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  • Since 2000 and more so in 2008 people had been taught to hedge, put and short the markets in order to protect themselves or even have a pure short play. These short and triple ETF's were abounding and many were not realizing that these vehicles are to be utilized for the very short term.

  • Sold 5 FDX Jan 2016 near-the-money calls on earnings pop.
    Sold 5 FAS Oct 1st near-the-money calls. Being 3x, 5 calls took 50K for maintenance requirement, my goodness. Will just use as safe until the fund is needed.
    Bought 10 FAS Sep deep ITM puts.
    Bought 10 KSS Oct deep ITM puts.

    Wanted to sell CORN Oct puts but it didn't come down to my ask price. Will try again tomorrow.
    Glad CAT is weak today despite market upbeat which help account stay in good shape. Hoping CAT short becomes largest gain short excluding VXX, exceeding USO and UNG. Just a couple of more bucks down to go.

    As usual, dip after meeting and soar after dip. Today I thought the dip was real as it followed initial spike which I haven't seen for a long time. But then it turned out just as usual.

    Account good plus and ATH. Market short increased a bit. Just two more days before Sep expiration. Hope they pin it down. Almost touched S&P ATH today, and nice chart setup if it dips now. Glad to get FED meeting out of the way without much damage.

    Today, finally changed my wife's phone to smart phone, first in the family, older model at $1 with 2 year contract. My son's to follow after college application, and then maybe mine later.

  • Disappointing day.

    Just closed 2K DECK share short. FB/UAL flew away while preparing to close.
    Sold 5 GS Jan 2015 near-the-money calls. Been watching GS hitting new highs but couldn't sell any due to lack of fund. Just sold 5 due to FED announcement tomorrow.

    Account just a bit minus on S&P 15 point up, not bad, mostly due to VXX plunge. How/when is VXX going to go back up to yesterday's level. I still think VXX will see 30 again. Hope it's better tomorrow.

    My wishes:
    1 million dollar pre-tax profit - take 1 month off from job
    2 million dollar pre-tax profit - may quit job, or maybe I will negotiate with my boss to work just 3 to 4 days per week at reduced pay. My job is not very hard, pays well every two weeks, compared that to trading or running a small business.
    When will my wishes come true.....

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    Non-VXX 09/15/14

    by goodoptday Sep 15, 2014 7:20 PM

    That is a wonderful way to look at it. I am up about 315% since 2011 so I am searching for 13th milestone. What time period for your milestones?

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    Non-VXX 09/15/14

    by goodoptday Sep 15, 2014 7:20 PM

    I doubt it. My account may go back down to 5th milestone again, but not all gone. If market continues climbing and VXX is cut in half, I will earn 3 1/2 milestone from VXX short compensating huge loss from market short. If market crashes, market short currently more than 10 times VXX short will be more than enough to cover loss from VXX short.

    10th milestone is 250% profit of my capital put in.

    As my account grow, I'm finding easier to defend from market going against my position. It will give me a chance to win as long as I can hold onto the short position most of the time. So, as long as I distribute risk and start position with low leverage, I will have good chance to win.

    This week wil determine whether my account fly to 10th milestone or a couple of month of pain. It doesn't look very promising today so far. Well, wish me luck...

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    Non-VXX 09/15/14

    by goodoptday Sep 15, 2014 7:20 PM

    I still think it's possible you will lose it all but I wish you the best.

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    Non-VXX 09/15/14

    by goodoptday Sep 15, 2014 7:20 PM

    refresh my memory on the milestones. 10 milestones = 250K, correct? On what amount of capital invested?

  • Closed 30 CAT deep ITM puts long.
    Closed 1K DG share shorts.
    Closed 30 FB deep ITM puts long.
    Closed 2K UAL share short.
    Closed 2K DECK share short.

    Rolling assigned DECK shares to deep ITM puts long went well today.
    Wish I closed more CAT puts long before rebound.

    Opposite of Friday, market not down much, account big plus. Account ATH and passed 8th milestone. Market short amount down 16% from ATH, VXX short/Market short ratio at 8%. Often, when I am about to make good money, FED meeting comes up or FED minutes released taking the market up. Hope this time it's different.

    Will start new VXX share short when it approaches 30, to give away new short shares to ITM puts sold, to keep existing VXX short, and then more at above 30 to hedge market short against rebound.

    If market is with me for the next two days, will most likely see 10th milestone.

  • Rolled 10 VXX near-the-money puts sold to next week.

    Closed 110 CAT deep ITM puts. Will keep closing on weakness. Real nice if it can get down to 101.

    Closed most of oil related short:
    Closed 26 post-split CLR deep ITM puts.
    Closed small # of remaining SLB & COP share shorts.
    Only holding original CLR short, hoping it goes under 70.

    Added a bit to FB & DG short.
    Closed HD LEAP calls short, HD deep ITM puts long, and some of DPZ share short to make fund available for put long option rolling.

    Rolling of DECK puts long didn't go well and ended up keeping expiring puts and next week puts, getting too heavy with DECK. Will be hectic Monday morning if I don't get gap down.

    Frustrated with mistakes today, putting wrong amount, selecting wrong options - buying options that are expiring in several hours instead of next week's.

    Account not much up given 10+ point down in S&P 500. Account ATH by just 4K, but it's ATH nonetheless. Overall market short down by 5% from ATH, CAT short down, DECK short up (temporily I hope). VXX short/Market short ratio at 7%. Still no fund for CORN/JJG, still waiting for UNG to come down further.

    Relaxing weekend with not much to be bothered with, after a week of frustrating market up/down.

  • Started selling VXX puts against VXX short shares. Regretted many times after selling VXX puts but when hands are tied, market keeps climbing and VXX not losing ground, couldn't resist selling puts against VXX short, which does not require any fund to do so.

    Should have closed some of new shorts today but I thought it's on its way down, but ended up adding to DECK & RL puts long instead.

    Short grew too much, more than twice than a month ago, bringing down VXX short/market short ratio to just 6.5%. Account too much leveraged. Kept adding to shorts for FB, UAL, DECK, CAT, DG, HD, CLR, DPZ.
    Took some profit buy closing puts long on dips of each added shorts. FB, HD, DECK call shorts converted to deep ITM puts long to make fund for adding to short as markek climbed.

    Sold TWTR LEAP calls but was too early. Bought KSS puts finally at close to ATH.

    Have to clear majority of shorts before Sep option expiration as I don't have enough funds to roll monthly puts for RL, CLR, EL, KSS, DPZ. Hoping CAT continue its slide, so I can keep all shorts.

    CORN, JJG getting more and more attractive, but no funds. Will get into CORN/JJG as soon as fund becomes available if they stay at current level. Will be a long term play, more than a year if needed.

    Closed DGAZ short when UNG went up, and waiting for UNG to come down. Will start DGAZ short if UNG comes back down. Also looking at FXE/FXB long but not very comfortable with FX.

    Went fishing to Nockamixon lake over labor day weekend with cast net & rod/reel, rented pontoon boat. Return on investment in rod/reel fishing is just too low. Had fun with cast net and boating, wanted to catch some fish quick.

    After 3 weeks of pain with going down to 5 1/2 milestone, back to 7th milestone today thanks to CAT. CAT downgrade, HD data breach, FDO's rejection of DG buyout offer, weak oil helping my account. If I can get just 2 - 3% market dip, 10th milestone will be in sight. Want to lighten and rest for some time, getting too tired, but grateful.

  • This is why APRU could see average volume breach the 10 million shares mark in the very near future. New product launch all but guarantees price upgrade

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    From these levels VIX always spikes hard!

    by wellhungmidgett Aug 17, 2012 1:38 PM


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    From these levels VIX always spikes hard!

    by wellhungmidgett Aug 17, 2012 1:38 PM

    Midgett, vxx, reverse split adjusted was 179.20 on that day. It is now 27.51. You are a pathetic loser.

  • you would never know it from the price action

  • 20-year JV deal will improve the growth and gain potential of CTLE as management looks to take the company to the next level in nanotechnology and improve gross margins

  • CTLE aims to bite a bigger chunk out of the projected $26 billion a year nanotechnology sector in the US. Globally the sector is expected to reach $1.9 trillion by 2045

  • Why REVI’s move into the hemp printing paper sector could mean big valuations for its share price and how traders can make their move right now before market valuation surges north

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    S&P500 UP, VIX DOWN, VXX UP???

    by greatdayforpumpin Aug 21, 2014 11:17 AM

    VXX and TVIX up same amount? Did someone forget to tell Barclays TVIX is 2X VXX?

    I can't wait for the next reverse split on this trash.

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    S&P500 UP, VIX DOWN, VXX UP???

    by greatdayforpumpin Aug 21, 2014 11:17 AM

    Nice job Barclay's. You have designed a product that does nothing it's supposed to do.
    VXX Checklist:
    1. Track Volatility - Depends
    2. Track S&P 500 Options Pricing - Depends
    3. Contango - Depends

    Let me make this easy for you Barclay's.
    When VIX is down and S&P 500 is up, VXX should be down especially since there is this thing called Contango.
    I realize you are trying to hold this thing up but it is a shock to nobody who has looked at a 5 year chart that this thing is designed to go to zero. There is no reason to save the suckers who bought at $30 or $40 or $500 (with reverse splits).

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