 will soon be filed.

    3) In the 2013_10K.. ATRS states for Pen #2... "Teva believes the regulatory pathway for this product is an ANDA pathway. Teva has initiated drug stability and completed the device development program and filed an ANDA with the FDA in the second half of 2013."

    4) The 2013_10K states for Pen#1 ..."Drug development and delivery of devices for a drug stability program to support a regulatory filing is anticipated to be completed during 2014."

    4) In the ER CC Paul stated Pen#1 has been submitted to the FDA.... "we expect our Teva relationship will continue to flourish, and we expect to reveal the identity of Pen one as it has been submitted to the FDA."

    5) In the 2012_10K... ATRS states for Pen #1....."Drug development and device fabrication for a drug stability program to support a regulatory filing is anticipated to be completed during 2013."

    6) In the 2012_10K... ATRS states for Pen #2 ..... "Teva has initiated drug stability and completed the device development program and is expecting to file an ANDA in the next 12 months."

    7) In the 2011 10K it states for Pen#2 ... "Teva has initiated drug stability and completed the device development program and is expecting to file an ANDA in the next 12 months."

    8) In the 2010 10K it states for Pen#2...." Currently Teva has initiated the development program and is expecting to file an ANDA in the next 12 to 18 months"

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Some one knows a lot more then we know...!!!!! Can you believe that?

    Now it whogee wogee doesn't include me on his yappy list of the all time greatest posters...... and andre doesn't crawl out to yahoo me... and rearview doesn't bless me and the LD doesn't stop yelling at me, and the nammu quits pointing out all my problems.... and whogo goes..... and on and on.... I am not going to post anymore DD.............. well until the next time of course.......

    But anyhow gotta love this one........ read it and weep.... and then....YAHOO Baby.!!!!!!!! this...... david Plourd, gel birth control

    You should get a PDF for this...... Contraception: What's New - Continuing Medical Education CME......

    Go to slide #5....... Antares Gel coming in 2015......... Antares Birth Control Gel coming in 2015.........
    Antares Birth Control Gel coming in 2015.........
    Antares Birth Control Gel coming in 2015.........
    Antares Birth Control Gel coming in 2015.........
    Antares Birth Control Gel coming in 2015.........
    Antares Birth Control Gel coming in 2015.........................

    Choo choo.. Nestragel is coming out of the lab........ You Go Girl...

    Anyhow.... more digging... thought I would let others have at it.... use it to do some digging for once........ where did David Plourd come to that conclusion and put it in his presentation..... along with all the other correct BC info............

    Dang.... NestraGel..... Who would have thunk it?

    Loko.... doing what he does best.... informs the troops.....

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Funny that you of all individuals deleted all your posts

  • Reply to

    Loko injector list, which is not whogee's list.

    by lokodaug Mar 28, 2015 12:42 AM

    This person is a CON and full of IT. This fake loko's head cavity is filled with the overflow from a porta-john

    By the way - Teva has unloaded the hgh business to Ferring. Sumatriptan (the one with the injector) is Antares's drug (that Teva GAVE to Antares after all development work was done) and is soon to be approved - with Teva being the named marketing partner (many times over the past two years). I could name all of the other errors but won't waste my time.

  • lokos_posts,
    What actually have you contributed?

  • lokos_posts,
    For all we know he could very well be andre.
    "sure, but I am easy to recognize, as I have a decent vocabulary & interesting writing style; thats hard to spoof. "
    This is a typical andre statement posted by lokos_posts and andre is also not interested in news about ATRS posted here and surely would be happy to see the real Loko leave.

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